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Contains all the rules that go along with playing in the DMHNL, EHL and WHL.

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EHL Rules

Postby King Eric » Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:13 am

Eastside Hockey League Rules

Trade Rules
If a trade receives ONE rejection within 24 hours of the trade being posted the trade will be open for a further 48 hours starting the moment the first rejection was made. If the trade receives a further TWO rejections in that period the trade will go to The Tribunal where it will be reviewed and discussed and a judgement of whether or not the trade will be passed shall be made.
If you post the first rejection on a trade you MUST post a link to the trade that includes your rejection in both the league chat and the league announcement chat.
When posting a rejection you MUST state exactly why you are rejecting the trade.
No players signed from free agency is permitted to be traded within 6 months of being signed.

Trade Restrictions
The only 1sts allowed to be traded are your nearest two firsts.

Roster and Ice-time Rules
You must have your ice time deployment set to Equal or Normal.
You must have 20 players, (2 Goalies, 18 Skaters) dressed at all times.
If you do not follow this rule then management will hop in as your team and call players up accordingly.

UFA will be handled in game for the time being.
If you sign an RFA you must post it on the boards stating all the details, (salary, length, compensation).
You must have the proper picks(i.e. your own) in the proper years to offer.
Failure to follow this will result in the signed player bought out and the victimized team keeping whatever picks they receive and the player is still to be treated as an RFA.
You must then send the link to the GM of the player you signed, they then have 3 days, (irl), to respond on the boards. If they don't respond within 72 hours the player is yours! Congrats!

Chat Rules
If you’re offending someone, STOP.
If someone continually breaks these rule management has the power to, and will, bring the hammer down and ban you from the league.
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