Shipping Up To Boston

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Shipping Up To Boston

Post by StormCloudsGathering » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:24 pm

Hello Sportsnet, I'm newcomer Konrad Franco here to interview NHL Boston GM OMS, not long after the NHL Playoffs.
Thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview with me, OMS.

So, OMS. We're here after the playoffs and a short and disappointing run by your team. Why do you think the series with Tampa ended up as it did?

You're welcome Konrad, glad to be here.
Well, our Playoff run certainly didn't go as expected at all, we wanted to go for the repeat.
We give props to the Lightning, they played great. We feel like there was some bad luck involved as well and we took a lot of penalties.

Though Tampa certainly played well, you mentioned penalties. Do you think this was the fault of your players, or were the referees being more strict than you thought was necessary, possibly calling penalties on minor infractions that weren’t entirely worth a penalty?

It was our fault. Truth is, we played undisciplined, risky hockey, perhaps thinking our PK, which was the best of the NHL, would keep its usual level.

So, when you say going back to the drawing board, do you mean a full revamp of your teams’ style? It seems your team is built for toughness, and changing that might require, like I said, a full revamp.

We need to go back to our previous style from the 2016 season. We had a good mix of toughness and skill,and that style brought us the Cup. We made mistakes when trying to improve the team so we lost some skill, but we're now trying to bring a couple of players in that regard.

As the Bruins, you have some highly skilled players, but also some old ones. Do you think your prospect pool is sufficient to fulfil the needs as players like Chara retire?

For sure. We know we have some old players, so we've been preparing the franchise for this. We're lucky to have two great dmen prospects, in Chychrun and Zboril, plus a couple of prospect forwards as well, and we have young players with important roles in the team already.

Speaking of young pieces, after their contract is up you have to up their pay in a serious way. Your team is estimated at 3mil over the salary cap at the start of next year, that's a lot of cap to get rid of. What issues does this bring up?

Unfortunately, there are cap issues, so there will be some decisions to make. A few guys will be traded this offseason, so we'll need to fill those spots and we've been working on it recently.

Care to elaborate on any of these moves and changes?

We can't tell too much, but players like Perron, Gustavsson and McQuaid have been told we're trying to trade them to other teams. We appreciate their work and contribution to the team, and they understand this is a business.

Why these specific players, and not other bigger names with more money to their name but more value?

We want to keep our core players to contend in the next few years, the team doesn't need a big change, they played great a season ago

Yet they failed this year, as we discussed. Do you think it's possible that the core COULD be part of the problem?
Possibly this draft could start bringing in a new era for the Boston Bruins, along with the prospects you have coming up?

I don't think so, it was more of a tactical problem than players, so we're going to make adjustments.
And yeah, we got a 1st round pick this draft and it projects to be a decent player picked at 23.
That plus our prospects that are NHL ready or close to it make a good future to our team

It's been a pleasure to interview you, OMS. I look forward to seeing what your team can produce in the coming years. This has been Konrad Franco, signing off.

Thanks for the interview, I hope we meet again soon.

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