Buffalo Sabres Post-Draft Review

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Buffalo Sabres Post-Draft Review

Post by burglebuber » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:37 pm

The Buffalo Sabres consider their first draft in the tenure of GM Graeme Edmund to be a success. They have set their team up well for the future years. The Sabres made few moves on draft day, comfortable to pick with their huge stockpile of picks. They took several overaged unranked players who showed high skill over project picks. However, a few players were picked in the later rounds that the Sabres view as boom or bust picks. The plan is well underway.

To DETROIT - 11th overall, 3rd, 4th
To BUFFALO - 9th overall

The purpose of this trade was to move up and make sure the Sabres could pick the player they had their eyes on, although their #1 guy was not available.

#9th Overall (Round 1) - Kailer Yamamoto, RW
Yamamoto is a sniping RWer. He should look good as a trigger on Eichel's line in the future. One of the core pieces of the Sabres future top 6.

#41st Overall (Round 2) - Morgan Frost, C
Although we accidentally BPA'd this pick, Frost looks like he might be good for the 3C position behind Eichel and ROR. Frost does have several red flags though, such as his defense and skating.

#59th Overall (Round 2) - Tyler Steenbergen, C
Steenbergen has a great shot and speed. Hopefully he can develop his talents despite a rumored low work-ethic and determination. Steenbergen would also be a nice 3C if Frost doesn't pan out. Or he could be trained for the wing and be a trigger for Eichel on the left side.

#71st Overall (Round 3) - Vladimir Sukhachyov, G
Sukhachyov has amazing positioning and looks like, if he pans out, he could be the goalie of the future for the Sabres. If not, they still have Ben Bishop and Robin Lehner. Scouts have mixed opinions on him but the potential was too good to pass up.

#81st Overall (Round 3) - Denis Zernov, RW/LW
Zernov is a highly skilled overage forward who is already a borderline NHLer. He should be able to make an immediate impact. His shot, deking, and hockey sense are second to none and he should be a nice 3RW to provide scoring in the bottom 6.

#87th Overall (Round 3) - Denis Smirnov, LW
Smirnov is another highly skilled overager. He is a bit slower than others picked in his class so if anything holds it back it will be his speed. Sabres management are hoping he improves in this area and becomes a staple in the middle 6. Scoring depth is very important to this organization.

#101st Overall (Round 4) - Jonathan Davidsson, RW
Another skilled overaged winger. Davidsson's shot is lacking but he makes up for it in stickhandling and playmaking ability. He is also only 20, while most good overagers are 22. Sabres see some potential in this player and he should be able to produce from the bottom 6 or higher if other players don't pan out.

#106th Overall (Round 4) - Joseph Duszak, RD
The Sabres had one of the worst defenses in the league. There was also a lot of turmoil on the D. Duszak has a nice skillset as an offensive D man and should provide stability as he has actual value and won't be shuffled around all the time like the other plugs Buffalo was employing.

#115th Overall (Round 4) - Nikita Mikhailis, RW/LW
Mikhailis has a great shot and good stickhandling. The Sabres have loaded up their wing depth from this draft as it was considered an area of weakness going into the draft.

#136th Overall (Round 5) - Artyom Volkov, LD/RD
Volkov has a good passing ability. He will be a valuable puck-moving D-man if he improves on the other areas of his game.

#145th Overall (Round 5) - Jack Ahcan, LD/RD
Ahcan has well developed technical skills for an offensive defender but he needs to improve his skating. If he can develop his skating, he should do well on the 2nd or 3rd pair.

#161st Overall (Round 6) - Filip Lestan, RW/LW
Lestan is a defensive RW but the Sabres feel that he is very close to becoming an effective offensive player as well. A complete player like this would be important for future PK and a shutdown role as well.

#177th Overall (Round 6) - Mario Ferraro, LD
Mario Ferraro has a lot to improve on, but he's only 18 instead of the older players the Sabres selected more of. The Sabres took a shot at him hoping he takes big steps forward.

#187th Overall (Round 7) - Ryan Verrier, LD
Verrier is another project defender. He has some valuable skills and shows potential but he is a long way away from making an impact.

#191st Overall (Round 7) - Jaydan Halbgewachs, LW/C
Halbgewachs is a one-dimensional player but he is very talented on offense. He should be a decent bottom 6 scorer if he can develop further.

#205th Overall (Round 7) - Kevin Davis, RD
Davis has good passing but needs to work on the rest of his game to become an effective puck-moving D. Sabres took a shot on him in the late rounds because they believe he has the best chance to improve.

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