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Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part II

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Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part II

Postby BKarchitect » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:42 pm

Instead of cluttering up the data editing forum with Vegas stuff, I thought I'd do a sequel thread to my Vegas dynasty thread from a few months back.

This thread won't be quite as "story" oriented but more of a look at results of simulating with the database I use. It may be different careers throughout - think of it as test lab results.

This will be the official place to download my personal DB if you want to use it. See link below. I don't mind you taking my work and editing and tweaking things as you see fit or exporting/importing data...I actually encourage this! And I encourage sharing results of your experiences. And I don't even care if you share a version of my database if you after you've made changes as long as there is credit - after all, this DB started about 4 years ago with a TBL database.

With that said, here's the link to the latest version and in change history and disclaimer/instructions...I will keep this updated with any new versions until the TBL '17-18 start date database comes out and then I suggest everybody switch to that because it will be awesome and complete. My database is NOT on Steam.

LATEST DB Update - 8/2/17 (Evening)

BIG NOTE: I ALWAYS play with additional staff option turned ON for game settings at seems some have been having issues with players having non-player profiles and some crashes when this is not turned on. I'm not sure what the issue is since I always play with that option on.

- Updated transactions, signings, trades for NHL, AHL, NCAA and NCAA recruits (ie John Beecher from USNTDP to Michigan in 2019, Ryan Kirwan to Penn State in 2020, etc)
- KHL is completely updated and back as playable...rosters updated fully per EP and quite a few prospects added to MHL-affiliated clubs - although this will vary depending on club
- Updated CHL transactions but not yet fully fleshed out rosters. Did add CHL rights to all 2017 CHL import guys and update guys already confirmed as coming over to their respective CHL team (Svechnikov, Roman, Kohler, etc) although Khovanov is back to Ak Bars - with Moncton junior rights
- SHL rosters are updated per EP and league should be pretty playable with younger guys getting ratings increases and older guys decreases but again no guarantees with anything
- Liiga transactions are updatd but have not yet gone back through some older transaction prior in the summer so not going to claim accuracy
- Further expanded future draft pools with additional high level prospects...MHL, 2016 & 2017 Hlinka Tournament players, CHL import players, etc...the "feel" of future drafts through 2020 should be pretty authentic based on posting from HFBoards, early draft lists from scouting services and info from EliteProspects
- All NHL-drafted NCAA grads not yet signed and expected to become free agents on August 15th have had their rights you are free to sign the likes of Will Butcher and Alex Kerfoot
- I gave small Tkachyov an entry level contract with the Rangers - hasn't happened yet but seems very possible and if he signs anywhere it will likely be NY. Same with Loktionov in LA.
- Cleaned up NHL and KHL affiliations to AHL/ECHL and VHL/MHL squads. Still a few things undecided IRL though.

As always, feel free to crib from my database to include in your own personal databases - just make sure to throw me a nod and wink if you publish anything that uses some of my work. That's all I ask! What you use on your own computer though is entirely up to you. Also I've seen a complaint that the Olympics still aren't releasing NHL players back...all I can say is the Olympics work perfectly fine on my computer so not sure what else I can do.

