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The Flight Line

Post by AaronRStanley » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:38 am


Welcome to the Flight Line, your source for all the latest Philadelphia Flyers news.

Season Expectation:
The current roster is expected to compete for a playoff spot, as the retooling of the roster continues. After shedding salary commitments, both in term and cost, the team is positioned to be able to build and retain a core. With few exceptions, the franchise will work hard to keep young players and prospects in development leagues as long as possible.

After evaluating the staff of the team, from top to bottom, minor changes were made in both the scouting and physiotherapy departments. The coaching staff has been replaced outright, while the AGM has been retained.

[table][tr][th]LW[/th][th]C[/th][th]RW[/th][th]Projected Role[/th][/tr]
[tr ][td]Colin Wilson[/td][td]Claude Giroux[/td][td]Jiri Tlusty[/td][td]Fast, skilled and offensively capable, this line will be the driving force of the offense. Big numbers are necessary from all of them for the team to have a good year.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Mattias Jannmark[/td][td]Sean Couturier[/td][td]Brock Nelson[/td][td]The Kid Line. Two big players in Couter and Brock, they are complimented by Jannmark, playing in his first NHL season. This line will be looked at as one of expected growth.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]R.J. Umberger[/td][td]Scott Timmins[/td][td]Joel Ward[/td][td]This is the checking line for Philadelphia. In years to come, this is the line that will likely be turned over most. This trio is relatively speedy, with the exception of Ward. Hard hits and good plus/minus stats are the goals.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Adam Cracknell[/td][td]Chris VandeVelde[/td][td]Chris Stewart[/td][td]This will be another checking line, and a line that will be counted on to provide leadership and violence.[/td][/tr]
[tr][th]Extras[/th][td]Shawn Horcoff[/td][td]Michael Latta[/td][td]-[/td][/tr]
[tr][th]LD[/th][th][/th][th]RD[/th][th]Projected Role[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Fedor Tyutin[/td][td][/td][td]Mark Streight[/td][td]Our first pairing will be relied upon to provide a steady two-way game, helping to support our offense. Likely to change moving forward.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]John Merrill[/td][td][/td][td]Stefan Elliott[/td][td]The future first pairing, Merrill and Elliott will see time on special teams, and be looked to as the future of the blueline[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Evgeny Medvedev[/td][td][/td][td]Nick Schultz[/td][td]The hammer of our offense, this experienced duo will be counted on to keep the opponents off the board.[/td][/tr]
[tr][th]Extras[/th][td]Luke Schenn[/td][td]-[/td][td]-[/td][/tr][/table]

Denotes a rookie

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Re: The Flight Line

Post by AaronRStanley » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:48 am


Trade Deadline Edition

After struggling much of the season to stay afloat in the Eastern Conference playoff race, the Flyers had fallen to almost the bottom of the standings. Gone where almost every from their Stanley Cup Final run of several seasons ago.

But it shook the team when Captain Claude Giroux was moved to Tampa Bay, and the team showed that lack of leadership by going into a tailspin and sinking to a top ten draft position.

As the deadline approached, and reports began to emerge that several of the young players brought into the organization to provide a future were making too much use of the city's night life, GM Aaron Stanley was starting to fear for his job according to insiders with the team. After the deadline, a brief press conference was conducted wrapping up the events of the previous few days activity for the Flyers, as well as a semi-formal State of the Union address.

GM Aaron Stanley: "First, I would like to thank the members of the media for dragging themselves away from whichever cockroach infested dive bar they were drinking their lives away in, and coming here on short notice of several hours on a busy work day.

As has been clearly visible to everyone, the Philadelphia Flyers have been struggling all year, and the team had lost some identity after trading Claude to Tampa Bay. I'm here to address some questions."

"Before I get to the questions, I would like to say that the Flyers organization would like to extend a sincere thanks to everyone that has left the team for giving their all while they were here. We felt that the moves made help our franchise, but will miss the contributions of those players. However, a new infusion of leadership and a culture change was needed in the dressing room, as expressed to me by several players several days before the trade deadline. As such, we set out making that a priority."

That being said, I would like to announce that after a players only vote by way of secret ballot, Kevin Bieksa has been appointed the new team captain of the Flyers. His experience and leadership have already been impactful, and we look forward to a long tenure with Kevin."

