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Roster Editor v1.02

Post by FHockey » Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:18 pm

Roster/ database editor for Eastside Hockey Manager Freeware by Risto 'Riz' Remes.



Unzip all the files to your EHM directory.

What you need :

You need to have EHM full installation installed on your computer !!

You'll also need to have Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files on your computer. You can get the package for these files on many sites ( for example). If the game reports an error message about msvbvm60.dll , it means you have not installed the runtime files.

The Editor:

To make your own rosters, make a fantasy roster at first, by clicking the menu item File->Create random.

After the editor has created fantasy players, you are asked to specify a career file that will be used with the rosters. Note that you are also asked to specify the career file to be used each time you load any rosters. After the rosters have been created, you can start editing them by choosing the player to edit from the list on the left. If you have enabled career stats editing, another window will also pop up, where you will be able to edit the year-by-year statistics for the current player. After you have edited all the necessary attributes, make sure you save the changes by clicking "Save these attributes" button. This way the changes are updated to the list on the left and also to the career file (if any changes were made).

NOTE: You can sort players by holding down CTRL and clicking on the column that you want to sort by !

The Skills:

SH - Shooting: Pretty obvious, the players ability to shoot the puck (0-99)
PL - Playmaking: Ability to make plays and create scoting chances with passes (0-99)
ST - Stickhandling: Ability to stickhandle by defensemen and handle the puck (0-99)
CH - Checking: Forechecking, backchecking... (0-99)
MA - Marking/Positioning: Marking your man on the ice, defensive awareness (0-99)
HI - Hitting: Ability to deliver body crunching hits (0-99)
SK - Skating: Obviously the players skating skills, speed (0-99)
EN - Endurance: How the player manages all the ice time and recovery (0-99)
PE - Penalty: Players tendency to take penalties (0-99)
FA - Faceoffs: Pretty obvious (0-99)
LE - Leadership: How he encourages others and takes the stress (0-99)
SR - Strength: Players physical strength, how he manages himself in the corners etc. (0-99)
FI - Fighting: Added due to public demand, obvious. (0-99)
PO - Potential: What is the players upper limit that he can develop to [hidden] (0-99)
GR - Greed: How much he likes the cash. Also refers to loyalty to the club [hidden] (70-120)
CO - Consistency: Will he play good every night or just when he feels like it [hidden] (0-99)
FI - Fighting: How good the players is at throwing punches in a fight (0-99)
OF - Offensive overall: created automatically from SH,PL,ST (0-99)
DF - Defensive overall: created automatically from CH,MA,HI (0-99)
OA - Overall rating: created automatically from all the skills (0-99)

Other attributes:

Click - Line click factor. Players with same 'click' value play better together.
Contr. left - The amount of years the players has contract left
Inj.resist: How he can resist injuries, lower the value, the more injuries occur to him (Saku Koivu would have 10) (10-99)

Natural role:

The last digit of the potential rating tells the players natural role. If a defenseman gets a forward role, the role will be set to defensive defenseman in EHM. If a forward has a defenseman's natural role, he will be an all-around offensive player in EHM.

'1 - Sniper (defensive defenceman)
'2 - Playmaker (defensive defenceman)
'3 - All-around offensive player (defensive defenceman)
'4 - Grinder / Power Forward (defensive defenceman)
'5 - Two-Way forward (defensive defenceman)
'6 - Defensive defenceman (positioning and defensive smarts) (all around forward)
'7 - Physical defenceman (all around forward)
'8 - Offensive defenceman (all around forward)
'9 - Character player (forward or defence)
'0 - Goon/Enforcer (forward or defence)

VERSION HISTORY: (since 0.52)

Changes to EHM Editor v1.01 (10.3.2001)
-Tweaked random roster creation

Changes to EHM Editor v1.01 (5.3.2001)
-Fixed amateur/junior teams not saving/loading properly

Changes to EHM Editor v1.0 (1.3.2001)
-Added amateur/junior teams

Changes to EHM Editor v0.81 (20.12.2001)
-Added a filter to disable "," from being entered to the fields
-Fixed a few minor bugs

Changes to EHM Editor v0.8 (10.12.2001)
-Added possibility to edit career stats year-by-year
-Added possibility to use custom team names (by altering config_teams.ehm file in EHM directory)
-Reworked the random career stats creation
-Tweaked the user interface a bit
-Tweaked loading routine

Changes to EHM Editor v0.65 (11.7.2001)
-Lowered the high-end player salaries

Changes to EHM Editor v0.64d (5.7.2001)
-Fixed the non-saved injury resistance value

Changes to EHM Editor v0.64c (4.7.2001)
-Added more nationalities
-Added sorting by name and team (CTRL+mouseclick on a column)
-Fixed locked salary textbox
-Fixed set salary bug

Changes to EHM Editor v0.64b (2.7.2001)
-Possible to enter draft year later than 2000

Changes to EHM Editor v0.64 (30.6.2001)
-Added injury resistance
-Added possibility to set salary

Changes to EHM Editor v0.63 (26.4.2001)
-Added heights up to 6-10

Changes to EHM Editor v0.62 (24.4.2001)
-Fixed the "create random roster" bug

Changes to EHM Editor v0.61 (16.4.2001)
-Fixed some errors

Changes to EHM Editor v0.6 (10.4.2001)
-Added height, weight, draft overall position and alternative position
-Made the table sortable

Changes to EHM Editor v0.56 (18.1.2001)
-Fixed the handedness bug
-Minor improvements on the interface
-Added load command to use with old rosters

Changes to EHM Editor v0.55 (17.1.2001)
-Fixed the greed bug
-Minor improvements on the player editing

Changes to EHM Editor v0.54 (7.7.2000)
-Added handedness to the attributes, works with old rosters too
-Changed the layout a bit
-Long team name now displayed in the profile
-Short names of parent teams in long farm team names

Changes to EHM Editor v0.53 (13.6.2000)
-updated goalie records to correct captions
-updated goalie NHL total captions to correct captions
-you cannot enter letter to skill boxes and other boxes that need numeric info
-young players are not so good when they start any more

Changes to EHM Editor v0.52 (4.6.2000)
-updated goalie skills to correct captions

This is freeware, so distribute freely !

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