Shootout issue

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Shootout issue

Post by posu68 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 12:08 am

Hi, I'm having an issue with my shootout order on my current game and I was hoping for some help. I'm playing as the canucks and I have Petterson, Boeser & Hughes selected as shootout options. However I've now lost a total of 9(!) shootouts this season with Edler regularly being first in the shootout (scoring a total of 0 goals) often being folwed by the likes of Pearson and other players I have kot selected. I don't coach the games myself but have the options for tactics and lines etc. set for how I have picked. So I was just wondering if I'm just missing something completely obvious. It must be killing my boy Petey to just sit there and watch Edler kill our playoff chances ](*,)

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