I will now take some questions."

NBC Sports: "A number of reports out of the dressing have stated that several players traded this weekend had become distractions in the dressing room, and had violated team curfew several times. Any truth to these rumours?"

GM AS: "Yes. Unfortunately, several players violated team policy on a number of occasion. After consulting with our representatives, the player and their agents, it was decided that a fresh start for all parties involved would be an optimal solution."

NBC Sports: "Followup. Care to name any names?"

GM AS: "At this time, I will refrain from naming these players, in the hopes that their careers will weather these incidents, and move forward along the path that we and they had envisioned when they originally arrived in Philly. I wish them luck, and hope they enjoy their time on the West Coast."

TSN Sports: "It was recently posted on a social media website that Kyle Brodziak had apparently approached you and demanded to be traded. Can you confirm or deny this story?"

GM AS: "I'm in touch with the Coach and GM of Lehigh Valley frequently, and they said that some veteran players had expressed interest in moving to other teams, in the hopes of finding a job in the NHL this season. We accommodated the players we could find takers for. Kyle was one of those players where he ended up in the AHL due to a numbers crunch. I'm happy that we found him a place to play in the NHL, and wish him well."

CBC Sports: "The deal moving your second round pick to San Jose for Barclay Goodrow was your last deal of the day. Any regrets, maybe for overpaying?"

GM AS: "Not at all. Barclay is a player that was known to us, and we've been in discussion with San Jose several days on him. It was decided that we could use a player of his particular skills and size, and were concerned that we might not have the ability to find a similarly skilled player in the draft. He's going to come to the team's training camp next fall and get a fair look."

CBS Sports: "Scott Laughton was a recent call-up, and has 4 points in 5 games."

GM AS: "Is there a question coming?"

CBS Sports: "Yes, sorry. What do you think of his performance, and who is the next player that you expect to make an impact coming up from the AHL?"

GM AS: "At this point, our roster is fairly set. Lehigh Valley is leading the AHL, and for us and where the organization is at in our competitive cycle, we are loathe to take players from the AHL and a good opportunity to play professional hockey in the playoffs. If an injury situation arises, we firmly expect to call on some of our veteran players, before we disturb the seasons of young players. As for specific names, it would depend on the situation entirely."

TSN Sports: "Any moves or players you almost acquired or deals you felt you could have made with more time?"

GM AS: "None I'm willing to comment on publicly. At this point, we are going to keep an eye on players we like, and if possible, make trades to add them after the playoffs or at the draft. But right now our focus is on resigning our guys, and making a run at spoiling a draft pick and maybe getting to a playoff spot. Other teams and their players are only the opposition for the next few months. Once the season is done, we'll do our exit process, evaluate the season, and decide what we need to add in order to move our team forward. If there are no other questions, have a good night."

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The Flight Line

Post by AaronRStanley » Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:32 am

Season Ending Press Conference

As the 2015-2016 season came to an end last night, players began clearing out their roster for the final time this season and saying goodbyes to each other. After a season of trades, turmoil, losses and loss, the franchise is at a low-point unseen in many years.

This morning, as players were put through season ending medical examinations and exit interviews, reporters began to file in. Once the interviews were done, GM Aaron Stanley attended a press conference.

"First, I would like to make a brief statement, and then I will take questions."

"I would like to thank the fans for showing up night in, night out, and filling the barn to the tune of 18,500 plus people on average. It shows how passionate the fanbase is that we can count on numbers like that even as we struggled to produce a product on the ice that was worthy of them. The city of Philadelphia is known for being a town that loves hockey, and it's because of the fans that come and support this team and make it hard for opposing teams to come in and get comfortable."

"I would also like to thank the coaches, scouts, trainers, physiotherapists, office staff and everyone else in the organization. If it wasn't for the scouts, going out to cold barns and spending long nights, we wouldn't be able to find good young players to get into the hands of our coaches for training. The trainers for putting up with a litany of injuries, and the physiotherapists for getting our guys healthy. I can't do this job alone, even as badly as I did it, and everyone I've spoke about is a big reason that we're still held up as a class A organization."

