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Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:26 pm
by archibalduk
All discussion of the Ottawa Senators Challenge goes here!


Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 5:52 pm
by CepumsRDB
I'm in .. hopefully EHM community will raise again :) :joy:

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 7:08 pm
This would be the first challenge I participate in!

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:10 pm
by sao.phim
First time in my challenge career I lost all pre-season exhibition games - six regulation losses, one overtime loss, score 13-22.
Gabork retired on September 30th.
Malkin placed by Pens on the block!

This season will be brutal. Lafreniere here we come..

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:48 pm
Jake Gardiner being on waivers made it tough to stick to the challenge rules ](*,)

For the most part this Sens team hasn't been awful for me, we're 7-3-1 ending October, I'm playing an incredibly defensive style, completely re-tuned the coaches.

Tkachuk has 12 points, Chabot with 8.

I'm worried I might have rushed some guys though, I kept Thomson (0g-6a-6p) on the roster so I could give him some sheltered minutes and really work on him in practice, and I signed Sogaard thinking I could send him to the AHL. Figured either he'd be able to automatically or the Tigers would relieve his rights. Neither happened, but Medicine Hat did sign another goalie. Looks like Sogaard would be third string so I kept him as my back up :dunno: He hasn't looked awful so far though.

B-Sens are awesome, I signed Schlemko to play with Brannstrom, Nilsson got sent down, and we're 6-1-1. Batherson, Abramov and Davidsson all look promising. I'm hoping to develop Logan Browns defensive side, his face-off ability sucks. I'm taking extra interest in Josh Norris, he's ranked 4th on the prospect list and has wicked determination. Trying to convert him to LW. Brannstrom I'm going to convert to LD, he's a lefty. He's ranked terribly low on the prospect list though, so a bit worried he's a Marc Andre Bergeron, zero improvement from him so far.

Bodker has been my surprise hero I guess so far, little over .5ppg, playing all out offence. 7.45 rating.

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:06 pm
by sao.phim
To my surprise, I am doing great in October too. Started with win in Toronto, then smashed 6-2 Rags at home followed by 4-2 beating of last champs Blues. So 3-0-0 for the start.
After my last game of October I am leading Atlantic with 7-2-2, 43-34, PP% 20.0, PK% 82.4.
Most points - Anisimov, playing 4C, 4+7! Most D points - Reilly - 0+9.

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 1:33 am

We ended up finishing third in the east. We led in goals for with 293 and were tenth in goals against. Tampa only let in 204 goals! Second in PP opportunities, and dead last in times short handed with 182. Islanders were 30th with 305 times short handed. To recap, we were on the power play 353 times and short handed only 182 times! Which is good because our PK was only 80.4% (17th)

Tkachuk (82-43-41-84) finished 10th in scoring, C. Brown ended up in 15th (tied for 14th), Duclair 26th, Anisimov at 38th and Tierney at 41st.

Sogaard didn't suck! He improved a bit throughout the year, played 35 of the very easy games for us. 23 wins despite posting a .899 Sv% He definitely didn't steal a single game all year. He had one shut out with like 14 saves. Anderson didn't post better numbers but he played against the best teams in the league.

Since our game revolved around break out from the back end, not a huge surprise out defensive scoring was crazy. Thomson (82gp-3g-44a-47p) Zaitsev (77gp-3g-44a-47p) Chabot (82gp-8g-36a-44p) and Reilly with (82gp-9g-32a-41p) Hainsey easily led the league in take aways with 102. Anisimov has 65, Tierney with 59 and Paul with 54. 5th place Bergeron had 27... We had 9 players in the top 50.

Thomson has an outside chance at the Calder. Hughes and Makar both had 61 points to Lassi' 47, but the game puts a lot of weight on Av R. Thomson 7.27:Hughes 7.11

Borowiecki is my least favourite player I've ever used in EHM. 45 games played he finished 2nd in PIM with 123. Simmonds finished with 127 in 70gp. Boro had 6 assists and I think they were all secondary. Hasn't played since Feburary, won't dress for the play offs, and won't be re-signed.

