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Re: EHM:EA / 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:33 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for EHM 1.0.0f

New features:
- Graphics engine update to use DirectX
- Support for additional resolutions: 1280x768, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1920x1080 (all resolutions support fullscreen, windowed or bordered windowed modes)
- Steam overlay support
- Steam Workshop integration for creating user-made content
- Steam Workshop integration for subscribed custom databases, player facepacks, staff facepacks and logo packs
- Network game with support for up to 30 human managers
- Improved network admin controls with force continue options, ban list and server password protection
- Added British League 3 North 1
- Added British League 3 North 2
- Added British League 3 South 1
- Added British League 3 South 2
- Added Asian League
- Added Danish League
- Added option to add additional junior players at game start

Database Import changes for 2015 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- Added British League 3 North 1
- Added British League 3 North 2
- Added British League 3 South 1
- Added British League 3 South 2
- Added Asian League
- Added Danish League
- Updated Finnish League 3 number of teams and regular season schedule
- Increased Russian League reserve list size to 75 total players

Gameplay changes:
- Improved player reputation adjustments based on performance
- Adjusted creation of extra players and non-players at game start

UI changes:
- Downloads screen with panels for selecting which subscribed content to use in the game and creating/updating user-made content
- Various screens make use of extra space on higher resolutions by showing profile pictures, extra columns or extra rows of information
- League player statistics panel downsized to list top 75 to improve screen usability in network games
- Merged "Next Game" section under "Schedule" section in team screen
- Added link to Team Report in the team screen sections
- Added action button for "Set Team Needs" on the human controlled team Report screen
- Added league/competition column to the schedule snapshot panel on home screen
- Added estimated numbers of extra players and non-players into the game startup options screen
- Added minimum games requirement checks for 25% of team games for GAA and SV% statistics snapshot panels on league overview screen
- File selection screen changed to sort by date by default
- Small UI fixes across different panels

Other changes:
- General code optimization

Re: EHM:EA / 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:19 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for EHM 1.0.1f

- Fixed problem starting up the game after setting preferences to full screen with resolution close to or over maximum current screen resolution
- Disabled certain resolution options in preferences screen when they would be beyond the maximum current screen resolution

Re: EHM:EA / 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:50 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for EHM 1.0.2

- Improved clock refresh rates in-between highlights when watching games in 2D
- Fixed on-ice player information displays under the 2D rink when playing 3-on-3 OT with North American score displays

Re: EHM:EA / 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:35 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for EHM 1.1.0

New features:
- Added European Champions League (club continental competition)
- Added European Cup (club continental competition)
- Added tutorial screens for the draft screen (preview/review and ongoing draft)
- Added option in preferences to force host 2D clock/action speeds on all clients in network games
- Added option in preferences to force host 2D highlights setting on all clients in network games
- Added "Join Unconnected" action in GM status screen in network games for hosts to force all unconnected users to join on the host in vacation mode
- Added news items for teams qualifying for club continental competitions at the end of season
- Added Screen Flow options to preferences to control certain landing pages and default views
- Added support for generic league and team small logos

Database Import changes for 2015 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- Added European Champions League (club continental competition)
- Added European Cup (club continental competition)
- Removed Russian League 1 24-day injured reserve
- Updated Russian League 1 roster limit to only apply during the season
- Adjusted Russian League 1 restricted FA qualifying offer limit from 150% to 120% of the previous wage
- Added rule for Asian League to not count players from countries which have teams in the league as foreigners
- Added rule for Asian League to support special teams that can only use domestic players (Daemyung)
- Updated Danish transfer rules to limit foreign players on roster to 8

