Westside Hockey League Rules

The Westside Hockey League (WHL) is an online league for Eastside Hockey Manager.

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Westside Hockey League Rules

Post by AaronRStanley » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:16 am

WHL Rules

You MUST have at least 18 skaters and 2 goalies under contract and on your NHL roster at all times. All Teams must Dress and Play 20 players in each game throughout the entire season. Forwards are required to skate at least 6 minutes a game while defenders must skate a minimum of 8 minutes a game.

Mid-sim Injuries/Suspension - If a player(s) is injured or suspended and his team plays multiple games during the same sim, thereby not giving a team a chance to dress and play 20.

The above will strictly be enforced during the playoffs. If a team does not follow the above for two games during a playoff series, the team's player with the top icetime will be suspended for two games. The next infraction for the same team will result in the player with the top icetime being suspended for another game, and so on. Suspensions can carry over to the next series. Same suspensions apply during the regular season.

If the infraction above occurs during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the game will be resimmed.

It is up to the GMs to report such violations to a commissioner.

At anytime during the season if a commissioner sees your team not in line with this rule they will:
1: Warn the GM verbally
2: Adjust the lineup as they see fit, also remaining under the salary cap.
3: Suspend the top average ice time player for a game per infraction.
4: Revert the team in question to AI controlled status and the GM will have to reapply to come back to WHL.

Tips to avoid the above scenario:
1) Make sure to have enough players to play on your main roster, especially when injuries are in effect
2) For Forward and Defense Usage – Try not to select “Just Two” or “Just Three” in Tactics. Even "Overload" is discouraged
3) Besides dressing each player, make sure to slot each player on a line so they do in fact play

Goaltender Game Limit
The maximum number of games any goaltender is allowed to play is 70 games. Exceeding the maximum game limit will have the same consequences as other roster violations as noted above.


There will be a nightly sim of 4 days in game (any deviation from this will be posted in the announcement chat). There will be additional morning sims on both Saturday and Sunday, similarly of 4 days in game. Sim files will be saved as 1-5 which will protect against corrupt files. Any deviations from the regular sim schedule will be posted in the Announcement chat.

If the game crashes between the end of the game and a save:
During the playoffs, if there are 4 games or less to replay – the games will be resimmed offline until we get the same result.
If it is not the playoffs or there are more than 4 games to replay – the game will be loaded from the last save and the sim will continue from that point.

During the playoffs, if all the GM’s involved in the current playoff round are present and willing to continue, the sim can continue past the date in the sim schedule until any GM would like to stop. The sim schedule will then be adjusted accordingly.

After Round 2 of the Playoffs, the 4 remaining GMs will have a maximum of 2 days to schedule simming their games. If no games have been simmed for 2 days, one game will be simmed every day for each series to keep things moving until the 4 GMs can meet to play their games.

The playoff sim schedule for the playoffs will always be as follows:

Round 1
Day 1 - Games 1 & 2
Day 2 - Games 3 & 4
Day 3 - Games 5, 6
Day 4 - Game 7

Round 2
Day 5 - Games 1 & 2
Day 6 - Games 3 & 4
Day 7 - Games 5, 6
Day 8 - Game 7

*Sometimes the Eastern or Western conferences get ahead by a game (the game will want to sim Game 5 for another series OR a series in the East goes to 7 games but all the West's series' have completed quickly). All GM's must be prepared that a sim may sim one (1) game more than the schedule states. This will only ever happen for a Game 5 in Rounds 1/2 or a Game 1 in Round 2. No games will be played in Round 3 without permission of the GM's involved. This may hold up Game 7 of Round 2.

Rounds 3 and 4
Will be arranged as best as possible to suit the remaining GM's.

Trading Rules

Posting of Trades
All trades must be posted and accepted in the trade section on Discord before being done in-game.

Both GM’s must confirm that they accept the deal as well as give justification on why they have made the deal as well as how it has helped their team. Any trade that does not have justification by both sides of the trade within 24 hours of being posted will be rejected and reversed in game.

Inputting Trades
GM’s must input their own trades with each other in-game only after they have been posted on Discord.

