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Community-Based Simulation Hockey League (FREE)

Post by TehJesster » Wed May 27, 2015 9:48 pm

Hello TBL Community and hockey fans alike, I've already consulted with Archi before posting this and he gave me the go ahead after I explained what & who we are. I wanted to share with you a wonderful, long lasting community that is looking for more hockey fans/gamers/sports nuts to join us called the SHL.

The SHL, Simulation Hockey League, is always open to new members. If you've ever fantasized about what it would be like to live the life of a hockey player, to be drafted in juniors as a young prospect and create your hype in the hockey world then this community is for you. You have the opportunity to live out your hockey career, from juniors to the eventual big league, leaving your name in the history books. We are going into our 24th season and would like you to be a part of our established and affectionate community, more on that later. First here is what the site is all about and what you can expect to get out of it!
    - A rich, personal hockey experience. Build your player the way YOU want him/her to be. Be a player and try to live out a hall of fame career and find the rewards of your success eternally inscribed in the SHL Hall of Fame. Success is based on your activity within our community. There are entertaining activities you can do on your own time and weekly training that allow you to improve in skills you need to succeed. Every game is simulated on the STHS hockey simulator, an advanced program that has been the backbone of our league since inauguration. (Similar to EHM)
    - When you first embark on your hockey journey you will create a young player just eligible for the SMJHL (Junior) Draft, from there you will show the world what your potential could be. Next you will find yourself eligible to the SHL (Professional/NHL) Draft and your future within the SHL will just be beginning. Each team is owned and operated by real humans, these members have established themselves as helpful and highly participant bodies of our community. They choose you to be the next face of their franchise.
    - Experience what it is like to wait for your name to be selected. This is a full draft experience where real people will draft you and spend their resources on your potential. Become the next big steal, or potentially the next big bust. Every decision made is personal and rewarding because of our community. Will you be the next McDavid/Eichel?
  • REAL PEOPLE, REAL OWNERS - Every aspect of the league is ran by real people for the progression of the league, from junior player hoping to one day make the big leagues to SHL superstar, to even owner of an historic franchise. Every detail is ran and executed by real humans. Every decision from team lineups, draft day selections and last minute trade deadline deals are done by real human owned teams. Will you find yourself a part of that trade deadline package sending you to a playoff contender? Or will you be a young and coming prospect dealt in a deal to a team on the rebuild?
    - Once your player is drafted onto a team you will gain access to a private locker room for your organization. Here is often where the closest relationships develop. This is an area just for your team to talk about whatever you want and reflect on the season in front of you and what the future may hold. This is a hockey community who is passionate about their sport but even if you're not a hockey guru or follower but enjoy the idea we are a welcoming and friendly bunch to all!
    - Your experience is completely determined by you. Busy life? You don't need to spend hours a week to improve your player or participate, all activity levels are welcome. You can be a casual player, or take on a larger role and find yourself taking jobs within the league, or even becoming an owner of a franchise yourself. You get what you put in, but time is not the most important factor for SHL success. You will have a pleasant and fun experience by just hanging around with us.
  • FREE
    - To clear up any confusion, I want to emphasize that our community/site is completely free. Its free to join, free to participate, free to do what you want. Our league runs off the hard work of our community, we all serve each other in that regard. I'm not selling you anything here, just offering you a welcome to our community. You have nothing to lose by checking us out. =] Besides we're a helpful friendly bunch.
That sums up an overview of what the Simulation Hockey League has to offer. We're a growing, established and loving community that has been around for many years now. We hope you take a moment and check us out. You can find us at -- I would highly appreciate it if you could list me [Jesster] as your referral when creating your player. =]

Best Wishes,



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