30 Thoughts on the Beach

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30 Thoughts on the Beach

Post by GigantorTheGoalie » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:49 am

30 Thoughts on the Beach

The WHL season is nearly half through and the standings are as close as ever. Which, when you think about it, is a good thing as competition drives the league forward. You want teams that strive to be better. So far that is what we are getting as a handful of teams have been busy changing their rosters around to their liking while others have been playing the patience game. It’s an interesting dynamic to keep a watch on as the patient teams decide what course to take for their teams and therefore opening up the trade market even more.

1. Speaking of trade markets, the sellers market is slowly opening up as the Devils, Sharks and Leafs are essentially throwing in the towel on the season. The Sharks have traded away both Marleau and Thornton. The Leafs are looking to move their older players in PAP, Lupul, Bozak.

2. Before we get to the deadline there’s been a handful of teams that have cornered the trading market such as the Flyers, Lightning, Stars, Panthers, Devils and Coyotes.

3. The Kings and Blues have been monsters 5 vs. 5 leading to a the two teams owning the top of the West.

4. Not only do the Blues lead the league but they have Tarasenko and Steen leading the league in scoring with Stastny in 4th place

5. There’s a goalie wearing blue but not a Blues player that leads all goalies. It’s, unsurprisingly, King Henrik. His goaltending has the Rangers on top of the Metro.

6. There’s been one team that has played 3 different starting level goalies this season and it’s one near the bottom. The Sharks have used Martin Jones, Mike Smith and Ryan Miller in net so far. Sharks trying to see if the +10M goalie model will work?

7. The Stars will be the team to watch. Added Marleau, Dillon and Martin to make a push for playoffs. Question is what happens if at the trade deadline they are still on the outside looking in? Have lots of trade assets now.

8. Stars have also thrown around the idea of moving Seguin. Does that happen? Probably not but there might be one GM out there who really makes Stephen think.

9. Injuries have hit some teams hard but a lot of teams are remaining competitive.

10. The Penguins have probably been hit the hardest. They’ve lost the best player in the league Sidney Crosby, they’ve been without MAF for a large period of time and have Eric Fehr on the IR as well.

11. Despite Graf’s attempts at keeping the team afloat, Chris Kunitz has been vocal in his unhappiness with the team.

12. A lot of respect for the Canadiens who have faced as many injuries as the Penguins and maybe even more. Carey Price himself has racked up about a month’s worth of injuries.

13. Whatever Vic is doing in Montreal is working great as he has the best value players in the league in Tomas Fleischmann and Alexander Semin.

14. How great are those two players doing? They make less than 2M combined and combine for 85 points.

15. That’s $21 764/point for those of you counting at home

16. You know who else are value players? The rookies on ELC’s. Everyone loves young players because they are generally cheaper than those vets.

17. The team receiving the most support from their rookies is the Arizona Coyotes as Max Domi is 1st in rookie scoring while Anthony Duclair is 3rd in rookie scoring.

18. The Buffalo Sabres aren’t too far behind as rookies Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart have combined for 66 points on the year.

19. The rookie goalies on the other hand are struggling. There are 4 rookie goalies with +10 games played, only one has a SV% over 0.900 and that’s Mike Condon in Montreal.

20. Here’s an interesting stat for you, Shea Weber is 2nd in PP scoring in the league. That howitzer of a shot is making goalies run for the hills.

21. Here’s something that will make you think. The Panthers are 2nd in the East (going by points) and don’t have a single player in the Top 50 of scoring. Talk about scoring by committee.

22. How about some respect for two teams that should be at the bottom but aren’t. The Edmonton Oilers are in a playoff spot and the Buffalo Sabres are sitting just outside of one.

23. What’s even more crazy is the Oilers haven’t made a trade while the Sabres have made several.

24. You want competition? Because this is how you get competition. In the East there is a 10 point difference between the 1st Wild Card spot and 13th place in the East.

25. In the West the 10 point difference is between the 1st Wild Card spot and 11th place.

26. If you’ve been living under a rock here is your news update, Rahim aka Stimps is back as the Winnipeg Jets GM

27. The Jets currently sit last in the West. With nearly half the season gone and ~20 games to the trade deadline, Stimps will find himself making decisions quicker then he wants to.

28. Last three thoughts lets name the top three prospects from each CHL league. In the WHL Keegan Kolesar is 2nd in points. He’s a Blue Jackets 3rd round pick.

29. New Jersey 1st round pick Pavel Zacha is tearing apart the OHL with 51 points in 34 games.

30. Last but not least in the QMJHL Blues 2nd Rounder Ivan Barbashev leads the Q with 58 points in 37 games.

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Re: 30 Thoughts on the Beach

Post by aussiehabit » Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:24 am

Good read.. thanks for doing the write up, keep it up. :p

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Re: 30 Thoughts on the Beach

Post by Beukeboom » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:47 am

Great read, thank you. Only on point 22 my respect, or lets better say my surprise, for Oilers and Sabres is somehow limited, tbh i expected them even better, both have awesome talent and players.
Also Penguins have been without Kessler too, if i remember right, and hes a monster in the game.

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