Gameplay changes:
- Adjustments to Team Report availability for both club and national teams
- Fixed information stored about the draft player was drafted in for the Canadian Junior drafts
- Improved early career paths for junior players
- Improved placement of older amateur players
- Improved newgen placement across junior teams
- Added support for special teams that can only use domestic players
- Fixed Exhibition games/cups/tournaments to use the default rules for overtime and shootout etc. from the home team league rules
- Improved player wage expectations in situations where they would want to test the market rather than re-sign with current team
- Improved trade evaluations for trades where a team is moving a player on the trade block
- Adjusted trade evaluations for players who have been scratched lately and added relevant feedback
- Adjustments to young player college/junior preferences
- Exhibition tournaments will no longer send a news item for the teams to submit jersey numbers
- Fixed 21-day injured reserve list functionality for American League 2
- Adjusted trade evaluations for future draft picks
- Agents no longer offer unattached restricted free agents to clubs who don't hold their rights and cannot sign them
- Information about offered contract average wage and contract length added to contract decision news items
- Network auto-continue no longer resets after saving the game in network games
- General adjustments to trade evaluations and assistant feedback
- Adjusted the method of storing player personal tactics when the limit of 30 personal tactics per team is reached and a tactics for a player who is not dressed needs to be overwritten
- Adjustments to creation of extra juniors at game start to improve future draft pool quality (affects new games only)
- Adjustments to newgen starting ability levels
- Adjustments to older player longevity at top levels to prevent too many players staying at top level for too long
- Adjustments to draft rankings to put more weight on the league player is playing in
- Prevented minor league teams from signing overaged players from major junior teams before their season is over
- Adjusted max wage allowed by board when re-signing restricted free agents who are still rookies
- Adjusted filling of offensive/defensive awareness attributes in relation to some specific defenseman roles (Physical Pointman, Physical Playmaker, Standard)
- Adjusted filling of offensive/defensive awareness attributes for roles where neither is a key attribute
- Fixed player recovery not being slowed down by intense training in all areas

UI changes:
- Fixed sorting by note type and note text in draft and search screens
- Added option in preferences to disable disk space checks when saving/starting game
- Changed appearance of "Update" buttons on the Published section of the Downloads screen
- Fixed Ask Coach/Clear Roster actions availability on roster screen for national teams
- Added alternative "points only" view for league tables to show standings without adjustments for divisional winners etc.
- Added league rules information on nations that are not considered foreign for leagues that have a related special rule
- Added league rules information on special clubs that are only allowed to use domestic players
- Added extra reasons displayed on contract offer screen for situations where the player would prefer not to re-sign with current team
- Contract view on Roster screen now also displays the free agency type next to the contract expiry
- Make a Trade button as a key action button on team screen
- European junior teams will now display the logo of the parent club if junior team has no specific logo
- Added quickflicks and see-also menu to the league leaders screen for in-active leagues to switch to other leagues in the nation
- Added view menu to league leaders screen for in-active leagues to view different stats types for skaters (scoring, special teams, defensive, penalties)
- Added nation link to section tab of the league leaders screen for in-active leagues
- Team logos now displayed on the league stages list of games and playoff stages screens when available
- Added support for small team logos to be displayed in various panels and tables
- Added support for small league logos to be displayed in various panels and tables
- Adjustments to the rows available on the player search screens with higher resolutions
- Adjusted the draft lottery description in news item to match the new draft lottery format where top 3 picks are determined by lottery
- Fixed "Next Game" button placement on AI team screen schedule panels
- Improved links to drafts in player information and history/achievements
- Added conference standings for leagues where the initial league stages are division based instead of conference based (American League 1)
- Added player history achievement entry for getting drafted
- Added manager history achievement entry for drafting a player
- Added information on the types of injured reserves in use on the league rules panel
- Moved information on number of nations/leagues selected to the information panel at the bottom of the start new game options and added number of playable international and continental competitions
- Adjusted team logo placements on 2D screen when playing games
- Fixed default sorting on the Team Screen Statistics section to points
- Adjusted search filters dialog so that Nationality option will list any nations that have teams in the currently managed team's league
- Players from Hong Kong and Macau no longer counted as foreign players on Chinese teams
- League player statistics panel downsized back to top 50 to further improve stability of network games with higher resolution settings
- Fixed sorting by team short names on waiver wire screen
- Split the yearly list of games in team screen into monthly brackets
- Improved support for Workshop based picture/logo packs in network games when server and client both have same Workshop items installed

