You're Either Crying or You're Smilin'

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You're Either Crying or You're Smilin'

Post by GigantorTheGoalie » Sun May 22, 2016 7:53 pm

For 16 teams it’s their favourite part of the season. For 14 teams it’s where they get out the voodoo dolls and cry themselves to sleep. If you listen very carefully at night you can hear “My team should be in playoffs”. You can also hear “my team is underrated and going to show up everyone”. And then in the morning there is the yelling and threatening to blow up the team. This playoff’s and the coming off-season are sure to provide excitement and debate…”he got that player for pretty much nothing!”

1. A small touch on the coming off-season; expect an announcement sometime in the next few days about the final ruling on the 20 & under trade restriction rule.

2. Now onto the playoffs. This is looking exciting. Every single team in the Eastern Conference managed to hit the +100 point mark.

3. And only two of those teams finished below 50 wins. There is a lot of firepower bottled up in the Eastern Conference ready to explode.

4. For comparison only two teams in the West managed to hit the 50 win mark.

5. The Western Conference will not be any less exciting though. The new-and-improved Minnesota Wild finished the season on an 8-game win streak.

6. Even though the Edmonton Oilers clearly won the Western Conference consider this. They had most games reach the shootout in the regular season with 15 shootouts.

7. Not only that, Edmonton won 9 of those games giving them an extra 18 points thanks to the skills competition.

8. Now you could say that doesn’t matter and it might not. However they will be playing against the Winnipeg Jets who have twelve wins in Overtime.

9. Keeping in the West, the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues series has some interesting aspects to it.

10. The Minnesota Wild are starting their playoff run in the exact opposite spot they were in last playoffs. Last playoffs they were the 7th seed going up against the 2nd seeded Los Angeles Kings.

11. The Blues are not in the exact opposite spot but are close to it. They were 1st in the West last season and now find themselves starting the playoffs in a Wild Card position.

12. Despite the switching of places it’s hard not to count out the St. Louis Blues. Jake Allen may not have had the easiest of seasons but in the playoffs we’ll see a new and at ease Jake Allen.

13. And of course you can’t talk about the Blues and not bring up Tarasenko. The only player to hit +100 points and +50 goals. He’ll be taking home the Art Ross and the Maurice Richard Trophy.

14. And a small touch on the Avalanche-Hawks series, it’ll be close. Toews and Kane know how win games as the Nashville Predators discovered last playoffs.

15. Let’s move over to the Eastern Conference and we’ll touch on the defending Stanley Cup champs series.

16. Bruins will be on the road headed to the same State to play their away games. For the Bruins this series will feel pretty similar.

17. However the Bruins will be up against a better goalie and a better defense than they did in the first round last year.

18. Victor Hedman is a Norris candidate and you can bet the Lightning are looking to be better then when they were knocked out last season by a powerful Canadiens team.

19. GM Liam has been very high on his team’s leadership core and their playoff style of play. Now with Bobrovsky out his team has a chance to prove themselves and their GM right.

20. It’s also a chance for Steve Mason to earn his paycheck as he’s currently set to go UFA and is looking to get some recognition in these playoffs.

21. The Rangers though know exactly what is going on in Columbus having lost Henrik Lundqvist for the first part of the season. With their own experience they’ll be looking to exploit the Blue Jackets weakness.

22. Everyone remembers the Capitals vs. Halak all those years ago. Now Carey Price has the chance to make the Capitals go home early again.

23. If you were a betting person this would be the series where you would put money on the underdog.

24. Why? Because this Canadiens team finished only two points fewer then the Capitals. This was also after the Canadiens were stuck in the bottom 8 of the Eastern Conference for more than half of the season.

25. Does anyone actually care about the Buffalo/Florida series?

26. We’ll use these last few thoughts for rumors and such. First off keep an eye on the Detroit Red Wings. The GM there could do anything from make no trades to selling off Kopitar/Weber/Quick.

27. Rumor has it the Panthers will be decently busy this off-season. Word is there won’t be any mind blowing trades but rather looking towards the future. The Panthers first(17th overall) could be in play for either a goalie or top 4 defenseman.

28. The Blues really want to get back into the first round of this draft. No idea as to what they are offering to move back up into the draft though. A team with multiple firsts like the Sharks could take advantage of this.

29. The bottom 6 teams of the Eastern Conference will be looking for anyway to break into the top 10 of the Eastern Conference. Look for teams such as the Maple Leafs, Devils and Flyers to bring in some veteran but useful stop gaps to make a run at the playoffs.

30. While the Top 4 in the draft last season was set in stone, this year it’s more up in the air. First overall will definitely be the massive and intimidating Nolan Patrick, but who goes after him is anyone’s guess.

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