Version History
July 15 Update:
- Olympics now work! They do in 2018 anyways. They finished, history was recorded and next day players are back with their NHL clubs.
- Dual Nationalites more stupid rubbish like Barkov on Russia and the Nylanders on Team USA. Also made sure dual prospects who have chosen the USNTDP path, for example, are declared appropriately.
Other Stuff
- Contracts updated
- Lots of Euro league structures updated...including two new VHL teams in China (although no colors/logo for Jilin yet), and SHL/Allv, Liifa/Mestis, NLA/NLBA, DEL/DEL2, Czech, Slovak, EBEL, AlpsHL all should have correct clubs for 17/18
- Added a bunch of big-time 2002 born prospects like Dylan Peterson and Kaiden Guhle...and when I say add, I mean they are given a very high chance to become top notch goal is to keep filling the 2019 and 20 drafts (and even 21) with high quality real life prospects
- Started cleaning up the SHL and Swedish drafted prospect contracts for'll notice that, for example, quite a few guys like Lias Andersson are signed by their NHL team but loaned back to Europe. Since we don't know if these guys will make their NHL clubs and whether they will be sent back to Europe or the CHL or AHL...that's just how I'm handling it until we get more info on a case by case basis
- Noticed Victor Ejdsell wasn't a Nashville property and was missing Jacob Peterson (DAL) from the 2017 so those are fixed along with numerous minor fixes
July 11 Update:
- Updated NHL transactions through 7/11 (evening)
- Updated AHL/CHL/NCAA transactions (and recruits for NCAA)
- Updated major former NHL transactions (ie Stalbrg to Zug)
- Updated KHL transactions (still not done vetting every team though and KHL still not playable)
- Added a bunch of 2000 and 2001 birth year OHL/WHL/QMJHL guys (though still far from totally comprehensive, play CHL at your own risk)
- Switched the Blues to share San Antonio as their AHL affiliate (mistakenly had them sharing Chicago Wolves with LV before)
- Still may be a few wonky things with the Olypmics, haven't fully vetted
July 7 Update:
- Updated transactions, signings, trades for NHL through Friday evening 7/7
- Dynamo (KHL) roster now purged per Eliteprospects (also CSKA signings and such)
- Vegas colors tweaked to more appropriately match their jerseys
- Espoo United colors tweaked to go with new logo
- AHL cleaned up with only current AHL contracts (all remaining unsigned players sent to FA pool, some also retired)
- Fixed an error in the config file that was mesing up contract extensions; McDavid's contract extension is added
- Cleaned up summer transaction for OHL, WHL, QMJHL, USHL & BCHL - note, no promises about this being comprehensive and lots of 2000 & 2001 players need to be added to the CHL (though most of the top ones are there)
- I *think* I've gotten the World Championships, World Cup & Olympics all straightened out...not certain though
- Added Klein retirement and Tocchet as Yotes HC
June 29 Update:
- Added Thursdays transactions (ie Hartnell, Pouliot now UFAS...also made Tkachyov an UFA so you can try and sign him)
- Updated some 2018 draftees (HINT: you WANT WANT WANT Dahlin or Svechnikov in the draft...they are pretty souped up ratings wise so that within a year they are ready to enter the NHL and be phenoms like Matthews/Laine were this past year, that's the hope anyways! Let me know if it actually happens!)
- Updated ratings of some expected Calder candidates so they get more important roles from the drop on their teams (ie, Chabot, McAvoy, Keller, Strome, Connoer, Boeser, Ho-Sang, etc)
- Added Zadina to Halifax since it seems likely he will be going there. So he and Svechnikov are playing of CHL draft is yet to be updated
- Made sure a lot of the really good CHL-drafted 2001 birthdates are now starting on their respective OHL/WHL/QMJHL clubs. Far from a comprehensive list but includes most of the top prospects in each of those leagues for that draft year (another hint: Alexis Lafreniere is another potential phenom, not draft eligible till 2020 though!)
- Updated Kootenay Ice colors to go with new logo
Original Release for 17/18:
- All NHL contracts and rosters updated per CapFriendly thru June 28 (last update included: the likes of Foo, Petersen, Andrighetto, B. Smith, McIlrath etc)
- 2017 NHL Draft fully incorporated, all rights and draft details updated
- UFA/RFA status updated including qualified/non-qualified players (so teams will have lots of RFAs that will need to be signed)
- Rights for all prospects should be accurate...2015 drafted prospects who were not signed are now unattached (ie Korostolev, Estephen, etc)
- I still have NHL rights for unsigned college seniors like Butcher and Kerfoot as of 6/28...they will become FA's if not signed soon, will update at that time.
- Future traded NHL draft picks updated (minus any "conditional" picks where we don't know the condition yet)
- NHL Cap and Cap Floor Updated
- NHL stats from 16/17 season updated so rookie and prospect lists (as well as career NHL stats) should be accurate (NOTE: I did not add playoff stats yet and players that split teams I just put the combined total under the team they last played on for the season)
- Vegas, baby!
- AHL & ECHL teams and affiliations updated (as of end of June)
- Cap penalties and retained salary has not been updated yet for each team...I plan on doing this at some point.
- NHL Head Coaches and GM's are accurate but I didn't really get too involved with messing with other staff.
YOU MUST PUT THE EXTRA CONFIG FILE IN YOUR DB FOLDER AS WELL. You can edit all the future transfers and draft picks swaps in that file if you want to tweak your own DB.
- This is an NHL-centered database update (AHL, ECHL, USHL, NCAA should be fine as well). I guarantee nothing if you select other playable leagues. In fact, you will notice several leagues completely unplayable like the KHL - because I am in the process of moving teams around for 17-18 but without a league schedule update, you can't play them. Selecting any other random league could easily crash your game. Don't say I didn't warn you...
- Lots of KHL and Euro transfers are in fact updated...I've done most of the KHL except the top 5-6 clubs and most Euro transfer related to recent NHL players and/or players with NHL rights. But not even close to being totally comprehensive.
- I've put lots of work into the USHL/NCAA...almost all complete Fall 2017 freshman classes for all NCAA teams are updated along with tons and tons of future recruits. USNTDP is updated for the '00 and '01 classes and even stuck a few likely '02 guys in there.
- CHL is updated only so far as it relates to drafted players and top prospect soon to be draft eligible. The recent CHL import draft has NOT yet been included but I plan on adding players and rights later - although I DID put Svechnikov on Barrie because, yeah, that's happening!
- For NHL contracted players with CHL rights...if they are '97 born, they start the year on the NHL depth charts and can optionally be sent down for their overage year. If they are '98 born, they start on loan to their junior team unless they are a top, top prospect (ie, highly unlikely Sergachev plays another season in Windsor). You can always cancel the loan. Of course we won't really know how this shakes out until close to the start of the season. There are also Euro guys on NHL contracts who are confirmed via EliteProspects to be loaned back to Europe for 17/18 so they are taken care of.
- For NCAA will notice a lot of the top prospects in the NCAA have predetermined future transfers to their NHL clubs. If I don't do this NHL teams really decimate NCAA rosters during the seasons by signing guys in mid-season - which is not realistic. This keeps top NCAA clubs in tact through the full year.
- Also have a few future Russian top transfers to NHL clubs built in after their KHL contracts Sorokin, Shestyorkin, Gusev, Gavrikov, etc. Dadonov starts the game as an UFA with a strong liking for Vegas...but anybody can try and sign him
- Major LTIR injuries should be in there (Hossa, Horton, Lupul, Franzen, Clarkson, etc - these guys will be out for 12+ months and a lot of them just retire) but otherwise with injuries, you start with a clean slate.
- One bug I know of is a few player (RFAs) who have correct NHL rights set still end up as UFAs. Three guys I know this was affecting were Dotchin, Stolarz and Gillies - all are likely to be re-signed so I went ahead and gave them one year deals so you can't cheat the system. There may be a few more I also may affect a few prospects - Nikita Gusev was one, he doesn't show up in the Vegas depth charts or prospect list but I gave him a future transfer after his KHL deal to Vegas so it shouldn't matter.
Final Note: I have not done much testing to be honest, it's taken a long time just to get contracts and 16/17 stats updated. So let me know how things go, especially if you are playing as Vegas!
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

