Trade Winds, Part The First

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Trade Winds, Part The First

Post by AaronRStanley » Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:12 pm

Good Evening, and welcome to the WHL TV Network's new online exclusive feature, Trade Winds, I'm your host, Ivana Ismack. This semi-weekly show will detail all the action that's taken place on the WHL Trade Market in the past week, and what a week we have had.

But before we get to the crazy two days we had, let's review how this season has been on the markets.

Our first deal of the season was a contentious one, with everyone around the league weighing in on the speculation of Tyler Seguin being moved out of Dallas to the Avalanche. The first rumours said the package for the 26 year old star center was supposedly Dmitry Kulikov, Logan Couture, a first rounder and a prospect, but representatives from both teams quickly squashed that rumour. However, where there is smoke, there is fire, and later that week, goalie Calvin Pickard, young stud dman Seth Jones, Couture, the aforementioned first, and depth winger Jason Zucker were sent to the lone-star state in return for Seguin. To get some expert thoughts on this deal, we turn to our panel of experts, Nicholas Kapreyos, Alliott Freeman, and Douglas McLean. Take it away, guys.

NK: Well, I like this deal from both teams' perspectives. The Avs get a star center, and gives them Nathan MacKinnon and Seguin up the middle, probably the best 1-2 punch under 27 in the whole league. Seth Jones will be a foundational piece in Dallas, and the could be flipped for another asset.

AF: For me, the team that gets the best player usually wins the deal, and that's Colorado. Seth Jones will be phenomenal, but right now, Seguin is leading the Avs to the top of the West.

DM: I'd have to agree with Alliott. Seguin is a player any team can build around, and Dallas signalled they were done for the year when they moved him. But for the Avs, they went all in. It's Cup or bust for them.

Thanks Gents, we'll come back to you in a bit. Other deals that have gone down are mostly teams adjusting to the variances early on in a season, with Mike Green signalling the beginning of the rebuild in Detroit, a few years too late, when he went to Vancouver for a first and a second. The Ducks new GM, Eric Moore, made some moves to acquire depth players in Patrick Wiercoch and Jakub Kindl, and Toronto securing a veteran backup to their star goalie of the future, when they moved reported troublemaker Brandon Leipsic to the Devils for much-maligned Jimmy Howard. Might be a matter of switching problem personalities on that one.

And that's all that happened in a slow October. Many teams made moves early in the pre-season to get their teams ready for the year, and then things quieted down, with teams mostly exchanging depth prospects or players, such as Chris Wideman moving to the Ducks, leaving 2 plus seasons of frustrations and bad fit behind in Philadelphia.

Moving into the middle of November, the Sabres were the first team to strike a big deal after the Stars and Avalanche, when GM Matt Schult moved star center Evgeni Malkin to Nashville, getting back a package that at first many thought was a signal of the Sabres doing a retool for some of the year. Included in the deal was depth winger Quinton Howden, Brandon Dubinsky, a first and a second. But after a matter of a few minutes, Dubinsky was sent packing, along with his large contract, to New Jersey, in exchange for Riley Sheahan.

The second rounder the Sabres acquired from Nashville was added to their deep pool of picks, and they used that depth to send the Blues second into a package with a first and a third and sent to Dallas for Logan Couture, who'd only just gotten settled in Big D.

That wasn't all the big moves of the day, but let's go back to our panel to see what they think of the flurry of activity in Western New York.

NK: What can you say? Buffalo got better or stayed as good and cleared a lot of salary off the books. They moved out Malkin's big 9.5 and for less money got Couture and Howden. A marginal step down, but they had to. This team is still going to be expensive and hard to keep together moving forward. But a lot of talent. The road to the Cup in the East goes through Buffalo.

AF: The wildest day I've seen was highlighted by the Sabres getting better. They're the team in the East, and I don't see many that are close. But can this many good, high end players all co-exist and share the spotlight. The answer in-season is yes, but what happens when it comes to contract time, a time when most players typically get pretty protective of themselves, given the fickle nature of the business. Also, how long will the Pegulas be happy to spend this much money on a team that historically has had a budget?

DM: From a management perspective, this is genius. To have all these moves coordinated and ready to go, takes weeks of planning and talking to guys, and I think it's great fun for the fans. Buffalo had problems with the cap, and in one day they're not solved, but better. And the on-ice product hasn't suffered whatsoever. The team keeps on rolling, the front office gets some breathing room, and the fans have another reason to be excited in the middle of a Western New York winter. So, they'll finally be drinking for happy reasons in Buffalo.

On to another team that's been doing a tidy bit of business, the Detroit Red Wings continued to sound the winds of change a few hours west of Buffalo, when they moved one-time saviour Jonathon Quick to the Lightning, where it's hoped he'll give that team the goaltending they didn't seem to get. In return, the Red Wings got Ben Bishop and a pair of second rounders. Bishop only got to stay in the hellhole that is Detroit for a few days, when he was flipped to the Lightning's rivals in Florida. Coming back is James Reimer, Lawson Crouse and a first rounder. Once more, to our panel.

DM: This was a crazy day to be a goalie in the WHL. Some old buddies of mine also told me that tires started to get kicked on Mrazek and Anderssen on this day. Bishop for Quick is a no-brainer for the Lightning, instant upgrade, for some picks that'll net you guys that are long-shots. And their difference in plays since has shown the reason for this being a win for the Lightning.

NK: Agreed Dougie. The Lightning take that day any day, and I like it for Detroit. Jonathon Quick is known to be a diva of a guy, and that wasn't going to work in the locker room for the Red Wings, and having a good goalie on staff when you're diving for the bottom is never good. He gets widdled off and goes on a tear, you're missing out on Nolan Patrick. For Ben Bishop, I feel bad for the guy, he gets kicked around in the press, on-ice he's taken some bumps, and wherever he lands he has trouble settling in and just being able to play. Hopefully over the long-term it works out for him. And don't forget Lawson Crouse. He goes to an AHL team that moving forward should be pretty good. He avoids the pressure of Detroit and the pain of rebuilding for now, and gets to develop at his own pace as one of the big pieces.

AF: I love this series of events. All three teams get what they want. Tampa gets a starter that should be more consistent and reliable so they can try to stake their claim to the East, Florida gets a goalie that should solve their long-term problem where others haven't, and Detroit gets a veteran guy who doesn't seem to feel the pressure, plus some picks and a good young player. And I'm with Doug, I heard rumblings of the Anderssen for Mrazek thing about this time, so goalies started to get hot this time of the year, and seem to have stayed hot.

Well, we're running out of time, so stay tuned for the next episode, coming your way shortly. For WHLTV, I'm Ivana Ismack, have a good night.

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Re: Trade Winds, Part The First

Post by danoj22 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:38 pm

Nice! But what about Nashville's perspective on the big move to land Malkin? :-p

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