Trade Winds, Number B

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Trade Winds, Number B

Post by AaronRStanley » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:40 pm

Good Evening, and welcome back to the WHL TV Network's new online exclusive feature, Trade Winds, I'm your host, Ivana Ismack. Things are blowing up, so let's get to the action before we get any further behind.

Last episode, we talked about the flurry of deals that the Sabres pulled off, the Avalanche and Stars deal for Seguin, the Predators acquiring Malkin, and other trades that had happened. Before we turn the calendar over to the December deals, let's send it back to our panel for some reflection on how those deals have turned out.

Alliott Freeman: Thanks Ivana. Well, it was a furious November. The cold winds blew in the north, and carried with it plane tickets and pink slips. Doug, which player do you think has really fit in the best and made his new GM look like a smart man?

Douglas McLean: Well, I think of all the teams that made deals, the one that has me scratching my head is the Malkin deal. Here we got a guy that's a star player, going to a team with an incumbent star number one center, and he slips onto the first line between Forsberg, who's looking more like Peter than he is Filip, and James Neal, who looks like he's actually going to earn his money and stop kneeing people in the head. It's a genius move, and while the team is still fighting to make the playoffs, not a drop of that is due to Malkin.

AF: Nick, care to weigh in?

Nicholas Kapreyos: Well, I can't argue with Dougie, but man, of all the moves we saw, the ones that aren't working are the ones that are hard to find. Players are getting fired all over the place, and doing what they should in their new hopes. The only real flop has been Bishop in Florida, but that whole team seems to be struggling to move the needle lately. I like Seguin in Colorado, he's a monster.

AF: Didn't realize we had Darren Pang in the studios tonight. Before he starts going off on double Dions and what peewee team some random scrub played on 14 years ago, let's send it back to Ivana.

Ok, thanks gentlemen. As the season settled in for teams, we move the calendar to December, and see that GMs are still pulling the trigger. The first deal was Wayne Simmonds heading down the coast to Florida, for Wojtek Wolski and a pick. That was all for a few days, until David Desharnais, who it's been widely known for some time, was in his GMs doghouse and was on waivers are one point, finally found a new home, being sent to Dallas along with a pair of 3rds for a 7th in an embarrassing move for the Wild, who's GM had once boldly claimed he wouldn't "pay to move him". One has to wonder if Desharnais has played his last NHL game.

The next deal of note is Mike Condon, the cobweb and dust covered backup goalie for the Flyers, being shipped to Carolina for a 3rd and a 5th, as insurance for the Hurricanes in case Eddie Lack goes down. That move bumped Zack Fucale back to the AHL, and has many insiders in the league wondering if the Canes have concerns that they rushed Fucale by bringing him to the NHL this season. Time will tell, but the Canes claim that the 1 game of action Fucale saw was more about conditioning than results.

And that brings us to do today, and what a day it has been. Four MAJOR deals have all gone down in the last 24 hours, with 9 players changing teams. The total salary moved today alone totals thirty-two million. Where to start is the biggest question.

Let's start with Detroit, being the furthest West. They continued their rebuild in a big way, dealing talented winger Tomas Tatar, who had been rumoured to go to Los Angeles at one point, moving him to the other coast. Tatar joins the Washington Capitals for their run at another Stanley Cup, what would be their second in three years. Going the other way is goalie Ilya Samsonov, who some claim to be the next young star goalie, and other claim will never be more than a very good backup. Also in the deal is center Brandon Sutter, who carries a hefty price tag despite a mediocre career of late. He joins his fifth team in five seasons, and won't likely be long for the rebuilding Red Wings, who also acquire Washington's first in the deal. We send it to our trade experts. Alliott?

Alliott Freeman: Thanks Ivana. Well guys, the red Wings are going hard for the floor, and so are some other teams, while the Capitals look to keep pace with the Sabres. Nick, start us off, what do you think of the deal, and Samsonov?

Nicholas Kapreyos: I love it, for both teams. The Capitals, with this move, become a bigger threat for the Sabres, and maybe what we were saying about the road to the Cup in the East doesn't go through Buffalo, maybe it's through D.C. It should be fun to watch, and I can see any series with these two teams being explosive. An arms race is going on in the East right now, and I can't see many teams being able to compete with the Sabres and Caps. I personally like Samsonov, he's a good kid, he's young, he works hard, and he did pretty good in two NHL games. I don't think he'll be ready for a year or two, which made him expendable in Washington, but that's fine for the Red Wings. The thing is, does the Wings GM rush him? Goalies can be tricky sometimes when it comes to development.

Alliott Freeman: Good thoughts, and I can't argue, but I know someone that will. Doug?