Postby BKarchitect » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:52 pm

So in my current sim, it is right before the start of the 2022 are some of the main results!

Cup Winners
2017-18: Nashville beats Montreal for the Cup, Carolina won the President's Trophy
2018-19: Edmonton beats Toronto for the Cup, Nashville won the President's Trophy
2019-20: New Jersey beats Colorado for the Cup, New Jersey won the President's Trophy
2020-21: Dallas beats Buffalo for the Cup, Buffalo won the President's Trophy
2021-22: NY Rangers beat Dallas for the Cup, NY Rangers won the President's Trophy

That 2019 Cup Final would send Canada into craziness...McDavid and the Oilers versus Matthews and the Leafs? Classic. The '20 and '21 Finals were blasts from the past, reminders of classic Finals from 20 years prior.

Ovechkin is now 37 and coming off a 33 goal season with Edmonton where he gets to play with McDavid. He sits at 762 goals, 3 behind Jagr for 3rd place all-time and needing 133 goals to break 99's record. Seems unlikely but he's got a shot. His 1,430 points currently rank 16th all-time.

Crosby is still with the Pens but the past 5 years he's kind of settled in as a 35 goal, 75 point guy who has ramped up his two-way game and kind of become like Yzerman did late in his career. His point total stands at 1,401 - assuming good health, he should stand to challenge for a top 5 finish in career points but the lack of monster seasons recently have hurt that cause.

Malkin and Kane are 3rd and 4th on the active points list - Malkin just left the Pens this past summer to join the defending champ Rangers. Kane is still leading the Blackhawks with Toews. 3rd on the active goals list (after Ovechkin and Crosby) is Stamkos who has put his injuries behind him and gone on an absolute tear, winning back-to-back Art Ross in '20 and '21.

Quick leads Price 381 to 366 in wins among active goalies.

Hart Trophy
17/18: Benn
18/19: Ovechkin
19/20: Ovechkin
20/21: Laine
21/22: Laine

No surprise that Laine has become a monster with seasons of 40, 46, 45 and 35(69 GP) goals. He's taken over for Ovie as that beast on the wing that you simply cannot stop.

Art Ross Trophy
17/18: Seguin
18/19: Johansen
19/20: Stamkos
20/21: Stamkos
21/22: Johansen

This one is interesting; Ryan Johansen has put it all together for the powerhouse Predators; he had a 104 point season in 2018-19 and finished 21-22 with 87 points (it was a down year in scoring).

Richard Trophy
17/18: Tarasenko
18/19: Matthews
19/20: Ovechkin
20/21: Kucherov
21/22: Boeser

Wow - lucky Canucks fans! While the other 4 names are no surprises, Brock Boeser has become a sniping sensation for the Nucks...his last two seasons are 41 goals and 80 points and 45 goals and 67 points in only 68 games! While rather slow in a sprint, Boeser has developed incredible predatory instincts with an amazing array of shots, great balance and an incredible ability to find soft spots and get into position without the puck.

Norris Trophy
17/18: Ellis
18/19: Hedman
19/20: Carlson
20/21: Hedman
21/22: Hedman

It's Victor Hedman's NHL and we are just living in it. While not quite the offensive producer that his national team mate Karlsson is, Hedman...well, he's just a beast. He's 6'-6", skates like the wind - and, well, how does this season sound: in 21/22, he played in 68 games, scoring 13 goals, 48 points and putting up a +53. Ellis and Carlson are minor outliers as winners perhaps but Nashville was just crazy good in 17/18 and Carlson has been known to put up points.