Other changes:
- Fixed a rare crash due to game getting stuck on game day when a large number of leagues all have games on same day
- Fixed going on holiday sometimes not triggering properly
- Improved clock refresh rates when running 2D with the fastest clock speed or with no highlights
- Added checks to fix possible invalid draft history entries in some custom databases
- Adjusted random seed generation for draft lottery on the lottery day
- Fixed crash on team transactions screen when listing draft picks after acquiring a large number of picks in trades
- Fixed emergency virtual players not showing up on team screen for club teams
- Fixed start of the game wage checks to keep some custom DB entry level contract wages that were being re-calculated
- Fixes to some club record type end-of-season updates that were not done correctly
- Fixed updating of best GAA record type
- Updated known current and upcoming host nations for World Junior Championships (affects new games only)
- Adjustments to international tournament scheduling and arena selections
- Fixed crash on a news item when trying to respond to a two-way loan deal offer in British lower leagues when player is on an amateur contract
- General code optimizations to improve game performance
- Fixed network game error with network message being full with practice screen and a large number of players on roster
- Fixed a rare crash on game startup when verifying installed workshop files
- Fixed a rare crash when scouting thousands of individual players

Re: EHM:EA / 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:41 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for EHM 1.1.1

- Fixed crash on game day when multiple human managers have games on the same day in hot-seat mode
- Fixed an end of season crash (end of June) related to continental competition team selection when running certain combination of leagues

EHM 1.2 update

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:52 pm
by pobllogr
Released last night... In world Championships any players can be called up, leaving no stars in playoffs :cry: Hope there is a hotfix

Changelist for EHM 1.2.0f

New features:
- Added option to Quit to Start Screen (replacing old Restart Game option) when already running a game
- Added option to Load Game when already running a game
- Added option to disable all extra staff generated at the start of the game
- Added option to disable all extra players generated at the start of the game
- Added key league dates (transfer/trade deadlines, free agency start, drafts etc.) to be displayed on the league dates information panel
- Added key league dates (transfer/trade deadlines, free agency start, drafts etc.) to be displayed on the team schedule panel
- Added training camp start and end dates as well as scrimmage dates to be displayed on the team schedule panel
- Added option to view offered contract details for open contract offers in Team Transactions screen under Future Transfers
- Added American Southern League
- Added support for buyout cap hits in league rulesets

Database Import changes for 2015 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- Added American Southern League
- Enforced two-way clauses on entry level contracts in the National League (applies to old saves as well)
- Loaning of players not allowed in Russian leagues (applies to old saves as well)
- Added buyout cap hit rules for National League (applies to old saves as well)
- Added rule to prevent negotiated buyouts at reduced cost in National League (applies to old saves as well)
- Removed foreigner limit from Slovakia (applies to old saves as well)

Gameplay changes:
- Adjusted the chances for very high end PA extra juniors created at game start
- Estimated Club Averaged Salary against the Cap now re-calculated instantly when re-assigning players or adding/removing from injured reserve
- Career role descriptions in scout reports now driven primarily by the player preferred role set in the DB
- Three teams from the same nation can no longer be drawn into the same starting group in European Champions League
- Rules preventing loaning of players are checked for inactive leagues from the database rules
- Prevented teams that cannot loan players out from listing players available for loan
- Improved AI trade evaluations for player status, increasing the ability thresholds for depth and backup players as well as marginal prospects
- Adjusted long term player reputation changes
- Adjusted club expectations on player ability
- Adjusted national team selections when World Cup is played just after a European tournament so all players are available for both tournaments
- Adjusted trade AI to better evaluate players on overpaid contracts in relation to their ability
- Replaced "Stickhandling" with "Deking" as a non-essential attribute on "All-Around" forward roles
- Adjustments to AI roster and lines management to improve player usage
- Adjusted player willingness to test the market and not re-sign with current team when bigger teams are interested
- Adjusted loan end dates to follow generic yearly contract end dates with the last possible loan end date being one day before full contract end date
- Fixed instances of compensation calculations being too low when releasing a high wage player
- Fixed compensation calculations when seasonal wages vary in remaining years of contract
- Exhibition games no longer scheduled on same dates as training camp scrimmages
- AI teams will now consider releasing an injured player if the contract is not guaranteed and the injury keeps him out to beyond the end of contract
- Adjustments to the Offensive/Defensive Awareness ratings created for newgens and when filling in blank attributes
- Russian League teams to prefer exhibition games against teams from their own league
- Improvements to creation of AI exhibition games in pre-season
- Fixes to retirement announcement processing, retirement announcement dates and retirement dates