Trading Newly Signed FAs

Newly signed FA’s are not eligible to be traded until July 1st of the following year unless they have been signed to a one year contract in which case they become eligible for trade on January 1st. All RFA's must be retained until July 1 of the following year.

Trading Draft Picks

First Round Draft Picks
First Round Draft Picks are eligible to be traded in the current season and the following season only. July 1st in-game will be used as the beginning of the "new" season.
Example: If the current date in-game is January 1, 2016, a team's first round draft pick in 2016 and 2017 are the only first round draft picks eligible to be traded.

Future Picks
All draft picks in the 2nd through 7th round that are available in game are eligible to be traded. You can not trade picks that have not become available in game yet.
Example: If the current date in-game is January 1, 2016, you can not trade your 2021 (or later) 2nd rnd pick.

Trading at the Draft
Any trade for a top 5 draft pick must be posted on the boards at least 24 hours before the posted draft date/time. If a rejection is received, a Commissioner has the right to close off voting 15 min prior to the posted date/time in order to give the teams in the draft to adjust draft strategies if necessary

Trade Back Restriction
Players cannot be traded back to the same team until 365 days have passed in-game, from the time the trade was officially inputted. This rule is in effect regarding all players in the game regardless of level of play (NHL, minors, prospects).

AI Trading
Any trades made between a human GM and a AI GM must still be posted on Discord for review by the human GM. In the case that the trade is rejected, the trade will be reversed.

You are NOT allowed to trade for:

-Any AI 1st or 2nd Round Draft Picks
-Any AI players of the age 23 years old or younger

You also need to justify your trades with AI's for your team as well as how it helps out the AI team. A Commissioner will post reasoning to justify it as well. If you can’t justify it for both sides - then do not make the trade.

Cap Space
At all times, GMs are expected to be aware of and monitoring their salary cap space. In the event that a trade puts a team over the salary cap and the AGM waives a player as a result, the waived player will be fair game to be claimed and will not be returned to the GM in question. This is also true for when players come off of IR.

Rejections and Trade Reviews

All trades in which a non-playoff team deals away their own 1st round pick in any upcoming draft will automatically be reviewed and voted on by the trade committee before being accepted. For the first 28 games of the season we will base it on the previous season's standings.

As a general guideline, GMs should reject a trade if they feel it is significantly lopsided and/or is harmful to the well being of the league or to the long-term health of a franchise.

All rejections must be delivered privately to a commissioner (Matt, Jared, Andrew). The rejection must have a notable reason as to why the trade should be rejected. This must be done within 24 hours of the trade being accepted by both GM’s on Discord. After the first rejection, a commissioner will post in the announcements that there was a rejection to the trade and the deal will remain open for 72 hours. If there are 2 or more rejections within 72 hours the trade will be sent to the trade committee.

Handling Rejections
Two rejections by league GM’s sends a trade for review by a 5 member trade committee. The first season the trade committee will be comprised of the WHL commissioners. However, additional league GM’s will be added to the pool of trade committee members during successive seasons. Committee members will review the deal, vote to reject a deal or uphold it, and supply a reasoning for that vote. A 3/5ths majority decides the fate of the deal and the result will be posted to the boards.

Miscellaneous Rules

Tournament/Exhibition Game Scheduling

GMs who are interested in scheduling exhibition games or tournaments against teams during the offseason must make sure to check with each team involved before sending an invite ingame. Some teams may not want to play such games due to fear of player injuries, among other reasons. All exhibition games or tournaments should be scheduled for play after September 1st and prior to the start of the regular season. Exhibition games are only permitted to be played against other NHL clubs.

Waiver Claims
The waiver claim system has been moved out of the game and onto discord. When a player is placed on waivers (by the GM or AGM) at any point in the season you must put their name in the waiver thread and teams will have 24 hours IRL (or until two evening sims have happened, waivers will close at simtime and players awarded) to make a claim from the time of the post. To make a claim you just add a reaction to the waiver claim (add your teams logo). You will only be able to claim one player per sim and whoever has to lowest points(tiebreaker is ROW then GF) will get the player. Human firings have been disabled so when a player gets claimed you'll just trade him to the winning claim team for no return. No team should place a claim on a player in game.

