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Promotion and Relegation

Contains all the rules that go along with playing in the DMHNL, SBHL and WHL.

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Promotion and Relegation

Postby shooter_80 » Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:07 pm

One spot (or more depending on DMA Capping) may be offered for promotion/relegation per season.

1. Any GM promoted to DMA from DMB will have a full season's grace period to build their team before the risk of relegation.

2. At least one member of the commish team will always be in the A and B (Currently Eric, Dano, Aaron, Tim, Petri).

3. For the last place team in DMA at seasons' end (or the next worst after Rule #1 is considered), the GM of said team will be relegated to DMB unless no one is promoted according to Rule #8 below. Tie break is wins, goal differential, goals for, record last ten games, head to head in that season. HOWEVER this rule may be voided if DMA Capping is in effect - viewtopic.php?f=63&t=5551

4. The GM relegated from DMA will have the choice of any of the AI teams or the team from the GM whom was promoted.

5. DMA host is exempted from rejection.

6. If a DMA or B commish is slated for relegation, they will be given a choice to a) Relegate to the B or b) Switch to an open team within the A if available. This ensures the opportunity for another GM to step into the relegated team for improvement along with preventing the stockpiling of top tier picks. Also ensures the commish to stay involved within the A if they wish.


7. The Stanley Cup Champ in DMB (if not in A already) may be offered the choice to be promoted to DMA after each season depending on management consultation. The GM can choose to decline an invitation. Also, if the GM chooses to remain with B, GM can keep their team or choose any open team of their liking.

8. Promotions to A will be offered according to the following priority after management consultation:
a. The Stanley Cup Winner
b. The Stanley Cup Runner-up
c. Conference Finalist (with higher point total during the season)
d. Next Conference Finalist
e. President Trophy Winner
f. From e, The Other Team first in their Conference

9. The promotions/relegations will happen after the Stanley Cup Finals are completed.

10. The GM promoted to DMA will have the choice of any of the AI teams or the team from the GM whom was relegated.

11. If a GM at anytime leaves the DMA for any reason then that team will become an AI until the end of the season. An extra GM will be promoted from DMB according to priority in Rule #8.

12. GMs will be excluded from discussion to be promoted if they have a full season or less in dmb, unless management deems this factor to be irrelevant for a particular gm.
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Re: Promotion and Relegation

Postby rk2k3 » Tue May 20, 2014 10:31 pm

Updated for clarity
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