Vezina Trophy
17/18: Lundqvist
18/19: Elliott
19/20: Schneider
20/21: Holtby
21/22: Dubnyk

This list proves how erratic goaltending can be. Coming off a poor 16/17 season with Calgary, Brian Elliott gets signed by Philly for a couple of bucks in the off-season to split starts with Neuvrith in a terrible looking goalie tandem...then, a year later, he wins the Vezina. Last season, the Rangers signed a 35 year-old Dubnyk in the summer and rode him to a Cup, with Dubnyk winning the Vezina.

Selke Trophy
17/18: Benn
18/19: Matthews
19/20: Matthews
20/21: Palat
21/22: Palat

Oh look - besides being a 40 goal sniper as a teenager, Matthews adds a couple of Selke's to the mantle...although HFBoards was outraged both times, calling it a "joke", blaming the "biased Toronto media" and saying "the Selke isn't even about defense anymore". Well, the league took notice and the last two seasons it has gone to the underrated Palat who does the heavy lifting on a Bolts team with Stamkos and Kucherov.

Conn Smyth Trophy
17/18: Saros, NSH
18/19: Talbot, EDM
19/20: Schneider, NJD
20/21: Bishop, DAL
21/22: Kreider, NYR

Saros took over for Rinne in 17/18 and the youngster was the final piece to the puzzle when Nashville took home the title. Talbot, Schneider and Bishop are all veteran, tested goalies who got hot and their respective teams rode them to titles. And Kreider, always an advanced stat darling, scored 12 goals in 19 games as the Rangers cruised to last season's title.

Calder Trophy
17/18: Lindblom, PHI
18/19: Svechnikov, VGK
19/20: B. Tkachuk, COL
20/21: Kravtsov, DAL
21/22: Turcotte, NJD

My favorite category as I like to track the progress of prospects.

- Lindblom went for a modest 24 goals and 48 points in 17/18 to win the Calder. In 19/20, he had 25 goals and 67 points but most of the rest of his seasons are around that 45 point range. He's a quality second line producer who can have spikes of higher production.

- Svechnikov went 2nd in the draft in 2018 to Vegas and has become their talisman. After getting drafted, he hit the NHL running with a sensational 45 goal, 76 point rookie effort to win the Calder. His goal totals thus far in 4 seasons are: 45, 36, 38 and 35 (in only 59 GP). The amazing thing is he probably shouldn't have even won the Calder in his first season. Nico Hischier spent his draft+1 season back in Halifax but then hit the NHL with a ridiculous 35 goal, 93 point season in 18/19. In 4 seasons, Hischier has never scored less than 76 points and led the Devils to a Stanley Cup. Also a rookie in 18/19 after getting drafted #1 overall (by the lucky arse Kings) was Rasmus Dahlin...Dahlin has put up seasons of 42, 37, 42 and 43 points but it has been his all-around play that has been incredible as the Kings are able to pair the "new Doughty" with the original.

- Brady Tkachuk is a great story. With his brother already entrenched as a star for both Canada and Team USA, little bro Brady put up great stats for Boston University but slid to #15 in the 2018 draft. After another year at BU, Brady suited up for the Avs in 19/20 and scored 26 goals and 55 points to win the Calder. His sophomore effort was 51 points and last season he put up a career high of 63 points in only 70 games. He's a great playmaker, tenacious and can lay the wood. Now both Tkachuk's are among Team USA's top stars and together with their father, form quite a hockey lineage.

- Kravtsov is a lanky, talented Russian who was picked a few spots after Tkachuk in that loaded 2018 draft at #18 overall. After a couple seasons with powerhouse Russian teams (first Traktor then SKA), Kravtsov came over to Dallas and made people forget all about the lost career that was Valeri Nichushkin some 5 years earlier. Kravtsov took to the NHL and America like glue, winning the Calder in 20/21 with 24 goals and 51 points and following it up last year with a dynamic 30 goals and 62 points in only 67 games. Explosively fast, with dangles and crafty passes for miles and a pretty amazing two-way game - Kravtsov's potential is just getting scratched and he is Jamie Benn's successor in Big D.

- How many eventual Calder winners have ever been traded mid-season? After getting picked #1 overall in the 2019 draft by Calgary and having a tremendous rookie season at Wisconsin, Turcotte made the Flames in 2021 and made an immediate impact. The Flames then did the unthinkable - they dealt him to the Devils, straight-up, for Marcus Johansson. Johansson is a really good veteran player who was coming off a 70 point season in 20/21. Well, he scored 40 points in 21/22 and the guy the Devils got back, a #1 uber prospect, scored 33 goals and 67 points to take home the Calder. Turcotte now forms a brilliant partnership with Hischier in New Jersey.
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

Postby BKarchitect » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:59 pm

Here's Beastnikov, Sin City's favorite hockey god:
Image LA...with Doughty...not fair:

McDavid's career thus far...terrific and he has a Cup now but has yet to replicate his Hart season of 16/17:

Matthews has added a Rocket and two Selke's of all trophies...that +52 in 19/20 =P~
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

Postby BKarchitect » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:00 am

Bump for updated roster. Will be posting some more result stuff from my sim momentarily.
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

Postby BKarchitect » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:50 am

2022/2023: A look back at the 2016 Draft

This will be the first in a series of posts taking a look back at past draft classes to see how players have or have not developed. Hope you enjoy!

