How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

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Re: How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

Post by saberhagen83 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:03 pm

Started to play with Florida Panthers with the latest rosters. Had a rollercoaster of a season! :-D Started the season pretty well and quickly made it into a playoff spot but were winning, like every other game or so. So we never really could hold onto it and we even started to slip away at the turn of the year. But we really came into some form in February where we had a record of 8-0-2 at one point. Then came a 0-8 loss at Calgary and the season took a turn for the worse again but we managed to sneak into 8th spot in the end. Couldn't have been more pleased, considering I never really got the tactic down properly and with almost no trades, only new player that took a spot on the top 6 was Korpikoski, who we picked up from Arizona. He did help us though, so I firmly belive he was a piece of that puzzle we needed to push through. Also Smid was picked up from waivers, important D-man for us!

In the playoffs we came up against no1 seed Washington Capitals. They had a easy run of games against us in the regular season. But we won the series in a epic 7-game series. Every game was really close. Next up was Toronto Maple Leafs, who also had easy series against us in the regular season. But we destroyed them and stormed into a 3-0 lead before dropping a game but we won the series 4-1. In the conference finals we came up against Ottawa Senators, who we have had the better series against over the season. Of course that ment they were gonna run over us and we got swept! We simply couldn't solve their defence and goalie.

Still, I am thrilled about my first season. Looking forward to learning the game some more. I'm having a hard time with trading in this game, so now with some older playrs leaving, should be interesting to see what we can do with building for next season. :-)

Florida lines in the playoffs:

L1: Korpikoski - Barkov - Boyes / Smid - Campbell (Barkov was PPG player, our best on the team)
L2: Fleischmann - Bjugstad - Jokinen / Mitchell - Ekblad
L3: Kopecky - Trocheck (Shore) - Bergenheim / Gudbranson - Kulikov
L4: Uppsall - Bolland - Hayes
G: Luongo (Montoya)

Unfortently one of our better players, Huberdeau, got injued in the last game before the playoffs for 5 months(!) so I feel we lost some quality there. Luongo also got injued in that same game, but thankfully he only had to miss the first 2 games, which Montoya filled in nicely.

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Re: How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

Post by Filip Croatia » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:47 pm

I just one my eight cup in a row with Montreal Canadiens. Funny thing is that I done it with only 15 players on the roster for whole season. Of course all of them are ex-first picks and 90% of them have 90% of attributes in green (17 or more). :-D No way I am going to be able to put such team again under the cap, so I will have to trade some star players for picks and some younger( on ELC ) players. Later I will upload some pictures :)

p.s. I am so big fan of this game. If only there is new edition of this game (EHM 15 or 16) I would pay for it up to 100 euros without any hesitation. :notworthy:

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Re: How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

Post by saberhagen83 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:12 pm

So we (Panthers) managed to sneak into another playoff in our second season. Of course Penguins won their last game so we ended up 8th and had to come up against the Capitals yet again. However this time we couldn't knock them out but lost 4-1.

I've gone all out trying to bring this team higher up the table this year and we got cap space to spare to bring in a top guy if needed. ;) Had to replace Luongo, Campbell and Mitchell (didn't play much last season anyway) cause they all just up and quit out of nowhere. Currently sit first in East with a 16-7-2 record. Still having major problems with the PP (only 8% last season) with 11% so far and for some reason our PK is worse this year. Might need to fix that if we are to keep up the pace. Our lines right now:

L1: Bulik - Barkov - Kovalchuck / Gudbranson - Ekblad
L2: Korpikoski (Huberdeau) - Bjugstad - M-A Pouliot / Smid - DeKeyser
L3: Jokinen - Bolland - Cliché (Kopecky) / Butler - Moore (Petrovic)
L4: Howden - Huberdeau (Cliché) - Hayes
G: Bishop / Lindback

First line is tearing it up! Pouliot was expected to go into that 3rd line, but was so bad I had to scratch him. Injury to Korpikoski brought him straight into that 2nd line and he hasn't looked back since (21p in 23 games now). Howden is an unexpected success however Bolland, who had a decent last season, is back to being a bit rubbish. :help: I certainly feel it's that 3rd line that is still bringing us down...maybe one line just has to level it out a little bit? :-k Still, like last season, Bolland is also on the PK so that is a cause for concern.

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Re: How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

Post by CanucksFan1993 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:14 am

I haven't posted in here in a while, thought it would be cool to share what's been going on.

I'm currently in my 11th year as GM with the Canucks. (Missing the playoffs only twice, and winning the Stanley Cup once).

I put together a strong group of scouts and have drafted some really talented players. A lot of them are still playing in Utica and the team is on a tear. I could see a few of them coming up next season and helping out our bottom six.

The Canucks are currently sitting 2nd in the Western Conference, only behind the LA Kings.

Our team up front doesn't have a lot of scoring talent and we don't have that "game changing" player. So when the season started off, I started scouring the league for that kind of talent. I made several inquiries with several different teams regarding such players and NONE of them were willing to give them up, which isn't very surprising.

A few months into the season, I found out the Capitals were willing to trade the type of player I was looking for (Clarke Tyler). Since I could afford to give up certain assets, I pulled the trigger. And the asking price was NOT cheap.

Capitals would give up:

Clarke Tyler (Age 19/Right Winger)
2024 1st round pick

Canucks would give up:

Jiri Justra (Age 25, Right Winger) - Justra was our 1st overall pick and just came off of a 33 goal season last season.
Rights to Anders Tomek (Age 18, Goalie) - He was our goalie prospect that we drafted in the 2nd round. He's projected to be a Starting goalie somewhere in the future.
2024 2nd round pick

As of now, the Capitals have won the deal. However my scouting staff is really high on Clarke Tyler. He's projected to be a first line winger and he's tearing it up in the WHL for the Calgary Hitmen. Hopefully my scouts are right about him and the Capitals regret making this trade.

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Re: How's it going in EHM2007? What team Are You?

Post by Giampaolo Fini » Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:55 pm

I'm the Leafs. In my 14-15 year, I ended up with 87 pts, just one point outside of the playoffs. By comparison, the real Leafs will likely end up with 67 points this year, although with a better chance in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes.
First I picked through the waiver wire offerings early in the year: Villeux, Kindl, Boulton, and Fiddler, then later Bickell, attempted to get Dominic Moore.
Then I toyed with the lines, gave some young AHLers some game experience before largely using the Wire pickups (save the enforcer Boulton, even though he had 2G+1A in the first 3 games,).
Once Nathan Horton healed up, he was on the block- Detroit approached and offered Darren Helm, I had grit in Bickell and Sill and needed a versativle RW/C with speed and great defense.
With the Jets not contending for a playoff spot, rumblings about Enstrom being offered- he's one of my favorite players, would go well with Phaneuf and still young, locked up for a few years- I parted with former 1st rounder D prospect Percy- and Fiddler.
Worthless J. Linstrom was traded for solid 3rd string goalie Budaj, a so-so AHLer was being a malcontent so he was traded for a 7th round pick.
Kadri really tempted me to trade him- poor perfomance and all- I could have had Marcus Foligno or a 2nd rounder for him- I may regret not pulling the trigger on that one.
Towards the end of the year I moved last years 1st rounder Nylander up and he was largely successful, Erixson also got some reps.
Kessel ended up with 50 goals even missing a few games, top line was solid, Panik looks promising, Booth and Lupul were largely useless and going forward there are many promising young D men- the only concern will be rounding out lines 2-4... and an elite goalie would be nice. Phaneuf and Kadri might be moved in the offseason but Kessel's gonna stay no matter what a brat he may be.

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