A player who is claimed off waivers must remain in the NHL or be rewaived to be sent to the minors. If a player claimed off waivers is re-waived and the only team to claim is his original team then the player can be placed directly in the minor leagues without having to pass through waivers again (just like in the real life NHL). Up until November 1st, waiver priority will be determined by the previous years final standings. The current year standings will be used beginning with the first sim after November 1st. Claimed player must play at least one game in the regular season for your team to be eligible for the playoffs.

Staff Signings
A GM is not permitted to demote a staff member after being signed to a higher position throughout any point in a season. If demotion occurs, GMs are to report the demotion to a commish, which will result in the release of said staff member back into the free agency pool.

AHL Loan Permission
A GM may not loan a player of which they are the rights holder to another team's AHL affiliate WITHOUT FIRST SEEKING PERMISSION from the GM of the NHL team to which that AHL team is affiliated.

RFA Procedures

GM’s must be in possession of their own picks required as compensation in the immediate following years in order to send an RFA an offer sheet in game.

Once a RFA has accepted an offer sheet in game, you must message the GM through Discord of the team that holds the rights and include the contract details AND post them in Discord under the RFA section (tag the GM). Once a player has accepted an offer sheet his rights are no longer eligible to be traded.

The GM then has three (3) real life days to match the offer. If the GM matches once the player has already changed teams in game - the player will then be traded back. GM’s are committed to the player for one year as the player will be ineligible to be traded until July 1st of the following year.

In the event that a player accepts an offer sheet from a team lacking the appropriate draft picks the GM holding rights to the player will have the option of either matching the contract or of having the player released into free agency. An announcement will be made in the announcement thread that the player will remain a RFA (while appearing UFA in game) and all teams are able to bid for the players service (with the exception of the offending team). GM’s who sign a player under these conditions will still be responsible for the compensation due for the RFA to the team who held the rights. The GM who held the rights will have the option of matching or accepting the compensation due based on the average cap hit of the contract.

Finally, teams whose offers are accepted but lack the appropriate picks for compensation will face the following consequences: 1st offense:3rd rnd pick to the aggrieved team, 2nd offense: 2nd rnd pick to the aggrieved team. 3rd offense: removal from the league

Compensation Packages:

[table][tr][th]Averaged Salary[/th][th]Compensation[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]$8,500,000 and above[/td][td]Four first-round picks[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$6,750,000 to $8,250,000[/td][td]Two first-round picks, a second- and third-round pick[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$5,250,000 to $6,500,000[/td][td]First-, second-, and third-round pick[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$3,400,000 to $5,000,000[/td][td]First- and third-round pick[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$1,700,000 to $3,300,000[/td][td]Second-round pick[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$1,200,000 to $1,600,000[/td][td]Third-round pick[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]$1,100,000 and below[/td][td]No compensation[/td][/tr][/table]

This chart is a rough guide, and may be inaccurate compared to the in-game compensation

*Based on the average salary over the course of the contract, along with the signing bonus (bonus will be added to first year of contract), and amount will be averaged over the length of the contract to determine compensation.

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Westside Hockey League Rules

Post by AaronRStanley » Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:13 pm

Rules Changelog

Version 1.01: Modified by AaronRStanley, before March 2, 2016.
Version 1.02: Modified by AaronRStanley, March 2, 2016. Changed RFA comp section, added changelog.
Version 1.03: Modified by AaronRStanley, Slight editing (removal of specific names of commishes/ex-commishes)
Version 1.04: Modified by Cap'n, edited the end date for the age restriction on trading prospects
Version 2.0: Modified by Cap'n, significant revision to the RFA procedures, removal of live sim language, updated trading of FA's to match new RFA rules.
Version 2.01: Modified by AaronRStanley. Added AHL loan permission rule.
Version 2.02: Modified by AaronRStanley. Removed trade restriction related to age.
Version 3.0: Modified by Cap'n. Significant revision to waivers, added ice time minimums for skaters, added game limit to goaltenders.
Version 3.01: Modified by Cap'n. 11/18/18 Minor revisions to reflect changes to Discord for Trade and RFA postings. Removed language on Stamping deals. Slight changes to how to reject a deal. Additional waiver clarifications to match what had been posted in Discord. Added language to simming to reflect weekend double sims that have become practice.

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