The Rebirth Of The Red Wings

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The Rebirth Of The Red Wings

Post by J-zizzle6519 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:12 am

It’s August 30th, training camp is right around the corner and we’re once again entering a brand-new hockey season. A new hockey season is always jammed packed of all kinds of disappointments and surprises for every hockey club, either it’s a player’s growth (or lack there of), an injury or even an early retirement (or someone not retiring).

For almost every hockey club’s fan base, for them to stay, there must be at least the same amount of highs as the amount of lows. For the Detroit Red Wings, the amount of low points they have had is quite frustrating and at the very least concerning for their fan base. Or at least that was the case two years ago. Exactly two years ago, GM Olofsson had an awakening. He realized that if he keeps trending his hockey club into an endless rebuild, everyone will stop watching and he would’ve most likely lost his much prestigious job. Since then, Olofsson has made some deals that would make his ship turn a 180 right where he wanted it to be.

1. The sudden 180 all started with what was called “The Russian Swap”. Detroit would send once promising young goalie Artyom Korepanov to the Arizona Coyotes for unknown winger Vitali Kravtsov. Many critiqued Olofsson for this deal, claiming it was a bone headed move and that Kravtsov would never turn out to be anything. 2 years later, Kravtsov is riding franchise centerman Joe Veleno’s wing on the 1st line.

2. The second action that would lead to the emergence of the Wings would be the Derek Stepan fiasco. GM Olofsson would do a thing that not many rebuilding teams would do: trade for a top 6 center with only a year left for no apparent reason in the middle of the season. What people didn’t realize was how much potential Olofsson saw in taking Derek Stepan, and how much profit he could make out of it. In a league as competitive as the SBHL, it is often necessary to be creative in asset management, and to make the most out of every asset. He traded for Stepan, extended him then traded him for more. All in all, this is what GM Olofsson would end up doing with Stepan:
Wings giving up:
Pierre-Olivier Joseph
Sam Morin
Jordan Martinook
Jett Woo
Nick Bjugstad
Florida 2021 1st
2021 florida 5th round pick
2022 Montreal 3rd.

3. This is the big one. This deal is the one that absolutely turned the ship around. Olofsson decided he needed a minute muncher star right handed Dman on his roster. That is usually a task impossible to fill, but Olofsson decided it was time to become creative. He contacted the St-Louis Blues, found out that star Dman PK Subban was on the block. Don’t ask me how, but not only did he acquire the star Dman, but he only gave up peanuts. PK Subban was traded for 3rd pairing Dman Nikita Zaitsev, 3rd liner Isac Lundestrom and a 6th round pick. Marvelous.

4. One thing that a rebuilding team has is a lot of prospects. And well, let’s just say that Detroit were one of those teams. One of the leagues most intriguing prospect has been Gabe Vilardi. Once a very promising youngster, his development has shown to be patchy and volatile because of his injuries. Even though Olofsson gave him many chances, he believed that midway through the past season while his value was still higher than his ceiling, it was time to trade him. Once again, he decided it was time to fill another big hole: A star winger. Again, like the PK Subban situation, it is very hard to acquire a star player of any kind. That didn’t stop him, he found a suitor (once again STL), and Jaden Schwartz was his man. He traded Gabe Vilardi, Makar Khabarov for Jaden Schwartz and a 4th.

The 4 trades combined:

Wings have given up:
Artyom Korepanov
Pierre-Oliver Joseph
Samuel Morin
Jordan Martinook
Nikita Zaitsev
Isac Lundestrom
Gabriel Vilardi
Makar Khabarov
2021 6th rounder

And they got:
Vitali Kravtsov
Jett Woo
Nick Bjugstad
PK Subban
Jaden Schwartz
Florida 2021 1st
2021 florida 5th round pick
2023 STL 4th
2022 Montreal 3rd

It has now become clear that the Wings are trending in the right direction, every season in the past 3 seasons were better than the former and that’s all you can really ask out of a work in progress team. Although, this year GM Olofsson has mentioned that he believes the Wings are very close to becoming a playoff team, and that fully grown prospects such as Raphael Glass, Kai Fischer, Bo Neville and Kirby Todd on top of the current core of the Wings will be the diamond in the many years of rough.

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