2016 Draft Class: The 2016 Draft, while perhaps not quite as loaded as the 2015 drafted was considered a very good draft class at the time. Now 2022, most of the guys in this draft are now 24 or 25 years-old (a few of the overagers being a bit older) and I think this is one class where we can really start to make firm opinions on how any given player has developed as many are starting to approach their prime years and guys who have not yet developed are into serviceable NHL players are probably going to be long-shots to have big-time NHL careers at this point.

First Round Recap
1. Auston Matthews, C, Toronto Maple Leafs: Still of course with Toronto, Matthews has been everything he was cracked up to be. His trophy case is already starting to fill at age 25: he has a Rocket Richard and two Selke Trophies. His best season to date was 2018/19 when he had 48 goals, 50 points and was a +49 in leading Toronto to a tough Cup Finals loss to McDavid and the Oilers. Last season (2021/22), he was limited to only 67 games but had 77 points. In 2020/21, he was limited to 46 games This recent run of injuries may be the only slight cause for concern for what otherwise looks to be shaping up as a huge career. He's signed for $9.14 million through this season after which I believe he is going to be an UFA - so things could get VERY interesting but I highly expect Toronto to re-up him to a mega deal.

2. Patrik Laine, W Winnipeg Jets: Much like Matthews, Laine has lived up to every bit of the hype. Laine is the back-to-back reigning Hart Trophy winner although somehow he won it last season while putting up 35 goals and 67 points in only 65 games. A terrific season no doubt, but a bit of a head-scratcher in terms of winning MVP. Laine has 227 goals in 452 career games which means since the moment he stepped on the ice as a teenager, he has scored at an over 40 goal per season pace. Unlike Matthews in Toronto - the Jets have already locked up Laine to a huge deal - $11.55 million per year through 2027.

3. Pierre-Luc Dubois, C, Columbus Blue Jackets: The Jackets caused quite a fuss in 2016 by selecting Dubois over the more ballyhooed Jesse Puljujarvi. Did their decision pay off? Well - you can be the judge of that. Dubois procuded a very promising rookie season in 2017/18 as a 20 year-old, scoring 52 points in 81 games with fine two-way play. Unfortunately for Columbus, that remains his best offensive season to date with the following seasons all spent in the 30's and 40s in points. He's a solid all-around contributor and a beast defensively but the offense just never took off - but there is still time for him to put up some better offensive seasons. Right now, he looks like a Sean Couturier-type defensive #2 center. Dubois makes $3.25 million and is looking for a long-term extension during the season.

4. Jesse Puljujarvi, W, Edmonton Oilers: Ok - let's get the cat out of the bag. Columbus screwed up. Big time. While Puljujarvi took an extra year to hit the NHL in a big way versus his compatriot Laine - Pulju has perhaps been just as impressive. Of course, playing with McDavid and Draisatl doesn't hurt his numbers. But after a stunted rookie year in 16/17, Pulju scored 35 goals and 70 points in 17/18 and never looked back, tacking on seasons of 84, 70, 91 and 74 points and topping 40 goals twice while always scoring 34+. What a couple of terrifying wingers the Finns can throw out there in international competitions...probably 2 of the 5 or at worst 10 best in the world. The Oilers have Pulju locked up for $10.8 million per year through 2027.

5. Olli Juolevi, D, Vancouver Canucks: Juolevi has been very impressive since making his debut in 17/18. He doesn't have the pressure of being the #1 guy in Vancouver now that the Canucks have Alex Pietrangelo but Juolevi has developed into a fine #2 defenseman. He is coming off a 40 point in 70 games season and is also a bedrock Top 4 member of the Finnish national team defensive core. Making $3.25 million and needing a contract extension.

6. Matthew Tkachuk, W, Calgary Flames: Tkachuk took many by surprise with a terrific post-draft rookie year in 2016/17 and has been an integral part of the Flames ever since with his aggressive, physical style and excellent combo of playmaking and goal scoring abilities. His best season to date was 2019/20 with 25 goals, 64 points and a +37 while his average years are more in the 20-25 goal/50-55 point range. Signed to a whopper of a deal - $10.8 million through 2028. His point total may not dazzle but he's an absolute leader on the Calgary team.

7. Clayton Keller, C, Arizona Coyotes: Slight in stature but huge on talent - Keller has had no issues developing into a prominent scoring center in the NHL. Made his full debut in 17/18 with a 54 point effot with a season best 30 goals, 65 points and +20 in 2019/20. Was on pace for another terrific season with 51 points in 61 games last year before injuries hampered the chance to beat careers bests. The best part for Arizona is that he is locked up at bargain $4.32 million through 2027.

