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Post by DGscharek » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:22 pm

STL give:

Nikita Zaitsev

Pens give:

Kenneth Woodcroft

since the beguining it's clear to me Woodcroft will not be a member of my pro team one day.
Maybe Woodcroft will become good someday... some one of you think it but one thing is guaranteed is that it would not have been with the Penguins. For a player to evolve he must appear in the plans and receive the blessing of the staff. Even if one day he becomes an offensive defender, it was impossible for me to include him in my plan with his defensive weakness. I was patient to close a deal and I even signed Woodcroft to make it easier to trade by being an actual player rather than an unsigned prospect. I have had several discussions for his services, but never an offer no longer has me because it would be long since he would have gone. We left him simmered and tonight we are proud that he is leaving our organization. I have to assess my youngsters, if you noticed Gozzi is still here despite 132 offers. It will be the same thing is many of my young. What you have to understand is that it is not a panic to sacrifice a young person to acquire a defender at all costs... is that we have kick out Woodcroft with a kick in the butt for bring back a regular players Dman top 4... Thing that Woodcroft has never been here.

We're putting our hands on a RD Who shoot Right!!!! We had several guys who could play RD but shoot right is a rare danne around here. We bring in a guy who has similarities with Maataa and who will make us valuable services. First of all, it will degraded all our Dman who was playing has a higher position. We will not hide it, we were not able to sign a solid d in UFA and some of our d had to play a role higher than we had planned. Besides, the market is insane. I don't know if you've tried to make a trade but the GM is asking for crazy prices for their D. Tonight we have acquired the best quality/price bargain on the market. Thanks to the Blues, he's a very pleasant GM to talk to, straight to the point, and you don't feel insulted when he fixes his price and we negotiate. Probably a Top 5 GM in this league! Tonight Blues not only make a good trade for is team but also build a strong parthnership with the Penguins. If one day he got problem, I will do anything I can for help him. Real recognize real :)

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Post by nine-o » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:00 am

Accepted. I like Zaits, but he's redundant and I'm desperately close to the cap. Woodcroft looks like a decent young D who may fit well into my system.

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