Min Full/Part Time Wage Calculations

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Min Full/Part Time Wage Calculations

Post by xECK29x » Wed May 29, 2019 8:39 pm

Sorry if it's been posted before but I couldn't find it, does anyone khow Min Full/Part time wage amounts are calculated under Competition Finance info? I have a minimum contract amount set in Transfer Rules but the game is still handing out a lower amount, I wonder if I need to up these values as well, but need to know how this is calculated.

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Min Full/Part Time Wage Calculations

Post by archibalduk » Fri May 31, 2019 4:39 pm

I think the minimum salary settings under Transfer Rules determine what minimum salary you can offer when signing a player (i.e. a salary floor). The Finance Info settings determine how the salaries are calculated for each player. So you will need to adjust the amounts under Finance Info.

Under the Finance Info you will see that there are various settings which determine the maximum salary for each player position, the various staff and a bonus/boost for foreign players. There are also minimum salary value settings.

The maximum values are used for a club and player each with the highest reputation rating. The minimum values are used for a club and player each with the lowest reputation rating. The Wage Spread settings determine how these figures are scaled down from the maximum value to the minimum value for clubs/players whose reputation falls somewhere between the highest and lowest reputation ratings.

Note that the club/player reputations used in game are actually modified versions of those which we enter into the database as the game weights these according to various variables (I don't know what as I'm sure it's top secret!).

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