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Post by Sambergler » Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:53 pm

To Sabres:
Kyle Connor
2024 2nd (WPG)
2024 4th (WPG)
2024 5th (MIN)
2024 6th (WPG)
2025 2nd (WPG)

To Jets:
Krystof Petrovka
Elias Pettersson
Brycen Martin

Jets accept. Pleased to make another deal with our favourite trading partner in Buffalo. We have an abundance of LW, and while Connor is the best player in the trade, I am happy to add a center under contract for a few more seasons, albeit at a bit of a higher price. Petrovka is a reclamation project of sorts, we are hoping we can really get him going in Winnipeg. Martin is a throw in defenseman for depth who expires at the end of this season.

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Post by boxofjoe » Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:55 pm

Sabres accept. Let's break it down:

Trade started as a deal for Petrovka. He is an expiring RFA currently playing on my top LW. He is asking for around 4mil for a re-sign, which is a bit more than I was comfortable giving (I had somewhere between 5-6 mil open for next year). He had to go while he was most valuable, and 2 2nds+ is way better than any other offer tendered. Was hoping to grab at least a 1st, but nobody stepped up.

As we were about to nail it down, talk picked up on next year's needs. I suffer at D, G, and LW. Jets suffer at C. Ideally I would've wanted to keep Martin, but Petterson+Martin is fine for Connor. I save a bit on Cap and Term by taking Connor, who slides into my top line immediately. Reinhart can shift to C on 2nd line, and I have enough wingers until the off-season.

A large part of my reasoning is the draft: it is extremely RW heavy with few LW options, and I have a strong right side and May coming up next year. Both Johansson and Karlsson expire next year. Send Petterson to save cap and acquire elite LW, send Petrovka to acquire a plethora of picks with good chances I get another Petrovka.

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Post by kuulapaa » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:23 pm

This trade was reviewed by the commish team. The GMs involved in were asked to rework the deal and as it didn't happen before the trade deadline, the trade was reversed.

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