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Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

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Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby trackhurdler25 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:04 am

After stumbling onto Shindigs' incredibly informative Scouting and You post a few weeks ago, I decided to find out more about the scouting reports and how they are generated. I compiled scouting reports from my 10 scouts for the 200 players in the 2025 draft in my current game and tallied the contents in a spreadsheet. I've compared the snippets with the stats of the draftees and list the correlations as accurately as I could. For this draft there were 416 different snippets, covering most but not all of the player attributes. Notably missing is clear markers for Temperament. As Shindigs has noted, it's probably linked to several other stats, but I haven't been able to pinpoint which ones yet. There are some oddities in the spreadsheet that are possibly incorrect, and a few that I just can't figure or don't have enough data points for (like dour, captaincy material, etc).

I'll only list here the stats that are hidden from the user. The full list is included in the Excel document, found here, but it didn't seem necessary to list the rest here, since we can just look at the stats. There are better people to talk about what makes a good prospect, but hopefully this can help to clarify what snippets to look for.

Report Card (listed under "Mental Characteristics"):

  • Ambition

    Extremely AmbitiousAmbition 20
    Very AmbitiousAmbition 18-19
    AmbitiousAmbition 15-17
    UnambitiousAmbition 1-5

  • Loyalty

    Extremely LoyalLoyalty 19-20
    LoyalLoyalty 15-18
    IndependentLoyalty 3-5
    FickleLoyalty 2
    MercenaryLoyalty 1

  • Pressure

    ResilientPressure 19-20
    Strong CharacterPressure 15-18
    Poor self-beliefPressure 1-5

  • Professionalism

    Model ProfessionalProfessionalism 20
    ProfessionalProfessionalism 18-19, not dour
    CasualProfessionalism 2-5, test 1?

  • Sportsmanship

    HonestSportmanship 20
    SportingSportsmanship 18-19
    RealistSportsmanship 1-4

  • Unsure

    Iron WilledPressure 20 and Determination 16+
    DourProfessionalism 19 and ??

The rest of the snippets are found under "General Impressions - Full Report"

  • Adaptability

    could have trouble adapting to life in United StatesAdaptability 1-5

  • Ambition

    a very ambitious playerAmbition 13+
    a very competitive playerAmbition 13+
    has a strong desire to winAmbition 13+

  • Ambition and/or Determination

    a strong willed competitive playerAmbition 13+ and Determination 13+
    is ambitious and determined with an attitudeAmbition 13+ and Determination 13+
    is an ambitious and determined playerAmbition 13+ and Determination 13+

  • Professionalism

    a highly professional playerProfessionalism 13+
    has a fantastic work ethicProfessionalism 13+
    has a professional attitudeProfessionalism 13+
    is a consummate professionalProfessionalism 13+
    is a model proProfessionalism 13+
    is incredibly professionalProfessionalism 13+
    a complete team playerProfessionalism 10+

  • Sportsmanship

    a class actSportsmanship 13+
    a classy playerSportsmanship 13+
    a classy, modest playerSportsmanship 13+
    a sporting playerSportsmanship 13+
    exhibits sportsmanship and classSportsmanship 13+
    oozes classSportsmanship 13+

  • Consistency

    a very consistent playerConsistency 13+
    brings his A—game every nightConsistency 13+
    doesn't take shifts offConsistency 13+
    has excellent focus and concentrationConsistency 13+
    rarely has a bad gameConsistency 13+

  • Decisions

    displays top hockey smarts with the puckDecisions 11+
    doesn't make silly passesDecisions 11+
    is confident in possession of the puckDecisions 11+
    is prepared to wait for an optionDecisions 11+
    makes good decisions with the puckDecisions 11+
    makes smart decisions with the puckDecisions 11+
    makes smart playsDecisions 11+
    displays a willing patienceDecisions 8+
    has incredible patience with the puckDecisions 8+
    has patience with the puckDecisions 8+
    has the temperament to wait for the passDecisions 8+
    will wait for the right passDecisions 8+

  • Important Matches

    at home on the big stageImportant Matches 13+
    brings his A—game when neededImportant Matches 13+
    excels under pressureImportant Matches 13+
    produces when the heat is onImportant Matches 13+
    thrives in big gamesImportant Matches 13+
    thrives under pressureImportant Matches 13+
    leaves everything on the iceImportant Matches 8+

Skater Roles
Note that these are likely all 10+, not the higher values you see in the table. Sample sizes were small for many of these.