UI changes:
- Screen drawing optimizations
- Revamped the options menu layout (also added separate "Save" and "Save As" options)
- Added forward line and defense pairing information to the line information on the Game View panel when viewing games in 2D
- Added reasons for why a player is counted or not counted against the salary cap in the club salary cap chart screen and player contract information panel
- Fixed salary cap hit information on player contract panel not to show incorrect extension info when a multi-year contract is only buried
- Revamped the Select Options screen for starting a new game
- Added offseason salary cap explanation with dates to the league rules screen when a league has a higher cap in the offseason
- Changed the Club Payroll Room information in club finances overview to show the pro-rated cap room in leagues with cap is based on Averaged Club Salary
- Corrected rounding for salary cap in club finance screens
- Added "Free Agents" shortcut in the Scouting screen Filters menu for smaller leagues as well
- Prevented All-Star teams from appearing in the list of teams in the "Offer out on Loan" screen
- Enforced two-way clauses support in contract offer screen
- Small logos for extinct teams can be placed in the "misc" folder ( "logos\clubs\small\misc")
- Small generic logos for extinct teams enabled
- Added estimated (average) ticket price information to the club finances overview and information panels
- "Available for Loan" status not allowed in player status screen if league does not allow loans
- "International" scope now available on team roster view when viewing "Selection" on national teams
- "Selection" view in team roster screen now displays a stats overview string with key stats for each player instead of just games played
- More detailed reasons displayed in contract offer screen when a player does not want to sign a new contract with his old team
- Added "Best of Three/Five/Seven" series information on the team schedule screen (yearly and monthly) where applicable
- Team division link now shown on titlebar sections even for teams in inactive leagues
- League overview panels will now display the playoff statistics for league leaders when the playoffs have started
- Fixed scout subtitle on search screen when scout is unassigned or assigned to a league or a team
- Contract buyout cap hit information now displayed in contract details panel when applicable
- Fixed "Next Game" screen to have a button to go back to the Schedule panel when there is no upcoming game to display
- Adjusted Last 10 column width on league standings panel to fix cutting of the text in some cases on minimum resolution

Other changes:
- Fixed recent top draft picks list on the pre-draft team analysis
- Last used local path for content now cached when creating new content in the Downloads screen
- Last used local path for preview image now cached when creating new content in the Downloads screen
- When creating workshop content, the editboxes for item name and description now allow more special characters
- Fixed an issue with the draft link not working properly in long term games going beyond the late 2040s
- Fixed a crash when confirming national team roster selection in certain conditions
- Added a "Reset All" option in the "Search" menu on scouting screen to reset all searches and scouts in case of errors
- Fixed national team (senior and junior) starting competition levels to correct levels in the first season (default 2015 DB only)
- Fixed winning and losing streaks longer than 10 games to be displayed correctly on the league standings
- Added support in import_config.cfg for changing the initial continental licenses (see import_config.cfg in "historical 2014" db folder for instructions on usage)

In-Game Engine v79
- Improved coaching AI when selecting lines for end of period situations
- Improved coaching AI in relation to shift lengths and line matching
- Adjustments to accuracy of long shots on empty net
- Adjustments to penalty frequency
- Adjusted scoring chances during 4-on-4 and 3-on-3 play
- Adjusted calling of icings
- Adjusted calling of offsides
- Small adjustments to scoring distribution
- Fix to game possibly hanging when changing lines in rare circumstances
- Some technical adjustments

Re: EHM:EA / EHM 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:43 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for 1.2.1f