Douglas McLean: Yeah, I think Nick's focusing too much on the Red Wings end of this. What about this Tatar kid? I know he's 28, but he's still got some years left, and he's already played to almost a point a game last season. If he can't keep it up with the Capitals offensive unit, then it's all on him. Is he the one guy you need to lead your team to the promised land? I don't think so, but boy, is he a heck of a player. Washington is built to roll over the top of some teams, and goalies in the East have to be wondering when they'll catch a break.

Alliott Freeman: For me, and this is a glass half empty mentality, I wonder if bringing in Tatar to take some minutes away from Ovechkin upsets the Russian super sniper, I wonder if..

Douglas: Now hold on a minute, you're going to sit there and say that you think Tatar is going to take a single minute away from Ovechkin? Are you some kind of idiot?

Alliott: Well, no, it's a valid question, it's...

Nick: No, Dougie's right. If Tatar for a minute thinks he's going to go into the Capitals room and start pushing for minutes, Ovechkin won't even need to say something, Tatar will be gone. He's a good player, but he's number two behind Ovechkin in Washington, everyone is. But I've talked to him, Tomas is a smart guy, and he text me the other day and said he's thrilled in D.C. He's getting decent minutes, he's on a team headed to the Eastern finals, and the coaching staff and everyone gets the program there. But him taking minutes from Ovechkin is idiotic.

Alliott: Well ok. Ivana, back to you.

Wow, that got a little hot, Alliott. Let me know if you need a referee in there.

Moving on to other news, the Columbus Blue Jackets signalled they're blowing it up in a big way this year, moving out several huge pieces. Ryan Johansen, Artem Panarin, Spencer Watson, Tyler Toffoli, Mirco Muller all gone in seperate big deals. Coming back to the Jackets is a boatload of picks. In total on the deals, in the next three drafts, Columbus picks up four firsts, five seconds, a third, and get back Frans Nielson in one deal from Philadelphia. The only pick to have left Columbus is a third. It was a crazy day, and let's go to the expert panel, where order has been restored, Alliott.

Alliott: Thanks Ivana, yes order has been restored, Nick and Doug have both been given off-setting minors for bad manners. Well, Doug, which deal do you want to start with?

Doug McLean: Well, we have to start with the Kings deal. All year long, LA brass has been talking about how they want to make the playoffs, make the playoffs. They went out and got Anders Lee, they went out and claimed Andrew Shaw. They added Torrey Krug, Andrews Desjardins, Duclair, they brought in Anderssen. But when this deal came down, man it signalled in a big way they're all in on this program, and they're going to charge hard. I like Johansen, he comes in and takes some pressure off Wennberg, and Panarin comes with him so you get two thirds of a first line that's already got chemisty built-in, and they're going to do a good job of making that GM in LA look smart.

Alliott: Lot of picks to give up, and a potential lottery pick. No concerns they've handed Columbus a top flight prospect, Nick?

Nick: None whatsoever. Even if Columbus gets first overall out of the pick, for me, it doesn't matter, because it'll be years before Columbus gets the benefit of that prospect, and Johansen is franchise NOW. And when you look at the rest of the roster they have on the Kings, it's all built for now. A top pick this year doesn't help them at all. Even if they miss this year, they figure out their chemistry, they're a top flight team in the West, there with the likes of the Flames, Avalanche, Ducks. The West may not be as good top to bottom as the East, but the top is certainly as good.

Alliott: And what about the two deals with the Flyers, what are they doing?

Nick: For me, it's a matter of them organizing themselves. For seasons now they've talked of competing in the East, but their GM's habitually built a team that's just good enough to miss the playoffs. Palmieri is a good player, I like the guy, but he's not a number one guy. Toffoli is a lot closer to that top end winger that the Flyers have needed for years. And Muller, I think they stole that kid, he's going to look mighty good as a second pairing guy behind Klingberg and Hamilton. And hey, they dropped the albatross that is Nielson's contract, and I hear they wanted him gone all year. The Jackets, they get a boatload of picks, their rebuild is on.

Doug: Agreed, the Flyers have to start figuring it out now. Gibson's best years are right now, same with most of their core. They're all signed in for the next two or three seasons. If they can make some room under the cap and clear out some of the logjam and long-term problem contracts, they're in pretty good shape, because you have to think the Sabres and Capitals fall off eventually. But for me, this still puts the Flyers firmly in that second tier of teams in the East. As for the Blue Jackets, I hear they aren't done selling. They still got some good young pieces, and it's a firesale. The fact they've sold off this much for this high a return so quick is great for them, but I know as a former GM, losing is hard, and in a small market, even harder. Going to be some tough times in Ohio.

Alliott: With that, we're all caught up. Ivana, take it away.

Thank you Alliott. Well, as he said, we are indeed all caught up to date, and today's games are about to begin. What will happen tonight, what players are going to earn their new GMs appreciation, and what will tomorrow bring? I don't know, but I can feel a breeze blowing. For WHLTV, I'm Ivana Ismack.

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