8. Alex Nylander, W, Buffalo Sabres: With his older brother both a tremendous prospect and now a big NHL star, Alex has had some pressure to live up to sibling expectations - and things haven't always gone smoothly. Full debut in 17/18 with 20 goals and 40 points in 73 games but has topped that point total only once since then, with 43 points in 2019/20. A flashy winger with all kinds of puck skills, Nylander has never really adapted to the more physical style of the NHL and as of now, is a bit of an enigma. Making $3.55 million through 2024.

9. Mikhail Sergachyov, D, Tampa Bay Lightning: Sergachyov was originally drafted by Montreal but then deal in the summer of 2017 in the deal that sent Jonathan Drouin to the Habs with Serg the centerpiece coming back to the Bolts. Drouin has since become a true superstar and the French-Canadian icon the Habs have lusted for (last season he had 38 goals and 75 points in 69 games). So how did Tampa make out with Sergachyov? His first full season was 17/18 when he scored 34 points in 78 games from the blueline for Tampa and he's been a staple on the Tampa blueline since then. Has yet tohit the offensive heights expected but better than expected defensively. A top 4 defender who can man the PP - but perhaps not quite the desired return for Drouin. Signed at a cheap $1.76 million through 2026.

10. Tyson Jost, C, Colorado Avalanche: Jost has been a rock solid regular member of the Avs line-up since his full debut in 17/18 but has been given very limited opportunities to shine offensively - instead manning the defensive third line center spot behind MacKinnon and German Rubtsov (more on him later). A guy who will chip in 10 goals, 25 points, PK duty and with the skill to play higher up when asked to. His $2.3 million contract expires in 2024 and one can't help but wonder what kind of totals he could put up if used differently.

11. Logan Brown, C, Ottawa Senators: Brown made his NHL debut in the 18/19 season after finishing his career with Windsor in the OHL. He put up 27 points that year but in the subsequent season, he spent all year in AHL Belleville. He's been back to being a 3rd line regular for Ottawa the past couple seasons but like Jost his offensive game has just never come around. Unlike Jost, Brown has also been a little underwhelming defensively despitehis big size and reach - he was a -37 in 20/21. Making $986,000 this year.

12. Michael McLeod, C, Sibir-KHL (Rights: Los Angeles): While we've had a few underwhelming picks thus far, McLeod probably qualifies as the first real "bust" of the draft. Despite top notch acceleration, great face-off skills and good all-around attributes - McLeod has just never found his niche in the NHL. He was dealt to San Jose by New Jersey before ever appearing with the Devils and racked up 39 NHL appearances over the span of three seasons before leaving for Europe. Still young enough and talented enough to cross back over at some point for another shot; his NHL rights are now held by the Kings.

13. Jake Bean, D, No Club (Rights: Edmonton)
: The high-scoring Bean had a few cups of coffee in the NHL in 2018 but his real breakthrough came in 2018/19 while still in the AHL with Charlotte. That year, he torched the AHL for 73 points 80 games and won the AHL's top defenseman award. He was a regular for Carolina in the NHL the past couple seasons but his success has been somewhat limited; he had 17 points in 70 games last year. His RFA rights were traded to Edmonton this past summer but he remains unsigned with the season opener nearing. Whether he signs in Edmonton as a PP specialist or does a stint overseas is unknown at this point.

14. Charles McAvoy, D, Boston Bruins: Unlike Bean, McAvoy's bread and butter isn't simply scoring but all-around prowess. A physical defender with terrific all-around skills including sublime passing and a hard shot - McAvoy can play any which way you like and has been a top pairing defender for Boston (and Team USA regular) since his first full season in 16/17. Boston has a drool worthy young top defensive pairing with McAvoy lining up next to the sensation Ryan Merkley, with McAvoy signed to a terrific $5.55 million per year deal through 2028.

15. Luke Kunin, W, Torpedo-KHL (Rights: Vegas): Kunin's NHL career start well enough in 2017/18 where he made and was a regular member of the Wild at 20 years of age, scoring 13 goals. He continued with the Wild through the 2020 trade deadline but never found his groove and was dealt to Vegas. The following off-season he jumped over the pond - first to Mora in Sweden then to KHL powerhouse CSKA and then again this past summer to Torpedo, also in the KHL. It would not be surprising to see him resurface in the NHL at some point, with Vegas still owning his rights.

16. Jakob Chychrun, D, Arizona Coyotes: A surprise faller on 2016 draft day, Chychrun fell into the laps of Arizona and has been a mainstay for the Coyotes since that very same fall. Like McAvoy, he's an all-weather defender with size and all-around ability (albeit not as aggressive or flashy as McAvoy). Had his best offensive season to date in 21/22 with 8 gals and 37 points and plays significant roles on both the PP and PK in Arizona and also has lined up for Team Canada squads in the World Championships. Signed to a great $4.43 million deal through 2027.

17. Dante Fabbro, D, Vancouver Canucks: Originally a Nashville pick, the Canucks somehow (GAME BUG?) signed Fabbro as a free agent after Fabbro's sophomore year at BU after the 2017/18 season. Fabbro bounced back and forth between Utica in the AHL and the Canucks before finally becoming a third pairing regular last season in Vancouver, appearing in 69 games with 21 points and a +9. Dependable defensively with a good outlet pass, there's nothing flashy to Fabbro. Signed for $1.82 million per year through 2025.