- Fixed national team selections issue in the national season following World Cup
- Fix to processing end of loan contract
- Fixed previous screen not clearing correctly when using "no background" in preferences
- Fixes to entry level contracts not sliding in some cases
- Fixed crash which occurred at times when assigning a scout to a team
- Adjustment to AI roster management when evaluating re-assignment of goalies in lower affiliates
- Fixed crash on "Quit to Start Screen" from General Manager Status screen when starting a new game
- Fixed PP/SH unit markers on 2D screen when using North American score display
- Fixed game advancing when assigning a scout on a player in an in-active league through the league screen

Re: EHM:EA / EHM 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:48 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for 1.2.1f

- Fix to simulated stats not being restarted correctly between seasons in some cases (in old saves where this was occuring the stats are restarted mid-season if possible, by latest next season)
- Fix to "Motivating" attribute defaulting to 1 on non-players other than physios when starting a new game
- Fixed a crash on a news item when a non-player accepts a contract offer
- Fixed a crash with Swedish League relegation playoffs in rare circumstances when both stages were waiting for lower league results before getting setup
- Additional fix for national team selections issue in the season following World Cup

Re: EHM:EA / EHM 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:49 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for 1.3.0

Database Import changes:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- Import config now allows for 2016 start date on custom database imports

Gameplay changes:
- Fixed players on Injured Reserve not to count against roster limit when trying to call-up a junior player from a junior affiliate
- Fix to players returning from training camp try-outs when they had been assigned to junior affiliates before the try-out
- Fixed AI teams to call up players who have turned overaged in junior teams to be re-assigned mid-season if needed
- Adjustments to RFA salary demands
- Small adjustments to player reputation development in relation to ability
- Adjusted goalie long term condition/jadedness when playing too many games in a row
- Newgens generated based on regenerated player data are more likely to switch first nationality to mix talent pools better
- Improved team trade mode calculations for non-North American leagues that allow trading
- Improved amateur team shortlisting and signing of players and staff
- Improved the interest of amateur players on rolling contracts signing with higher level pro/semi-pro teams
- Adjusted the effects of being scratched to the player trade value evaluations
- Stopped current abilities changing for hidden future players in historical databases before they enter the game
- Adjustments to player current ability progression
- Fixes to player jersey retirements
- Improved logic to generate virtual (grey) players when needed to fill domestic/homegrown quotas defined in rules
- Added support in rulesets for "Minimum of X players born in Y or later" roster rule for games (any nationality)
- Fixed ages of virtuals generated to fill homegrown/developmental player quotas
- Domestic quota and developmental/rookie/homegrown age-limited quotas can now exist at the same time in rules
- Improved AI team selection when dealing with various roster limitations
- Adjusted contract length demands for high profile players in their prime years
- Adjusted contract wage demands for higher profile restricted free agents

UI changes:
- Junior affiliates marked differently from senior affiliates in team information panel
- Adjusted playoff tree boxes to fit team names better
- Added 'Rst' icons for when a player needs rest or is exhausted from playing too many games
- Historical team name changes used in the player career stats are now also used in the league historical winners screen
- Added Luxury Tax information on league financial rules listing if present
- Fixed Homegrown status icons not appearing in some cases on the roster screen
- Fixed bottom right panel of home screen to show the compressed standings so the panel contents can be changed

Other changes:
- Custom new format databases edited with 3rd party editors can also use a 2016 start date now

Re: EHM:EA / EHM 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:03 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for 1.4.0

New features:
- Added starting option to retain DB financial data for club budget and starting cash without any adjustments
- Added option to set number of days on vacation to the manager vacation dialog
- Added "Divisional Standings" to the league screen to view all divisional tables at the same
- Added team action to Set Team Captains any time of the year (one captain, two alternates)
- Added news about announcing team captains and the request to set them at the start of the season
- New default 2016 database and default start year set to 2016
- 2016 ruleset support added to the importer for 2016-17 league structures and rules changes