"Finally, I would like to thank the players, past and present, for creating a legacy that will endure long after any of us have stopped being in the game. Our current group of guys understand that legacy, and strive to be worthy of it every day. Those that aren't Flyers in their core aren't Flyers on their jersey. That's something that me and Danny [Coach Dan Bylsma] both agree on. We tell the guys every day to be worthy of the sacrifices other made to make this name ring out. This is Philly, the "Earn It" City."

"Obviously this season was frustrating, for the fans, players, and management. We didn't achieve what we set out to do on the ice as far as results. We began to instill the work ethic we expect of our guys, and will work on that in the offseason, through rookie camp and into training camp. We like the core we've begun to assemble, but until we've climbed the mountain top, no one in this organization will take a day off. The only thing that matters is the climb. The only thing that is real is the mountain. We will bounce higher than we have fallen."


NBC Sports: "Close to the deadline, you reported that several players violated team policy. Has there been any incidents similar to that since those trades? Several reports down the stretch indicated there was quite a bit of disharmony in the locker room."

GM Aaron Stanley: "I'm not in the room every day, but I talk to Dan and the rest of the coaches every day. As I said at the time, those reports were way off the mark. We made moves down the stretch to add quality leadership to the core, and that might have rankled the vibe, as we had a young team, but from what I can see when we are on the road, the team is great together. The vets and younger guys are together fairly often."

CBC Sports: "Alliott Freeman reported several weeks ago that you had a deal in place to trade for Milan Lucic after the season. Care to speak on that?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "No, I do not. Milan is currently getting ready for the playoffs in Florida. He's a good player, and certainly plays a game we are envious of. At this point, we couldn't trade for him if we wanted to, so I'll reserve further comment until after the season."

CBC Sports: "Followup. Grapes went on Corner for Coaches and said that the Lucic deal was a done deal, and that he would be that player that the team has missed since Eric Lindros. Thoughts?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Well, there are a lot of similarities between Milan and the E Train. Big, strong guys, with big hearts. Quality and character guys. As I said, we can't speak about other teams' players. But I love Grapes, and I think he is one of the most astute hockey minds not directly involved in the league right now."

TSN Sports: "You've mentioned several times your core group of guys. Who are they, and what do you see as your core missing?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Well, John Gibson in Lehigh is obviously our tender of the future, if he stays working hard and on the development curve he is currently on. Couter, Bieksa, Hamilton, Larsson, we love the game Janmark plays. At this point, I could name another half dozen names of guys we hold very dear to the organization. As for missing, I would like to add a top six winger that's a big body with skill."

TSN: "Like Lucic?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Again with this? It would have to be a top six, big body with skill that fits our core, in the sense he is young enough for the young guys to grow. But I can't think of any names specifically. Otherwise, we're never turning down any deals that improve our ability to compete."

CBS Sports: "There was briefly a mention of a spate between you and coach Dan Bylsma over something, the exact nature of which wasn't reported. You were both caught on camera arguing and getting intense before the game against the Penguins on April 3rd. Care to comment?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Yes, I will comment. What you witnessed was a very passionate, hard-working and smart hockey guy, and myself. Dano and myself got into it over some of the minor things that happen in the course of a season. It was a matter of disagreement between two hard-headed guys. We went out for dinner that night and buried the hatchet under a couple of plates loaded with steaks."

CBC Sports: "How does the injury to Scott Laughton change Lehigh Valley's AHL playoffs?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Well, we were hoping that after our season ended, he could go down and play a big part. It depends on the injury and how he bounces back. We're still not happy that he got hooked into the boards the way he was, but the League apparently felt that it wasn't a bad penalty, we felt the League and Ref have a horseshit read on it, and that's that."

CBC Sports: "Two questions. Not worried about the fine for criticizing the League? And videos have surfaced of Steve Mason practicing on the ice in full gear and he has been for weeks. Why is he still on IR?"

GM Aaron Stanley: "Stevie is still on IR for medical reasons. We were hoping he might lead us to a playoff run, but when he got injured that was our year. He stood on his head every night. Now that the season is over, I've talked to him, and he's ok with me telling everyone this, but he picked up a concussion around the time he went down the groin. With the nature of concussions, we wanted to be sensitive to that, and then when his groin was injured, we decided to shut him down for the rest of the regular season. Rushing him back was not an option. And forget the League, what are they going to do, take money from my wallet? I work for Ed Snider, I'll get more."

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