Personal favourites: Bodker was awesome, 73gp - 24g - 21a - 45points. Klimchuck was banished to the minors to start the season, but was called up before he could even dress for the B-Sens. Ended up suiting up for 67 games, fractured some ribs or probably would have played more. Only 19 points in 67 games, but almost all 12 of his goals came in clutch times. He had one gwg and 22 give aways, but I was really happy with him. And Jayce Hawryluk... Jayce was my go to third line RW from the start of the season. Then he got a game misconduct for cross checking in the offensive zone that cost us the game. We were scored on twice during the 5min major. On waivers and to the minors. I let him play in the AHL for aslong as I could, until injuries piled up and he was re-called. His two games after being recalled he had 2 gwg, 4 points and threw hits. He never had a better stretch, but I played him as a middle 6 forward for the rest of the season.

My bottom 6 got murdered in +/- Peca and Paul each at -21, White at -14. None of them put up a ton of points though. Pretty much took all the defensive match ups needed.

B-Sens were dominate. 102 Points, 266 goals for. 4 of the the top 6 scorers. Batherson and Logan Brown each with 67. Nilsson was either 2nd or third best goalie if you count Petersen only playing 23 games. Very very disappointed with Brannstrom. 45 points in 70 GP, but absolutely zero growth what so ever. Stone was traded for Marc Andre Bergeron. Not sure what to do with Abramov moving forward, he put up 63 points, but only showed a sliver of offensive improvement. I'm afraid I ruined Pinto. Literally no reason for signing him to a full contract, He played 15 games in the ECHL and looked out of place, 49 games in the AHL, looked out of place, and I brought him up for 3 games where he looked okay. Very sheltered 4th line minutes. He improved a little across the board, including his physicals, but I'm really worried.

We're up against Toronto, who were ranked 1st going into the season. We do not match up well with the Leafs. Creative, puck moving teams are a challenge for our stifling defence, and I've never been a great play off coach, needing to tweak tactics as they series goes on.

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:57 pm
by Vasz
First season of this challenge with the Senators was very mediocre for me. Ended up finishing 7th place in the Eastern Conference with 99 points. We had the worst PK in the league, something I’ll have to fix for the next season. In the first round of the playoffs, we had to face the Penguins, a team that we have not been able to defeat once this season. We managed to win easily the first three games, scoring a total of 18 goals in those three games alone. But then suddenly, Murray became a brick wall. We lose the next 4 games. One of those games went into 2nd overtime and Murray managed to stop all 62 pucks shot at him to earn a shutout. Unbelievable ](*,)

Connor Brown was, by far, our best player scoring 99 points and winning both the Art Ross and the Maurice Richard Trophy. I’m still surprised I managed to re-sign him at only $4.8M per year for 5 years. Chabot was another player who had an astonishing season with a grand total of 61 pts. Chabot looks like he’s going to be a Norris contender for the years to come if I can find a good RD to play with him. For the goaltenders, Anderson and Nilsson we’re “ok” both having around a .890 save percentage on a very offensive team. I decided to not offer a new contract to Anderson and hope that Nilsson will manage to fill in for the starting position for next year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the draft lottery, so I ended up picking Cole Perfetti with my 6th overall pick. Even though I gave him a contract, I don’t think he’s quite NHL ready yet, he’ll need at least another year in the junior before making the big move. Lassi Thomson just finished his last junior season and he is most likely going to make his NHL debut next season. I hope Thomson can fill the gap I have on the third pairing with Reilly. I managed to sign Namestnikov during free agency and I expect him to replace Bobby Ryan, who’s attributes are declining slowly. Let’s hope next season goes better than this one!

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:41 am
Ousted in 7 to the leafs :rant:

Bodker led the way with 9 points, Thomson wasn't great, but figured I'd get him some play off experience going forward. I sat him one game to get Hainsey in, and regretted it.

Draft went great, Took Rhinehart at 3! Thank you San Jose. Rossi was taken really early, I was going to reach for him at 14, but he was off early. Scouts really wanted me to take Askarov, but with the way Sogaard played, figured it would be a waste. Perfetti at 14, and McClennon at 26. Little undersized at the draft table. Grabbed Malik in the second, that way if Sogaard isn't the goalie of the future, I've got another guy I can bring along.

I'm letting the following walk:

Beaudin, Boro, Klimchuk, Labrie, Sabourin, Szwarz, Bodker, Anderson and Hainsey.

