Post any trades that you have made so the rest of us can see.

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Post by Sambergler » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:40 pm

4th 2025
5th 2025


Jets accept. Veterans for a cup run?

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Post by DGscharek » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:40 pm

Keith announce he will retire and David will announce soon.
We tought they will have a stronger impact. Keith was good
but it was tough for David with us. We don't have the type
of team they could perform and mqy be they can't step up their
play with a team like Jets. We had signed Keti and David UFA
so it's a little bit of profit for us. The 4th & 5th could end
up with a good project like Bastien Muller.

Charles McAvoy:
He's 27 years old and is skillset is different than our other guy here.
it's too early for us to determine is role with our team. One thing is sure,
McAvoy played for 7,40 AVR in the last 15. I don't think he will have the same
impact with us but he showed he can fit and could do his job when he's surround
by a good team. I don't think he will transform anything but when Penguins will
be a good team McAvoy will have a certain role in success.

Leon Englund:
The kid just turned 21 y.o and he's on his way the break the history AHL record
of all time for goal scoring and may be Points. We add a solid kid for our calder
race. At this points, our AHL team is #1 standing and we bring the top player of
the player of the #2 team at standing. Willkes-Barres missed playoff 3 time on the
last 4 season. Last year was franchise record for the less win and less goal scored.
This year, We have a young team and we're #1 contender for the race calder cup !

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Post by kuulapaa » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:20 pm


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