The Other Beaches top 10 Goalies!

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The Other Beaches top 10 Goalies!

Post by StormCloudsGathering » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:36 am

Welcome Doan and Gentlemen! This is your host, Sam/Storm, and today I will be throwing out to the public my top 10 goalies, right now.

These guys hold the most important position on the ice. Without these guys, every shot on net would be a goal! Goaltenders!

1. Carey Price
I'm not sure this need much explanation, but despite his aging, he is indisputably the most skilled goaltender in the WHL.

2. Cory Schneider
Though some may argue his team is better defensively than that of some others on this list, I believe his ridiculously good stats say otherwise.

3. Tuukka Rask
Some say he might have ridiculous stats because he plays on a team who's stellar defensively. You're probably right, but i'm placing him at #3 anyways.

4. Braden Holtby
Also a Goaltender on a fantastic team, this Alberta-born goaltender has won more than half of his NHL Games, and has had good stats in doing it.

5. King Henrik Lundqvist
Called the King for a reason, this Old, but not aging Swedish legend has some of the best stats in the last four years, and he's showing absolutely NO sign of aging.

6. Semyon Varlarmov
Another player possibly made better by his two-time Stanley cup team, I still had to put him on the list due to the simple fact HE'S WON TWO CUPS IN TWO YEARS

7. Sergei Bobrovsky
This years Vezina Trophy winner, Bobrovsky has had a rough few years on a just-above average team, but when in the most recent year he was given a chance on a rocking Ottawa squad, he preformed excellently.

8. Johnathan Quick
The Former Los Angeles King, this American Goaltender had great stats a few years ago, and though has slown down recently is expected to speed up soon.

9. Ben Bishop
The Former Senator and Current Panther, this absolute giant goaltender has had a constant near 920 save% for the past few years, earning him a spot here.

10. Jake Allen
Great goalie, garbage team.

Honorable Mentions : Jaroslav Halak, Jordan Binningshit, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Petr Mrazek, Pekka Rinne

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Re: The Other Beaches top 10 Goalies!

Post by elrune1988 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Bobrovsky has had a rough few years on a just-above average team
A just above-average team that performed better than your star-studded roster...

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