18. Logan Stanley, D, Winnipeg Jets: The massive but somewhat plodding Stanley was a pick met with some ridicule in 2016. After finishing his OHL career in Windsor, Stanley spent three full seasons with the AHL's Manitoba Moose with nary a call-up for a cup of coffee to the NHL but he finally made his breakthrough last season, appearing in 54 games with the Jets and putting up a surprising 15 points and +9. With the Jets defensive under-going a reconstruction, he might find himself in a solid top 4 role this year and will look to earn a big raise from the $982,500 he's scheduled to make this season. A slow developer but starting to win some fans.

19. Kieffer Bellows, W, New York Islanders: Speaking of slow developers, the sniping winger Bellows may also fit that bill. After leaving a loaded BU program in the NCAA's, Bellows ended up with the WHL's Portland Winterhawks where his once season in the WHL produced a modest 28 goal, 40 point effort. He's been a huge goal scorer in the AHL since that time, wracking up seasons of 50, 42 and 33 goals at the AHL level (his 50 goal season included a paltry 8 assists - quality Cy Young numbers). Last season he finally made a breakthrough to the NHL, appearing in 22 games with 4 goals and 8 points and he's appeared to have made the Isles opening-night roster this season. Making $700,000 per year the next two seasons.

20. Dennis Cholowski, D, Detroit Red Wings: Yet another example like Stanley and Bellows where some patience by the drafting team looks to have paid off; Cholowski has put up some slick scoring seasons for a young blueliner in the AHL over the past few years but it wasn't until last season that he made his full debut in the NHL. But it was an excellent debut with 32 points in 71 games and Cholowski looks to be a first pairing PP mainstay and top 4 blueliner this year for a Wings defense in transition. Due $1.34 million per year through the end of 2024.

21. Julien Gauthier, W, Carolina Hurricanes: The Canes second 1st rounder of the 2016 draft, Gauthier - a large winger with slick scoring mits, made his full-time NHL debut in 19/20 after wrapping up his junior career with Saint John and then spending a year in the AHL with Charlotte. While a regular member of the Hurricanes the past 3 seasons, Gauthier has yet to put together the type of goal scoring year that Canes brass would like to see, with 16 goals and 23 points his best output to date, in 2020/21. Gauthier is signed at $1.27 million through the end of this season.

22. German Rubtsov, C, Colorado Avalanche: Rubtsov finished his junior career with Chicoutimi in 2017/18 and made his debut in 2018/19 with the Flyers, who drafted him. But in the middle of the season he was dealt to Colorado in the deal that sent Matt Duchene to the Flyers. Duchene left the Flyers as an UFA after the season (putting up some huge numbers in Dallas sense then) and the Flyers paid a dear price in Rubtsov who exploded for Colorado in 2020/21 with a 25 goal, 68 point, +20 season. While his last season was slightly less prolific with 53 points - he was a possession monster and put up a +31. A determined two-way player who is great in the dot and has surprising grit to go along with the skill, Rubtsov has the Avs' #2 center position behind MacKinnon on lock down and is signed at a bargain $3.06 million through 2026.

23. Henrik Borgstrom, C, Florida Panthers: The big Finnish center is an absolute marvel with the puck - a real dynamite stick handler capable of incredible players. But after a two-year college career with Denver, Borgstrom, although having appear in part or all of the past 4 seasons with Florida, is mostly flash with little substance at the NHL level. His top season to date is a meager 22 points in 65 games and for a guy who struggles with the physical and defensive side of things, that's not great. He'll need to show a lot more this year to earn a raise of the current $1.333 million he is making.

24. Max Jones, W, Anaheim Ducks: The rough and tumble former London Knight made his NHL debut in 2019/20 and has been on a slow improvement streak ever since then, becoming a valuable third line grinder and physical presence who can chip in a few goals. His 15 goals (and 25 points) last season were career highs and if he continues to improve offensively, he'll likely become that second line type power forward presence the Ducks had in mind when drafting him. Making only $950,000 this year with an extension due.

25. Riley Tufte, W, Dall Stars: A huge winger with nice offensive tools, Tufte was always going to be something of a project and after a two-year stint with Minnesota-Duluth and three full seasons in the AHL with the Texas Stars, Tufte finally became a regular with Dallas last season, chipping in 20 points in 72 games. Skating deficiencies will likely prevent him from ever becoming a top 6 type forward and he's not terribly physical or aggressive for his size but he can be a useful presence down low on the PP. He's making $1.02 million this year.

26. Tage Thompson, W, St. Louis Blues: Another towering winger who came through the NCAA ranks, Thompson spent 2 1/2 seasons in the AHL before making his debut in the NHL midway through the 2019/20 season. He's been plagued by injuries and has only appeared in 82 NHL games in the 2 1/2 seasons since that debut and has also struggled to make an impact offensively with 19 points in those 82 career games. His upside has definitely faded and he remains a project - albeit a cheap one, signed at $575,000 for two more seasons.