  • Two-way

    a fantastic two-way talentOffensive 10+ and Defensive 10+
    brings talent at both end of the iceOffensive 10+ and Defensive 14+
    gives his all at both endsOffensive 11+ and Defensive 10+
    has good two-way instinctsOffensive 11+ and Defensive 13+
    is a solid two-way playerOffensive 11+ and Defensive 15+
    is a strong two-way playerOffensive 11+ and Defensive 10+
    is a strong two-way talentOffensive 13+ and Defensive 15+
    plays a gritty two-way gameOffensive 10+ and Defensive 11+
    plays a solid two-way gameOffensive 10+ and Defensive 10+
    plays a steady two-way gameOffensive 13+ and Defensive 14+
    plays a two-way gameOffensive 11+ and Defensive 11+

  • Offensive

    always has an eye to join the rushOffensive 14+, Defensive <10
    has a strong offensive upsideOffensive 18+, Defensive <=10
    has endless offensive talentOffensive 17+, Defensive <=10
    has great positional sense in the offensive zoneOffensive 11+
    has pure offensive instinctsOffensive 17+, Defensive <10
    is keen to jump up on offensive playsOffensive 15+, Defensive <=11
    is keen to show off his offensive skillsOffensive 14+, Defensive <10
    is purely an attacking playerOffensive 17+, Defensive <10
    is very dangerous in the offensive zoneOffensive 15+
    likes to drift into offensive playsOffensive 16+, Defensive <=10
    likes to show offensive abilityOffensive 16+, Defensive <10
    looks to make offensive impactOffensive 16+, Defensive <=10
    plays a dynamic offensive gameOffensive 17+, Defensive <10
    plays a strong offensive gameOffensive 16+, Defensive <10
    plays a very offensive minded gameOffensive 18+, Defensive <10
    plays an offensive minded gameOffensive 16+, Defensive <10

  • Defensive

    a solid defensive defensemanDefensive 13+, Offensive <10
    a stay at home defensemanDefensive 17+, Offensive <10
    is a strong blueline presenceDefensive 17+, Offensive <10
    is defense mindedDefensive 15+, Offensive <10
    likes to play in a defensive roleDefensive 16+, Offensive <10
    plays a steady defensive gameDefensive 19+, Offensive <10
    plays defense firstDefensive 12+, Offensive <10
    plays defensive firstDefensive 17+, Offensive <10
    plays hard defensivelyDefensive 16+, Offensive <10
    plays with strong defensive prioritiesDefensive 15+, Offensive <10
    prefers a defensive roleDefensive 14+, Offensive <10


  • Agitation

    a superb agitatorAgitation 11+
    draw satisfaction from agitating opponentsAgitation 11+
    is in the opponent's face every single shiftAgitation 11+
    is superb at goading opponents into making a mistakeAgitation 11+
    is very good at agitating opponentsAgitation 11+
    likes to wind up opponentsAgitation 11+
    can intimidate opponents with his playAgitation 8+
    can intimidate with the bestAgitation 8+
    intimidates opponentsAgitation 8+
    intimidates opponents with his raw styleAgitation 8+
    bullies opponentsAgitation 8+
    his play worries opposing teamsAgitation 8+

As far as I can tell, this is everything you can glean from the scouting report that isn't listed under a stat. Keep in mind that for odd numbers, it's likely because of a small sample size. Feel free to check out the complete spreadsheet for a full list and a more complete picture. I hope this helps some of you!
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby archibalduk » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:16 am

Very thorough and useful. Thanks! :notworthy:
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby SetzingersCat » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:37 pm

This is brilliant, I've been pretty ignorant to the wording on reports and what they really mean. Thanks for this!
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby CJ » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:43 pm

Great stuff! :thup: A few of these I had no idea what attributes the scout took from.
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby trackhurdler25 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:54 am

Glad they're helpful! The ones at the end... I still have no idea which attributes they're linked to, it's pretty vague language.
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby mush » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:47 am

A (tireless player) ......... does that mean he has high natural fitness??
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby philou21 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:18 am

This or a high stamina probably.
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Re: Scouting Report Snippet Definitions

Postby SeanSmash13 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:42 pm

Great post, thank you for the research.
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