Trade deadline: What happened?

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Trade deadline: What happened?

Post by wiggo » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:28 pm

00.00 AM: Deadline day arrived. It looked like we were going towards a very quiet deadline. One of the general managers in the league even said, "There will be no activity this deadline". The fans of the NHL teams thought that comment would be an indicator of what the day would look like.

09.37 AM: Rumors started swirling around about Nashville discussing a deal with an eastern conference team. The other team were unknown. But the fans speculated that it was either Andreas Athanasiou, James van Riemsdyk or Tomas Tatar.

12.34 PM: Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings confirmed the first deal of the day. Andreas Athanasiou to Predators for a 3rd round pick that could turn into a 2nd round pick. The condition is unknown.

01.12 PM: A reported conflict, between Stars GM Craig and their defenseman Alexander Edler, shocked the hockey world. Stars GM apparently sent Edler a text message saying "You're a cancer on this team!"

02.37 PM: This was not a shock. Alexander Edler got traded from Dallas Stars to Buffalo Sabres for Tampa's 2nd round pick in 2019.

03.27 PM: "BREAKING NEWS: ANTON STRALMAN HAS BEEN TRADED TO CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS". That is what the fairly unknown swedish hockey insider, William, reported. A lot of people was laughing at him and told him to stop trolling.

03.31 PM: Confirmed trade. Anton Stralman got trade to the Blackhawks. The major piece heading back to Tampa was Chicago's 1st round pick in 2020.

03.39: "BREAKING NEWS: ALEXANDER RADULOV IS JOINING FORMER TEAMMATE MAX PACIORETTY IN TAMPA". More breaking news for the hockey lovers were announced at 03.39 PM. This time it was from the famous insider, Darren.

03.40 PM: Only a minute after the reports from Darren, the Radulov deal got announced. Habs received Colin Wilson+ a bunch of late picks.

03.58 PM: Sabres and Red Wings announced a minor deal were Charles Hudon got swaped for Nikita Mikhails. Many people thought that this deal would be the last of the day. With only one hour left of deadline.

04.01 PM: Out of the blue, rumors started swirling around that Habs GM, Ryan Zabby, was disappointed at Tyler Seguin. Leafs GM, William Karlsson, called Zabby and asked "Would you actually consider moving Tyler?". This was the start of one of the biggest trades in NOHL history.

04.18 PM: Leafs GM came back with an offer. 1st round pick in 2019, 1st round pick in 2020 and Calen Addison. Zabby politely told Leafs he was not a fan of Addison, after watching him in WJC.

04.29 PM:
Zabby- Would you consider involving Bracco or Kapanen instead of Addison?
William- Yes. Bracco.

The deal was done. Seguin was a Toronto player.

04.41 PM: The deal gets announced. Zabby asks William if he can fix the paperwork because he is currently "working on a trade for Shea Weber". And of course, William leaks this to the press.

04.50 PM: Hawks and Avs announces a deal that no gives a sh*t about. Everyone are too shocked about the Seguin trade and the reports that Weber will get traded. Varlamov got trade for Neuvirth.

04.59 PM: Everyone knows that Shea Weber is going to get traded, but not to who. Habs fans are worried, will they figure it out in time?

05.01 PM: Sabres and Montreal announces the deal 1 minute after the deadline is over. Apparently Joel Warlord and Ryan Zabby made the call to NOHL's league office 7 seconds before deadline was over. Sabres gave up Morgan Frost, Christian Krygier and Matt Moulson.

11.04 PM: Sabres GM addressed media after a busy trade deadline. Of course most out of the questions was about Shea Weber. Joel Warlord answered "A top pairing of Alex Edler and Shea Weber would have been the envy of the league in 2011. In 2019 it is no longer an elite top pair, but it is still a respectable backbone of a defense and it will be up to Edler and Weber to prove they still have a lot of high level play left in the tank before decline sets in."

February 24th:

00.16 AM: Ducks GM, Nathan, tweets: I'm curious how Stralman is worth a 1st. Hawks GM doesn't know a sh*t about values.

07.01 AM: The morning after deadline, William wakes up with two messages on his display. One from Zabby and one from Jonas. The message from Zabby was: "Thanks for the Seguin deal. Tyler didn't want to stay in Montreal. You saved my ass." The other message, from Jonas, was not of same character. Jonas said: "You're a fu*king piece of sh*t! You told me you were going to resign Skinner so i could get your 1st!! I'm fu*king done with you."

The deadline ended up way more intense than most of the GMs in the league expected. We saw a lot of big moves that brought us even more questions: Can Leafs, Devils, Jackets and Panthers challenge Bolts for a spot in the SCF final? Will Sharks win their 3rd consecutive cup? How good are the Blackhawks? Who will get the last playoff spots in western? Lots of questions that will be answered soon.

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