Im building a new web-based hockey management simulator

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Im building a new web-based hockey management simulator

Post by IceCoder » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:36 am

Hi Everyone!
after playing offline in EHM for many years, and online for 2. I have decided that it is time for me to try and create my own hockey simulator.

Focus / Elevator Pitch:
A new Hockey Management Simulator that is customizable, and stable, with a focus on online play and better league management controls.

now the first part: customizable.
I am currently in the planning & architecture stages, but i'm building in the ability to customize every part of a league either through the UI AND through the ability to add mods

second part: stable.
I want the community to never have to worry about crashes during sims, or crashes because of scouting. to accomplish this im leaning heavy on web technologies like React & Redux to put some of the processing and state management on the client side, which will speed up the experience for everyone.

Updates will be given here as they are made, i will also be looking for feedback and questions.

Development (except some of the hosting/deployment/secret sauce) will be done in the open (github) feature requests / issues / pull requests welcome for anyone who wants to get into the coding side of things:

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