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Contract demands from players over years

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Contract demands from players over years

Postby kev90 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:32 pm

How do players in game deal with their contract demands when their initial contract set by the unfaked DB expires and then over many more years ? Is it based on the finance parameters set in the DB versus their CA and PA (if long multiyear contract) ? Or is this hardcoded into the game and not visible/modifiable using an editor atm ? Assuming players will be paid the same in 20 years in game since there's no inflation.

For example, If one was to change the values found in the Finance info tab of the editor, would that modify players demands ? For example, if we doubled the player's max wage and the wage budget / salary cap, would players be requesting contract twice as high as they would normally do ?

Also, what is the meaning/effect of each wage spread factor that can be seen in the editor ?
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