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Farm to Pro Tool

Post by FHockey » Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:57 pm

Farm to pro tool for Eastside Hockey Manager Freeware.


The file "Farm to Pro.txt" is for your file directories. To use it, just make sure it's in the same file as the program.

The program shouldn't need much explaining but here goes anyways.

First, as it is always seems to be with my programs, select the location of the config_teams.ehm file (generally "C:\Program Files\Eastside Hockey Manager").

Next, select the location of the farm savefile and the pro savefile. They should both be in your saves folder under whatever title you've given them.
Make sure that you put the farm savefile under "Farm Savefile" and the pro under the other or your farm file will be the one that gets changed.

If you only want the career file to be updated, click "Just Stats" and the career file will be updated with the others files not being effected.

Otherwise, select whose attributes are to be changed.
All Farm Players = Everyone that is on the PRO roster in the FARM savefile.
Those That Played = Anyone that played a single game in the AHL playoffs.

Then, select which ratings are to be changed.
Leadership = Does that really need explaining?
All others = Every attribute besides leadership
If you want all attributes to be changed including leadership, SELECT BOTH. This single point is the main reason I've made this readme.

And your final step of this part is to select what will be changed.
Only Increases = The only attributes changed will be those that are higher than the ones in the pro file.
All Changes = Every difference will be recorded.

Once you've completed that you'll be asked whether or not you want to update the career file with the farm statistics. If you decide to use this, I'd advise that you advance the pro file to the point at which the yearly statistics are recorded in the career file first.

And you're done!

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