EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Utilities and editors for Eastside Hockey Manager 1.
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EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Post by ImActuallyAnOtter » Fri May 25, 2018 10:34 pm

Tired of prospects becoming terrible after a while? Have you ever seen the game generate an elite goalie? Any Crosby's or Ovechkin's?

This file should help cure your ills: ... .xlsx?dl=0

What does it do?
Using some overly ridiculous Excel Logic, this file generates prospects for the next 16 seasons; many of which should become NHL players; some of which actually have the potential to become superstars.

Each year, the following is generated:

23 players (3 G, 7 D, 13 F) with PA's ranging from 115 to 175 (Significantly tends towards lower) - these are "specialist" players - sniper, playmakers, defensive D that actually work as defensive D etc
A further 23 players (3 G, 7 D, 13 F) with -8 and -7 PA's - these are also "specialist" players - sniper, playmakers etc
3 High PA players (1 G, 1 D, 1 F*) (PA 170-200, but tending towards the lower end of the range) - generated to be elite at their position.
*F will always be a natural C, may have other positions as well.

I also generate a bunch of rarer nationality players so that every national team has 23 players, because I think that's cool. They generally have low PA's, maxing out around 120-130.

Names and Nationalities etc.?
There's an inbuilt name database. Nationalities are decided by RNG, roughly 40% of prospects generated are Canadian, 25% are American, 25% Scandinavian/Russian, 10% anything else.

I wanna play further than 16 seasons at the draft!
Sure, add 16 to the Draft Year in the cover sheet and import that XLS as well.

Instruction on how to use are inside the file. Enjoy! I've tested this with TBL, NHL32, NHL36 db etc and seems to work with all.

Let me see how good a prospect you can get out of this :)

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Re: EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Post by BKarchitect » Sat May 26, 2018 2:19 am

Wickedly cool concept for one of the game’s bigger flaws. Busy editing right now but will definitely want to test drive this when I start a new game.

Let me ask, without even opening this up - do we import the generated players in via archi’s editor? I assume we could also tweak the generated results? For example, in NHL36 I’ve got a pretty robust prospect base with lots of future stars thru about the 2020 or 2021 NHL Drafts. After that, as you make light of, the game really struggles to generate any decent prospects until the real stars start to retire - at that point, I find the draft classes start to go back up in quality; I know there are no longer direct regens but there definitely is an influence. So I don’t want to “pollute” the drafts that are currently stocked (with real ‘specs) with fake names but I absolutely want to beef up future least for a while.

Using the concept of this generator to fill that gap and to keep robust draft classes entering the NHL would be ideal and could also help prevent the league from having a ton of really aging and old teams that seems to occur right now when the stock of real star prospects runs out and you have that dry period. With no good young players, every team seemingly ices old squads.

Nice work though and I’m sure the excel file is a masterpiece of equations! :notworthy:

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Re: EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Post by ImActuallyAnOtter » Sat May 26, 2018 2:33 pm

Yeah that’s a complex one to answer...

Firstly, instructions on how to import are included

Second, it would be tough to edit the output in any way unless you really knew the core of the generator.

Regarding your prospect issue there, There’s a whole bunch of hidden tabs you could look into - but I think the easiest way to do it would be to set your first draft year to 2022, and then Change all the current abilities in the csv tab to RANDBETWEEN(1,31). Reputations will even out on their own prior to drafting.

I’m usin your nhl32db as an online league right now - I made significant edits to your prospects to tone them down because I thought you were barking mad xD. I also change every fixed pa of 145 or more to a -7, -8 etc. For randomness.

What I have found when testing your dB though is players just don’t hit their potentials as often. I’m guessing the game only “allows” a certain number of high ca players at any one time.

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EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Post by thegreaterikku » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:01 pm

Good afternoon,

I was looking at the .csv file generated and is it normal that only a selected few people have all the info generated? Like there's a first batch, then another with just names then another with everything and so on. Is it supposed to be like this?

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EHM Prospect Generator [Complete]

Post by ImActuallyAnOtter » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:57 am

Hi everyone,

I've rehashed this one completely to improve generation and randomness.

Link: ... .xlsx?dl=0

Don't want to mess with Excel and just want to import something into the pre-game editor? Try one of these:
CSV File #1 - ... 1.csv?dl=0
CSV File #2 - ... 2.csv?dl=0
CSV File #3 - ... 3.csv?dl=0

This one is a little different. it generates the following (per calendar year):
- 1 franchise/generational prospect (any skater position)
- 3 elite prospects (1G, 1D, 1F)
- 9 "-15" prospects
- 8 "-14" prospects
- 4 "-9" prospects
- 10 "-8" prospects
- ~32 "-7" prospects
- ~64 "-6" or "-13" prospects

Nationalities, Names, City of Births etc. all run off random number generation.

-6 Potential will be between 90-120
-7 Potential will be between 110-140 (quite rare - a good prospect with a decent chance of being a regular NHL player)
-8 Potential will be between 130-160 (rare - a top prospect with a good chance of being a talented NHL player)
-9 Potential will be between 150-180 (very rare - a top 10 prospect who is considered a can't miss NHL talent)

-13 Potential will be between 60-130 (intended for very young, hard-to-predict players)
-14 Potential will be between 90-160 (intended for very young, hard-to-predict players)
-15 Potential will be between 110-190 (intended for very young, hard-to-predict players)

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