Database and Importer changes:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- 2016 ruleset support added to the importer with following changes:
- NAL: updated salary cap rules, training camps are closed to walk-ins by default
- American League: updated to new teams, divisional alignments and schedules
- American League 2: updated to 27 teams, new divisional alignments and schedules
- American Southern: updated to 10 teams, new scheduling
- British League 1: updated import/non-EEC rules, updated playoff host arena, update OT rules, updated minimum age for contract (16)
- British League 2: updated import rules, updated minimum age for contract (16), updated playoff structure
- British League 3 North 1: updated to 8 teams, changed teams updated
- British League 3 North 2: changed teams updated
- British League 3 South 1: updated to 9 teams
- Czech League 2: changed teams updated
- Finnish League 1: changed teams updated
- Finnish League 2: updated to 13 teams, changed teams updated, new schedule, relegation stage updated
- Finnish League 3: updated to 16 teams, changed teams updated, new schedule, updated relegation stage
- German League: changed teams updated
- Quebec Major Junior: updated draft lotter rules to include 5 last placed teams
- Russian League with 29 teams and updated rules and schedule, enabled two-way clauses on contracts, enabled waivers, updated domestic/foreign player rules
- Swedish League 2: changed teams updated, OT rules updated
- Swiss League 2: updated to 12 teams, changed teams updated
- Continental comps: updated initial participating teams, two teams from same nation can no longer be drawn to the same group
- Added support for new extra rule flags to the DB:
- to set training camps closed to walk-ins by default (value 156)
- to allow two-way contracts (value 157)
- to set two-way contracts mandatory under a certain age (value 158)
- to set goalies exempt from foreign player rules (value 159)
- to set players on two-way contracts exempt from waivers (value 160)
- to count players from league home nation as domestic for foreign based clubs (value 161)
- to mark league overaged player allowance to only apply to players on last year of eligibility (value 162)
- Added support for new award types into the DB and game:
- Goalie of the week (award type 45)
- Defenseman of the week (46)
- Forward of the week (47)
- Rookie of the week (48)
- Most points by defenseman (49)
- Most goals in playoffs (50)
- Updated the import_config.cfg documentation in historical db folders on "DEFAULT_RULE_SET" command to list available ruleset years
- Added support for changing luxury tax in transfer_config.cfg file when starting a new game
- Fix to the Swiss League 2 scheduling in the 2015 ruleset
- Rule for goalie trapezoid moved into the DB rulesets (applies to old dbs and saved games as well)
- Rule for awarding a goal into statistics for the shootout winning goal moved into the DB rulesets (applies to old dbs and saved games as well)
- Fixed European Hockey Tournament to only add historical winners from the overall stage (applies to old saves as well)

Gameplay changes:
- Adjustments to former NAL players interest to sign in other leagues when out of contract
- Adjustments to NAL RFAs interest to sign short-term in other leagues
- Russian league now allows No Trade Clauses on contract offers
- When setting "Highlights - None" the 2D clock speed is no longer automatically the quickest but needs "Clock - Fast" setting as well
- Fixed shoot-out taker settings from a single game being applied to general tactics
- When placing minor free agents at amateur clubs during season, human controlled clubs are skipped
- Adjustments to AI roster management when dealing with affiliated junior teams
- Fixed contract offer lengths for free agent non-players being limited to one year in National League
- Adjustments to how overaged players are handled in different leagues where they are allowed
- Fixed activated custom junior league shortlisting
- Fixes to picking playoff award winners (most points in playoffs, most goals in playoffs)
- Adjustments to picking best offensive defenseman award winner
- Various other small fixes to award scoring and information on winners
- European club teams will now hold back players from national teams if their season is still ongoing and the national team are playing in a minor competition where the club league nation is not involved
- Adjustments to player condition recovery in pre-season
- Adjustments to generation of attributes for newgens and extra players created at game start
- Adjustments to generation of starting weights of players and weight progression
- Fixed managers/staff of playoff champions losing reputation after the final
- Fix to manager world reputation processing after a game
- Players whose contract is running out within a month no longer count towards reserve list contracted player count (grayed out and added tooltip on the reserve list screen)
- Fixed AI roster management logics when running near the salary floor