Beaudin was pretty weak for me, played all year in the East Coast, and didn't impress.
Boro is awful.
Klimchuk I'll miss a ton, but I think Abramov might take his spot as a tweener injury fill in guy.
Hubert Labrie! He actually played decent. I carried him as an extra to make room for Bernard-Docker in the A, and as an injury fill in played great. Will be missed, but log jam of D.
Sabourin unfortunately dressed in 19 games for me this season. Almost bought him out several times.
Szwarz was in a similar position to Labrie. I had zero intentions on playing him, but kept him on the 23 to leave room in the A. Played 66 games and looked good! Will be missed.
Bodker won my heart. 24 goals in 73 games. 2nd line RW all year when he wasn't injured. I'm relying on Batherson to take his place, plus he wouldn't re-sign.
Anderson was just to old to bring back. Nilsson passed him on the depth chart, and Hogberg or Sogaard can compete for the back up role. Ideally Mads will play a ton of minutes in the A.
Hainsey is 38, and passed overly but nearly everyone this year on the charts. 102 take aways in one season will be legendary. And missed.

Not sure what my free-agency plan will be. If I can land a goalie I will. RW is lacking. Will see who's available for 3 million. Going to sign as many prospects as I can, I don't like them playing over sees or in college if I can help it.

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 6:10 am
October 1st, starting season 2.

I've really buggered up the Sogaard situation. Apparently he'd still have to go through juniors, not the AHL, so guess who my back up will be again! Luckily I grabbed Brossoit in free agency, he's a fair bit better than Nilsson, and what Anderson was last year.

Just missing the cut, Maxime Lajoie. He's progressed well, but I'd rather him get playing time than sit in the press. Andreas Englund earned that privilege. Brannstrom will be in the A to start. No progression, he sits 8th on my depth chart. Alex Formenton will get top line minutes with the B-Sens, and last years top ppg scorer, Vitali Abramov will also return. Balcers will play in Klimchuks 4th line O role. Joshua Norris heads back to the AHL. Definitely good enough to play in the NHL, but I didn't want to demote Peca just for Norris to play 3/4th line minutes. For right now Jonathan Davidsson will start in the AHL. He's ranked 2nd on the right wing depth, but I don't want to sit our captain, Bobby Ryan. If Batherson don't gel right away, his spot will be taken by Davidsson. None of my draft picks were close to making the roster. McClennon might not looked completely out of place on the right side, but he will benefit more from playing in Winnipeg with the ICE. Rhinehart isn't ranked great in our internal pool of prospects, but I'm hoping that's just because we have good prospects and not a dud of a 3rd overall pick. Similar to Griffin Reinhart at 4th or Gudbranson at 3rd. Duclair - Tierny - C. Brown return as my 1st line. Tkachuk - Anisimov and new comer Batherson make up the 2nd.

Chabot and Jaros start as my top D pairing, with Wolanin and Thomson as my second unit. Reilly and Zaitsev are the third, but that's a terribly bad defensive unit. Brossoit will start the season as my go to.

Around the NHL: Quick turn-around for Detroit as they are ranked #1 coming into the league. (We improved from 31 to 30) Byfield was drafted 2nd overall, and looks to be making the opening roster. Detroit added Jack Campbell and Robin Lehner, Cody Eakin, Troy Stecher through free agency. And then all on August 5th, they acquired Boone Jenner, Jordan Oesterle and Jake Muzzin. They snagged Paul Byron off waivers before the season started. To sum up, they brought in their 1 and 2 goalie, #2, #4, #5 defenceman. #3 LW, #2 #3 and #5(Byfield) Centers.

Sticking in the Atlantic, Montreal will be looking to debut #1 overall draft pick, Alexis Lafreniere against Dallas. Looking very NHL ready.

Biggest FA splashes: Josh Anderson to LA, Montour to Dallas, Mikko Koivu obviously finishing his career in Colorado, Toffoli went back to LA, and Namestnikov also went to LA.

Biggest omissions: Taylor Hall still awaits the perfect deal. Edmundson, Vesey, Talbout, Zadorov and a plethora of qualifed NHLers will miss the first few games of they, atleast.

Belleville should do okay this year, featuring 3 D+1 players, two of which are defenceman. Weaker center depth, and if Davidsson comes up, really weak on the right side.

Challenge #50 - Ottawa Senators - Discussion Thread

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:36 am
by sao.phim
My save got corrupted and I am not able to proceed around some date in mid-December no matter what I tried... ](*,) ](*,)
I will have to ask archi to reset my challenge standings for this one and start new game.