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Rebuild Challenge

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Rebuild Challenge

Postby kennec » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:12 pm

As i been bored of the game lately and no challenge to join i have made own house rules that anyone are free to use or try out.

Rebuild Challenge
Use TBL 9.4 database roosters. Take over random AHL team and holiday sim to April 15th 2017. Resign random AHL manager. Take over last NHL team in the standings. 3rd party programs are forbidden in this challenge. AHL team management is allowed to raise and train prospects.

End of Season 1 (2017 April 15th to June 24th 2017)

Once the Stanley Cup Finals are done.
1. Trade away every player on your team that is 29 year old or older!
2. You're going to trade them for draft picks and young players.
3. Anyone not traded before entering the draft has to be released.

• All players aged 29 or older at start of season 2 must be traded or released before entering the draft. Player's age is as of the start of the season.
• You must trade these players for draft picks or young players under contract (or a combination of the two).
• Incoming players must be aged 24 or younger! Look at the player's birthdate. He must be 24 or under at the start of the regular season. Don't trade for a guy who is going to turn 25 before the season starts.
• You may not trade for unsigned players/prospects!
• You may not send draft picks out in a trade. They can only come in.
• You can package multiple 29 or older players in a deal.
• You may not trade for draft picks for future drafts, only the 2017 draft.
• You may not re-sign players aged 29 and over so that they'll get trade interest. He'll have to be allowed to go for nothing.
• You may re-sign any other players with expiring contracts.
• You may sign any of your unsigned prospects but you may not trade them.

You won't be able to make any more moves.

Season 2 (1/7 2017 to 30/6 2018)

Trade rules:
-Each season on June 15th the veteran age will drop.
You'll have the option of trading away these veteran players or keeping them. The same restrictions apply here that applied the when you first took over the team but the age will drop. This means by june 15th 2018 players who are 28 or getting 28 before season 3 can be traded and so on.
2017-2018: Players aged 28 or older may be traded
2018-2019: Players aged 27 or older may be traded
2019-2020: Players aged 26 or older may be traded
2020-2021: Players aged 25 or older may be traded

-Also, each season you may trade one players under the veteran age. You may not package this player with a veteran. They must be traded on their own.

- 1 UFA can be signed per year with a maximum of 2m$ cap hit per seson avr.

-In this challenge you are not allowed to:
Trade away your draft picks.
Claim players from waivers.

Make sure to Disable Human Manager Sackings

Have fun!
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Re: Rebuild Challenge

Postby Shindigs » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:14 am

This is fairly similar to what I was doing in my Jets save; I have to mention that due to how insanely good young players are in EHM using them almost exclusively is actually one of the most optimal ways to play though.

I intended for my version of that save to be a challenge save with only being allowed to build through the draft (no UFA/RFA/waiver/trading for players at all), which just turned out to be really powerful to the point that I'll do that in any future saves because it more fun to develop your own stars anyways. But it's not going to make the game any more challenging, in fact it will make it easier as long as you're good at drafting; I will say that if you struggle with drafting this type of save is a really good way to get better at it (because you don't really have a choice in the matter).

I'll warn you though, the first 8 or so seasons will be the "hardest" because the drafts will be comparably very weak after the first 2-3 drafts with premade prospects. The majority of newly generated players will be very weak compared to the already active NHLers, but beyond those 8(ish) drought years you'll start to have drafts that are so saturated with NHL player regens that you will be able to field three 1st lines every single season if you feel like it. Add in that for whatever reason regens are able to hit their PA 2 years faster than premade characters and you end up with maxed out PA players at age 19, so you can just rotate star players on entry level contracts until the cows come home.

So if you want this to actually be challenging I'd suggest you sim forward 3 seasons before taking over the bottom team, that way those first 2-3 stacked "premade drafts" are over with and you end up needing to rebuild in the 8 year drought until all the stars begin to retire and go into the regen pool; Doing it that way might actually be a challenge, depending on your "luck" with newly generated players in those interim years. I'd also suggest using the challenge rule of not being allowed to trade for 1st round picks, the AI is quite atrocious at valuing their 1st round picks so you can set it up so you have at least 3 top half 1st round picks every single season (I kept that up for 27 consecutive seasons without really trying, just making cap management trades). If you're actually trying you can get the 1st Overall pick every year, although the ISS rankings tend to be awful so the #1 guy generally isn't worth the investment. I picked up Crosby's regen 10th overall for instance.
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