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Eastside Hockey League (EHL)

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Eastside Hockey League (EHL)

Postby vilifyingforce » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:43 am

EHL currently has two openings. Dallas Stars and Ottawa Senators. Come say hi in our Sign Up Lounge

ADMIN NOTE: I have split this topic into its own thread as this does not belong in the "I am looking for an online league thread". I have deleted your second post because it violates our Online League Advertising Rules - i.e: "Please do not continually bump your thread. If you have vacancies in your league, you may post an item in your thread explaining this, but please do not do so more than once every two months. I want to help promote EHM online leagues, but some users have taken far too many liberties in the past and so I will be strictly applying this rule." - Archi
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