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Sabres on the move

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Sabres on the move

Postby HeatPete » Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:08 pm

Have currently too many players contracted so I'm looking to move some of my players away. Some are contracted and some are still prospects that I haven't signed yet.

Linus Ullmark - 24 year goaltender currently in AHL. Could possibly be a decent backup for anyone needing a backup. 3rd.
Jonas Johansson - 22 year goaltender with backup potential. Not high on the pecking order so he would go for cheap. a 5th.
Brendan Guhle - 20 year old decent puckmoving defenseman with some potential, would move for a 4th.
Will Borgen - 21 year old strictly defensive defenseman. Won't do any fancy moves but should be pretty good at what he is doing. Will go for a 4th.
Brycen Martin - 22 year old offensive defenseman spent a year in Sweden. Came back more mature but won't have room for him. Would go for 3rd.
Mitchell Vande Sompel - 21 year old offensive defenseman is an interesting prospect. Still Id rather have more veterans now than have to wait for him to become key part of my blueline.

Left Wingers:
Gustav Possler - 23 year goal-scoring forward is not getting a chance here. Should provide some depth scoring in the future, would go for a 4th.
Oscar Möler - 29 year old Swede should provide some nice depth scoring. Got 26 goals during 2016-2017 season. He is getting a new home with a 4th.
Nikita O. Popugayev - 20 year old Russian isn't probably getting the chance so he is looking for a new home. Has been decent in Russia but still pretty raw, would go for a 3rd.

Zack Dorval - 20 year old is already playing like a pro. His only problem is that his technical skills are pretty raw and he is not the fastest around. Will go for a 3rd.
Alexander Dergachyov - 21 year old center looks like he could be decent in a checking role in the future. Have plenty of center prospects ahead of him, moving for a 3rd.
Derek Grant - 28 year old defensive forward got the unfortunate fortune to be part of my AGM's moves. Still pretty good on PK, would go for 4th.
Travis Barron - 19 year old cousin of Cole Cassels and nephew of Andrew Cassels is one of my top prospects at the moment. The unfortunate thing for him is that both Eichel and Reinhart are ahead of him so he would probably never get a chance of playing for my 1st or 2nd line. I would swap him for left wing or d prospect.
T.J Walsh - 18 year old goal scoring center isn't really part of my future as I have Eichel and Reinhart ahead of him and I prefer my 3rd line center be tad more defensive oriented.

Right Wingers:
Logan Hutsko - The hard working American didn't have the best last season with Michigan Tech. Still scouts seem to think he might have a place in the NHL in the future, would go for 5th.
Nicholas Baptiste - The 22 year old power forward is already looking decent. Probably has some role in future as 3rd/4th line right winger. Will move for 4th.

Sabres 1st round pick 2019
Canucks 1st round pick 2019

Top-6 defenseman
Goalie prospect
Right wing prospect
Left wing prospect
(Top-6 left winger)
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Re: Sabres on the move

Postby HeatPete » Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:18 pm

Removed Carrier, added Walsh, Vande Sompel and 1st round picks.
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