Ultimate Hockey Sim League

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Ultimate Hockey Sim League

Post by DUHLCOM » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:43 pm

Hi all,

I know this is a forum for EHM and FHM, so I appologize for my encroachment.
But I want to advertise a league I'm starting using the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS). It's an on-line based sim engine (nothing to download, nothing to upload). All of your team activities are handled on line.
It's completely free... you will never have to pay a cent, this a guarantee.
It's not affiliated with the NHL in any way... all players/teams are fake (upon joining you can choose your team name).
Players are rated based on different attributes, etc...

I'm looking for a handful of GMs to fill out the league so we can move on to an innaugural draft and get the teams all rostered-up. If interested, please email me at evans.sports.inc@outlook.com

Again, my appologies for posting within the EHM/FHM community, but I know that there are passionate hockey lovers here so I wanted to see if anyone might be interested in something a little different while not taking anyone away from EHM and FHM.

Thanks for your time... hope to hear from some of you.

Thanks! :-)

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