Stephen's Under and Over

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Stephen's Under and Over

Post by Razor1919 » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:50 am

Stephen's Over and Under 2016

Today i was looking at a couple of players and thought in my head "He got traded for that." or "Why is he playing on the first line." So I'm going to give you my thoughts on who i think are the most under rated players and the most over rated players. I have also asked 2 GMs there thoughts on some and even asked him what they thought about their own teams player. I'll start with my interviews first.

My first Interview was with the Image GM: Man Ray

1. Who do you think is the most under rated player and why?
Man Ray: Probably Shane Doan, Even though he's 39, I think he's a much better player than what people think he is. He can defiantly put up some goals if he's given the chance.

2. Who do you think is the most under rated player and why?
Man Ray: Most Over rated is Jaroslav Halak because even though he's a great goalie, I don't believe he should be rated anywhere near Henrik Lundquist and Carey Price.

3. Who do you think the most over rated player on your team?
Man Ray: Alexander Steen, I would say because he is being helped by Tarasenko tremendously.

My second interview was with the one and only Image GM: Aaron Stanley <--- (whats up with the 2 first names)

1. Who is the most under rated player on your team?
Aaron: Steve Mason is the most underrated Flyer. His goaltending has kept us alive in the playoff hunt as I continue to change the team in front of him.

2. Who is the most over rated player on your team?
Aaron: Claude Giroux, to me, is not performing as I would expect him to.

3. Who is the most over rated player in the league?
Aaron: How is a Hamilton doing in TB?

I had to laugh at Aaron's last answer because thats all he said. Any way lets get on to the more important stuff MY LIST. Lets start with the good list.


10. Marcus Johansson. 14G 17A 31P 1+/- Image
Marcus Johansson is a LW/C who is only playing for 3.75 mil and is putting up more points than some players that are getting twice as much pay than him.

9. Max Domi. 15G 24A 39P 8+/- Image
Domi a player who I assumed was going to be good but not this early. Hes not as under rated as some but he is for sure better than I thought he would.

8. Mark Streit. 9G 17A 26P 15+/- Image
Streit is a great dman I dont know if the flyers know if hes that good but this guys has the third most points on the team and hes has the highest +/-. If the Flyers are selling put me on a list for this guy.

7. Hampus Lindholm. 3G 28A 31P 10+/- Image
This guy this rookie. Playing on the first line at 21 and putting up huge numbers. Man this guy is already going to cost a fortune.

6. Tanner Pearson. 15G 20A 35P 27+/- Image
Pearson is 23 years old and is playing on the 1st line with Kopitar that might be a reason that hes got high numbers but some players arn't even getting that high. Not to mention that +/- he has to be doing something right.

5. Ales Hemsky. 19G 19A 38P 9+/- Image
I'm surprised Hemsky is a meh player. I tried to keep my players out but this is a player that I thought I was going to be selling for maybe a 4th but know hes gonna be going for a bit more.

4. Mike Hoffman. 15G 21A 36P 2+/- Image
Hoffman is playing on the 1st line but he is playing a little better than most 2mil players. Not to much to say about him. But hes going to be a bit more expensive than 2 mil next year.

3. Jeff Zatkoff. 8W 4L .929 Sav% 2.23GAA Image
I remember when my eyes first fell on Zatkoff love at first sight. This guy is Phenomenal he's not even the back up right now. He kills in net and if your looking for a goalie this is the guy you want.

2. Gustav Nyquist. 29G 14A 43P 16+/- Image
I want to know what Zack is going to do with this player. This guy is doing an amazing job. This guys is second overall with goals (tied with Steen). Where is Datsyuk in this category where is anyone else... Seguin? Kane? Neal? Ovechkin?

1. Tomas Fleischmann. 18G 26A 44P 25+/- Image
Umm Who? A point a Game? What? Hey Vic what ever drugs you are giving your players send some my way. I mean is there any other way to explain this guy.

Ok now were going to trash talk some players with this one.


10. Joe Pevalski. 17G 12A 29P Image
6mil... to much... not much to say about this guy. NEXT

9. James van Riemsdyk. 5G 17A 22P Image
This guy should be doing a whole lot better... I mean I understand the tanking but you wanted Benn for this guy.

8. Patrice Bergeron. 11G 18A 29P 2+/- Image
I thought this guy was a Selke Trophy winner with a +/- of 2 that doesn't sound very defensive to me.

7. Scott Hartnell. 6G 13A 19P -9+/- Image
I can't believe I wanted this guy. A minus 9 and 19 points for almost 5mil. Man looking at some of these prices would make Dwayne have an aneurysm.

6. Patrick Marleu. 12G 14A 26P Image
What were you thinking what kind of Lidstrom trades a first for this guy let alone 2. This guy needs a new brain. Wait a minute... lets move on.

5. Evgeni Malkin. 14G 16A 30P Image
Ok out of all the guys that are making money this guy would make Dwayne die 40 times over. Excuse me 9.5mil. I know that he didnt have a choice on how much he should be paid but still this guy should be way better.

4. Jimmy Howard. .896sav% 3W 7L 3.1GAA Image
This guy is supposed to be a starting goal tender. What happened to this guy. Did he lose his glove hand?

3.Artem Anisimov 7G 7A 14P Image
Why is this guy on the first line or better yet hes on the first line and he has no point. WITH KANE AND TOEWS.

2. Brandon Dubinsky. 7G 8A 15P Image
Dubinsky is supposed to be better than this alot better than this why is he doing so bad.

Um I'm going to let you sit and let you stew with who number 1 is... I mean Aaron kind of already called it

1. Dougie Hamilton. 1G 13A 14P Image
So this player is great he could be the next Karlsson for all we know... but is that really worth Stamkos?

Well thats about it for me benn good and had fun.

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