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Salary Cap

Contains all the rules that go along with playing in the DMHNL, SBHL and WHL.

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Salary Cap

Postby shooter_80 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:26 pm

It is difficult to gauge the estimated roster cost (ERC) for a team since the amount rounds up or down. In a few cases, this can cause a GM to under or overestimate (being the more important of the two) how much cap space one may have. Thus, the following rules have been instituted below:

1) GMs will now have to go by the rounded ERC they have in order to determine how much space is available. GMs will have to assume the ERC is the correct number and base their cap space from that number as such. For example, if Team A has an ERC of $38,500,000 million, then Team A is only allowed to add a player to the roster whom has a salary of $500,000 or less. Moreover, if a GM calls up and sends down players, the salary difference added to the cap must be lower or equal to the cap limit. If a GM adds a player whom has a salary more than $500,000, a GM will be doing so at their OWN risk. Consequences of adding a player above the estimated limit may result in going over the cap and subsequently, permitting the AI(or the Commish team) to waive ANY player(when done by the Commish team it will start with the highest paid player) on the team. It is unpredictable whom the AI will place on waivers, it MAY EVEN PLACE A KEY PLAYER on waivers. Thus, if a GM goes over the estimated limit and the risk does not pay off, THE PLAYER ON WAIVERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO BE CLAIMED. There will no resimming or special protection to protect that player. Exceptions may apply, please see Rule 2.

2) In the event that a team is at an ERC close to the cap, adds a player to the roster whose salary will add a total amount lower or equal to the cap limit, and results in actually going over the cap (since ERC is not always the most accurate), then the resulting player whom is waived WILL BE PROTECTED. For example, if Team A has an ERC of $38,500,000 million and adds a player to the roster whom has a salary of $500,000 or less, yet the Team still goes over the cap, the commissioners of the league will shield the player placed on waivers under special protection. As another example, if a team has a cap space of $500,000 and sends down a player with a $1.5 million contract, and brings up a player with a $1 million contract, then the resulting player waived by the AI accidentally will still be under special protection. Special Protection mandates that the player on waivers CANNOT be claimed. If the player is claimed however by another team, he will immediately be TRADED BACK to his original club. Should the player be claimed during the playoffs, then the commissioners of the league may have to RESIM a portion of the playoffs(if he is a key part of the club). NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS RULE. If you already know from one instance that bringing up a certain player, or sending down and calling certain players up will put you over, DO NOT repeat the occurrence a second time. The first time, GMs will receive special protection, however the second time, GMs will NOT receive the protection in order to prevent abuse of the rule.

Please Note: Signing bonuses to coaches get added to your ERC
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Re: Salary Cap

Postby rk2k3 » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:02 am

New fact we just learned today:

Compensation (signing on) fees apparently add to your cap as soon as the new season starts. Be very careful of these fees, sometimes if you are not careful and you sign staff (or players from overseas? hmm), they can reach upwards to 4 Million! To find this information, see your income and expenditures chart under finances (you can also see your bonuses too, which can count against the cap at seasons' end it seems). So be careful in the future, thanks.
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Re: Salary Cap

Postby vilifyingforce » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:02 am

Added a clause to have the Commish team manually waive players to enforce cap compliance. Has been added into section one with changes in bold.
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