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[2016-17] TBL Rosters v9.2 [EHM 1]

Keep Eastside Hockey Manager 1 and EHM 2007 up to date with these roster updates.

[2016-17] TBL Rosters v9.2 [EHM 1]

Postby The_Blue_Line » Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:05 am

This is a 2016/17 roster update for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 (formerly known as EHM Early Access). This is the first version to be released this season. This is a START OF SEASON roster which means that roster transactions have been frozen as of 12 October 2016. This allows us to get more work done on the database rather than simply continuing to update the same teams rosters throughout the season. Note that the EHM 1 version hosted on the Steam Workshop contains additional playable leagues (see the download link below). We strongly recommend that you download the Steam Workshop version.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VERSION IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EHM 2007. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to support both versions of EHM. Although this database is in EHM 2007 format, it can only be used with EHM 1 (by using the Import Database function). Instructions on how to install and import the database into EHM 1 can be found in the Readme.pdf included in the download below.

If you have any questions or want more information about the roster update, visit here: viewforum.php?f=13


Download (EHM 1 Format) (Via the Steam Workshop): ... =567307051
We strongly recommend you download this version as it contains additional playable leagues

Download (EHM 2007 Format):!AsXFKQMOdPqgiC8mlO2I793-lc1J
Note: This version does NOT contain the additional playable leagues

  • Added the following new playable leagues (Steam Workshop download only):
    - Federal Hockey League;
    - National Collegiate Athletic Association;
    - United States Hockey League;
    - Austria:
    -- EBYSL Junior League;
    - Belarus:
    -- Extraliga;
    -- Vysshaya Liga;
    -- Belarus Cup;
    - Czech Republic:
    -- DHL Elite Junior League;
    - Germany:
    -- DEL2;
    - Estonia:
    -- Estonia Hockey League;
    - France:
    -- Magnus;
    -- National League 1;
    - Hungary:
    -- MOL Liga;
    - Kazakhstan:
    -- Kazakhstan Championship;
    - Latvia:
    -- Latvijas Virsliga;
    - Lithuania:
    -- Lithuania Hockey League;
    - Netherlands:
    -- BeNeLiga;
    - Norway:
    -- First Division;
    - Poland:
    -- Polish Elite League;
    - Russia:
    -- Minor Hockey League;
    -- National Junior Hockey League;
    -- Pervaya Liga;
    -- Vysshaya Liga;
    - Switzerland:
    -- Junior Elite League A; and
    - Ukraine:
    -- Ukrainian League.
    - Note that many of the newly playable junior leagues listed above (other than the NCAA and Russian juniors) currently suffer from an issue in EHM 1 which means teams do not sign enough players. Riz is aware of this issue. In the meantime, those junior leagues should be active just for providing extra depth/realism to the game rather than with the intention of coaching in those leagues.
    - Updated draft information;
    - Updated some player ratings;
  • NCAA:
    - New players created;
    - Updated rosters;
    - Players rating updated;
  • Austria:
    - Some new players created;
    - Updated some player ratings;
  • Czech Republic:
    - New players created in DHL Junior League;
  • Eastern Europe (Russian leagues, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia):
    - Updated rosters;
    - New players created;
    - Updated some player ratings;
  • France:
    - New players created; and
    - Updated some player ratings.

When importing an EHM 2007 format database into EHM 1, please make sure that you tick the "Recalculate Runtime Data" box to ensure that player stats are correctly recalculated. The Importing function moves some teams to other leagues as part of the importing process and so the runtime data needs to be recalculated at the same time. Note that if you download the EHM 1 format database there is no need to import or recalculate the runtime data.

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