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Contains all the rules that go along with playing in the DMHNL, SBHL and WHL.

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Postby shooter_80 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:24 pm

Once a RFA has accepted an offer sheet in game, you must email/message the commissioner with the contract details or post them on the forum under the RFA section.

The GM then has seven (7) real life days to match the offer. If the GM matches once the player has already changed teams in game - the player will then be traded back.

Compensation Packages:

$0 to $660k = nothing
660k+ to $1mil = 3rd Round
$1+mil to 2mil = 2nd Round
$2+mil to 3mil = 1st + 3rd Rounds
$3+mil to 4mil = 1st + 2nd + 3rd Rounds
$4+mil to 5mil = 1st + 1st + 2nd + 3rd Rounds
$5+mil = 1st + 1st + 1st + 1st Rounds

*Based on the average salary over the course of the contract, along with the signing bonus (bonus will be added to first year of contract), and amount will be averaged over the length of the contract to determine compensation.
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