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Contains all the rules that go along with playing in the DMHNL, SBHL and WHL.

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Postby shooter_80 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:33 pm

1. In the circumstance when a team has no human GM, the AI will take over the team until a new GM can take its place.

2. Fast tracking GMs to DMA: Each GM that would like to be fast tracked into the A will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Rule has already been in effect with 4 veteran GMs returning. GMs with prior successful team management across EHM 05 leagues and in good standing will heavily be considered for fast tracking. The DM management body (4 to 5 members) will vote the GM in question for fast tracking. However, to ensure the above will not be abused, no one will be able to reapply for entry back into A within 2 seasons of leaving previously.

3. DMA Capping: The league will always strive to have 30 GMs. Rule has already been in effect as veteran GMs have been brought in as mentioned above to increase league competition. Additional incentives to this rule include not having to justify trades with the AI, nor having to add a temp gm if an AI trade is to be reversed, and to use the promotion/relegation system perhaps as intended. In addition as attested to by multiple GMs, playing against the AI is not nearly as exciting versus playing other GMs.

4. Tournament/Exhibition Game Scheduling: GMs who are interested in scheduling games or tournaments against teams during the offseason must make sure to check with each team involved before sending an invite ingame. Some teams may not want to play such games due to fear of player injuries, among other reasons, so keep this in mind, thank you. They should be played outside of the NHL playoffs.
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