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Postby Stupot11 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:58 pm

Ok firstly would like to say many thanks for the opportunity for getting into EHL. Hope to sort this team out and get it moving up the tables and i need to make some pretty big moves to get some steam into this team. I will NOT be tanking but as most of the gm's know that this team isnt good and has some big financial worries and a lack of good prospects. Also would like to appologise for my typing skills as you some of you will know my typing has never been good and prolly never will be lol. one last thing scouting reports will be asked for also.


Andrej Sekera LD - 5.5 mil - now i know this contract seems alot but looking at him closerhe can be very useful. He has some talent in all areas and certainly a 3-4 d man. Also if you have some difficulties with injuries he can step up and carry the def on an injury plauged team.

T.J.Brodie RD/LD - 4.6 mil - ok now heres a big one. We will start with his cap, for 4.6 mil he is an absolute bargain and anyone who can offer what i am asking should jump at him. He is an all star d man and can do any role at any position on defence, he can play both rd and ld. As you can imagine his price will be high but giving the right deal we can get him into a classy playoff team.

Dougie Hamilton RD 5.75 mil - again his contract might seem a little high, but again he can do some of everything, He can help out on penalty killing if you need him and can also play a role on passing and positional play also on a 3-4 role.


Johnny Gaudreau LW 5.1mil - This is a top flair stickhandling skill offensive player. Moves real well fabulous playmaker. Can certainly play top minutes and on top lines with a good centre man can put up some points on your board. Someone should come get this guy and put him on a good line i am sure he can contribute in a big way.

Sean Monahan C 9.4 mil - ok heres the big one that everyone wants. Well needless to say ive had alot of interest in this player, but before i get into details i have a primary need and that need must be included in a deal done for this player, and i wont budge on it. i will place my needs at the bottum of the page. Well he is a pure superstar and ive had a look around the league and i cant see much better as a comparison to a centre man role. Because of his contract i will take some cap back but i dont just want a tat player sent my way just to make the "numbers" fair. or and old fart as a replacement.

Carl Soderberg c/lw 4.75 mil - ok heres and interesting player, for his cap and positions he can play he is a good player, but i feel he needs a move into a 2nd line role for a team thats playoff bound because i feel he is very good, he has high mentals, and looking at his stats will make very few mistakes anmd very reliable, so if you want a all round strong mental type 2nd line c/lw player this is your man.

Michael Frolik RW 4.3 mil - An interesting player, has some skill and some offence, just doesnt have a role for my team, my teams needs are not what he can offer at the moment, but for another team that just needs to fill a spot for his role he will do very well. I would really like to see him go to a 2nd line role as he can score some and play make some, he skates well and a very good positional player and can help a good scoring side.

ok team needs

Well i am being quite specific and i will be very tight on my demands. but i will take a salary dump if it fits what i want.


A young starter GK - not a prospect, but something in the 20-25 range who can step in without much trouble.


Good young Dmen - looking for acore young d man not elite but something i can use to eithor improve his skill or someone that has reached his peak and is very useful.

3rd line Checkers - looking for good c/rw men checker age isnt so important but dont want a 35 year old who has past his best and will retire in 2 years.

picks and prospects will be considered and probably nessesary to make trades fair but the gk will be the key to getting the big guys from me. if i get the gk i like and still have a big guy to move then turn to d as offers go, young established and fit straight into as a core role. thats it for now let the offers come in and i will allow counter offers come in, and give people time to get deals done with me, so come shopping and dont be frightened to ask about other players.
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