27. Brett Howden, C, KalPa-FIN (Rights: Tampa Bay): Howden is a tough-minded center who has developed mostly as a defensive presence after finishing an outstanding junior career in Moose Jaw. However, he found it hard to get regular ice time on a deep Tampa Bay team - his best season to date in the NHL was 19/20 with 12 points in 43 games. Unable to establish himself, Howden played last year with KalPa in Finnish Liiga and will again this season. Tampa retains his rights and could bring him back at some point.

28. Lucas Johansen, D, Washington Capitals: Lucas is the brother of star center Ryan Johansen. Unlike Ryan, Lucas, a defenseman, is far from flashy and prefers a steady defensive style at the pro level. After simmering in Hershey for a few seasons, Johansen finally cracked the Capitals defensive unit in 2021/22, putting up 7 points in 61 games. His skating has not developed to a sufficient enough level to let him be more than a third pairing type guy, for the time being at least. Due $1.02 million this season.

29. Trent Frederic, C, Boston Bruins: Frederic was an outstanding NCAA player for Wisconsin and has developed into a solid, albeit not flashy, pro. Isn't great at anything but won't hurt you anywhere either. Last season was his NHL debut and he put up 8 goals and 16 points in 74 games for the Bruins. Looks more likely to be a good third line center moving forward than a top 6 guy. His contracted at $971,000 through the end of this season.

30. Sam Steel, C, Anaheim Ducks: A hugely decorated scoring center in the WHL with Regina, Steel made his NHL debut in 18/19 and has been a regular for the Ducks since then, steadily climbing his way into more of a scoring role. His past two seasons he's had 43 and 39 points respectively and while those numbers don't wow - he's clearly got more in him as he gains more ice time and he'll battle for a key role this year behind the Ducks #1 center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. With young phenom Marco Rossi wrapping up his QMJHL career and on the way up the depth chart, now would be an ideal time for Steel to stake his claim with another step forward, especially as it is a contract year - he makes $1.47 million on his current deal.

Best Players Drafted Outside the First Round
#33 - Rasmus Asplund, W, Buffalo Sabres: A super intelligent winger/center, he's been a great third liner for Buffalo the past three seasons, averaging 30-35 points per game - could easily top out as a top 6 guy with a defensive and playmaking bent.
#39 - Alex DeBrincat, W, Chicago Blackhawks: The diminutive DeBrincat has been a regular for Chicago over the last 4 1/2 seasons and while the offense has been slow to come around, seasons of 34 and 31 points the last two years indicate he may be on his way to bigger things.
#47 - Samuel Girard, D, Nashville Predators: A huge scoring junior defenseman, some questioned how Girard's game would translate to the NHL. After a couple of promising but unspectacular seasons in 19/20 and 20/21, Girard blossomed last year with a 45 point outing. Dynamic offensively and yet the latest in a long line of Nashville defensive gems.
#51 - Kale Clague, D, Los Angeles Kings: The Kings' top pick in this draft, Clague is a regular in their defensive unit and on the PP and has back-to-back 28 point season with much more, potentially, to come.
#54 - Tyler Parsons, G, Nashville Predators: By far the best looking goalie to come out of the draft, Parsons, who just turned 25, has yet to become a true #1 goalie but that should all change this year in Nashville where he looks set to be given the reigns. He was acquired in the 2021 trade that sent Mattias Ekholm to Calgary. Definitely has All-Star potential.
#58 - Taylor Raddysh, W, Tampa Bay Lightning: Raddysh is a smooth winger who has been a regular the last four seasons for Tampa; his career best season to date is 23 goals and 39 points.

Best Late Round Finds (5th Round or Later
#132 - Yegor Rykov, D, New Jersey Devils: Russian defender who plays a well-rounded game, he's really come on for the Devils the past two seasons as a dependable defender who can chip in offensively. Not a stretch to see him as a solid top 4 guy for years to come.
#135 - Joona Koppanen, W, Boston Bruins: Huge Finnish winger has been a third line regular for the Bruins the past three seasons, averaging about 20-25 points per year.
#166 - Matthew Phillips, W, Calgary Flames: Absolutely tiny but was a nice spark for Calgary last season with 8 goals and 15 points in 42 games. Plays with passion and fire that outweigh his size - don't be shocked if he's here to stick for good.
#196 - Dmitri Sokolov, W, Minnesota Wild: Sokolov was once viewed before the 2016 draft as a potential candidtae to go #1 overal - his skills were that good. But mediocre OHL seasons and a lack of commitment saw him drop - almost completely out of the draft - before the Wild caught him in the very last round. He's been a regular the past four years; his point totals looks awfully subdued (56 points in 235 games) but his shot and skill is off the charts. Even if he remains something of an engima - a 4th line/PP specialist who will dazzle with a handful of plays each year - that's still not bad for the end of the draft.
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

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Bump for finish of 2016 draft review with 2017 review on the way :)
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Re: Vegas Golden Knights - The NHL's Newest Franchise - Part

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