UI changes:
- Fixed the compressed standings panel on home screen to increase rows dynamically based on resolution
- Fixed sorting by games and waiver eligibility on the club screen, waiver eligibility view
- Default scouting report for players on your own team now shows the ability star ratings even without Head Scout (uses Head Coach, Assistant Manager or any scout or coach for reporting instead)
- Switched some of the default B-faceoff rink graphics around for better layout
- Select Leagues screen now uses generic league logos if no real logo is found
- Added database version information to the Game Information panel on GM Status screen
- Playoff tree now shows the team full name on a tooltip for the abbreviation
- Made "Divisional Standings" the default view of standings for Quebec major junior league and other leagues where needed
- Selecting any divisional/conference standings tables will now update the screen subtitle accordingly
- Fixes to text getting cut off at the end of a line in some table headers
- Fixed width of scrollbar
- Fixed contract average season wage displaying wrong in some cases on the contract offer screen
- 8 year contract extensions allowed on contract offer screen for human managers in National League
- Added note on how many seasons until proposed contract expires to the contract offer screen Contract Expires label
- Added small team logos on Add Manager screen team list
- Added ability to Set Team Captains any time of the year from the team screen
- Club captain and alternate captains now identified in the club screen player list with (C) and (A)
- Club captains listed in the general team information panel
- Player search screen now shows "Clb" and "Rfs" status icons based on next game for national team managers to help pick national teams
- Fixed "Offer to All" not appearing in player actions when league uses custom rules allowing trading
- Small fixes in comp screens for stage menus when using custom leagues
- Fixed sorting by ATOI, APPT and APKT in the league player statistics screen
- Select database dialog for importing an EHM 2007 format database now also looks in the user databases folder instead of just the game data/database folder
- Select database dialog for importing an EHM 2007 format database now lists both the start year and ruleset year from the import config

Other changes:
- Fixed a crash on international tournament screen, when selecting League Dates view on Information panel
- Improved stability of long term games with huge databases
- Added error checking to the importer when adding rulesets with divisions and template based schedules to verify team counts in divisions
- Added better support for custom databases with leagues that have transfer rules or ruling bodies linked to existing rules
- Adjustments to resolving game scheduling clashes
- Fixes to training camp trial contracts for free agents
- Fixed crash issue with team pre-season ranking news with big custom leagues (35+ teams in league)
- Fixed crash issue with player pre-season ranking news with big custom leagues (35+ teams in league)
- Added support for custom databases that add extra playable World Junior Championship levels to make promotion/relegation work correctly
- Prevented pre-draft reserve list warning news from appearing in Russian League where the draft is not implemented
- Fixed a crash with transfer news that caused a null staff in get_staff_age() error

In-Game Engine v83
- Adjustments to energy and condition levels during game
- Scoring level adjustments

In-Game Engine v82
- Adjustments to coach linechange AI and shift length calculations

In-Game Engine v81
- Adjustments to player stamina drops when overused and the knock-on effects to performance
- Adjustments to player overusage effects in quick sim engine

In-Game Engine v80
- Updated ruling body rules usage
- Adjustments to deflection AI
- Small adjustments to scoring levels and scoring distribution
- Improvements to goalie AI when playing the puck
- Improvements to AI for selecting where to clear the puck
- Adjustments to coach linechanges near end of game
- Adjustments to passing AI
- Improvements to player pathing
- Fixes to some linechange commentary lines
- Fixed a rare divergency at the start of some overtimes
- Technical optimization changes to pathing to improve sim speed
- Technical optimization changes to collision detection to improve sim speed

Re: EHM:EA / EHM 1.x Updates (Changelists attached)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:23 pm
by archibalduk
Changelist for 1.4.1

- Fixed a crash on game initialisation when selected "Add Key Staff" and had American League 1 selected
- Fixed league history record not being added correctly for some leagues
- Fixed a crash with some old saved games when loading fixture data
- Fixed transfer windows not showing up in some European leagues