Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by kenbauer » Mon May 13, 2019 12:41 am

Manimal wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 10:08 pm
7.5 Instead choosing one of the UFA signing tiers, you may sign one player from waivers at any point during the year and without restriction as to annual salary. If you take this approach, you will not be able to sign any UFAs during that season.
Oh yes, I read that awhile back and then forgot when I was searching specifically for the waiver rule. Thanks!

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by OldGregg » Tue May 14, 2019 7:37 pm

Had a great 1st season, finished 2nd in the conference and eventually got swept by 1st place Colorado in the 3rd round. It took about 20 games for Turcotte to adjust and for me to figure out the right way to use him but he had a great season overall and with Kempe and Thomas/Kupari developing my lineup was really strong for the 2nd half. Defense is still weak but it was adequate with a Soderstrom - Martinez top pair. Quick wasn't spectacular but he was fine, better than I expected given his attributes don't look great.

Kovalchuk - Turcotte - Toffoli turned out to be a really strong 1st line overall and Iafallo + Brown worked pretty well as a 2nd line with a rotation of Kempe/Thomas/Kupari. Guys like Luff and Rempal were nice depth too and added some depth scoring. I shifted Carter to 3rd line RW, I just don't think he has the atts for center and I'd rather use my younger guys there anyway. I'm overall really happy with the forwards with how good Turcotte is and I still have Anderson-Dolan, Grundstrom, and Podkolzin + my other 2019 draftees that could contribute next season. Defense isn't great but between Martinez, Soderstrom, and Clague there's an alright core there and it should be good enough with the quality forwards.

Going into season 2 I'm looking to use my moves to upgrade in goal or on D. Hopefully I can find a good 1 for 1 deal for a star goalie and then add a 3M defenseman in UFA. If the UFA pool doesn't look good enough I might just save my move and try to claim a defenseman from waivers instead because cap isn't going to be an issue. I could also try to trade for a top pair Dman but I think a goalie is more important in the long term, I'm nervous about Quick declining and there's nothing in the prospect pool while I think Soderstrom is a pretty safe bet as a long term top pair guy.

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by kenbauer » Thu May 16, 2019 1:12 pm

Okay, I hope that I am doing this right. I keep going back to that list of rules to make sure I am not breaking any.

Finished dead last in the first season while keeping my draft picks in Ontario who just missed the AHL playoffs.
Onwards and upwards.
The Winnipeg Jets won the cup in a final versus the Penguins.

Ottawa won the lottery 1st and I took 2nd pick for this 2020 Draft and picked up:
  • 1st round: Alexis Lafrenière
  • 2nd round: Karel Klikorka
  • 3rd round: Samuel Knazko
  • 4th round: Ozzy Wiesblatt and Valery Yefimov
  • 5th round: Jake Sanderson
  • 6th round: Austen Swankler
  • 7th round: Cole Schwindt
After the draft, I went to work on what I can do with the roster for season 2.
  • Of this class, I immediately signed Lafrenière and Klikorka to entry contracts.
  • The Jets put Bryan Little on the block so I traded for him on July 7 for a 3rd round pick. I put a bunch of offers out, others were turned down.
  • My backup goaltending was killing me in the first season so I used my free agent signing to bring Jimmy Howard onboard for 2.3 million for 2 years.
  • Holding onto my player-for-player pick to see if I can make a deal in-season.
Now at the end of August and gearing up for training camp.

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by Vasz » Thu May 16, 2019 9:07 pm

Season 2 is coming to an end and I lost against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup finals in 7 games. Game 7 went to OT3 and I managed to get 96 shots on net, but Murray was a [SNIP] wall and stopped 93 of those shots. Brown retired just before the season started while Kovalchuk and Carter will retire at the end of this season. I’m expecting to be way under the salary floor next season with all those veterans gone. I’ll probably end up trying to trade one of my good prospects for an established top 6 forward with a big salary.

Jack Hughes already looks like a franchise centerman only at 20 years old with almost 1 PPG. I’m expecting him to get over 85 points next season if he stays healthy. Kupari was quite impressive as he won the Calder with 66 points in 81 games playing most of the season with Thomas and Rempal on the second line. Soderstrom isn’t developing in the AHL like I would have wanted but it looks like Clague is ready to become the number one defence this team needed since Doughty is gone. My only concern for the next few seasons is at the goaltending position. Quick isn’t performing as much as I wanted at 35 years old and I have zero goalie prospect ready to replace him once he retires. I’ll try to snag a best goalie available in the 2021 NHL Draft, but drafting goalies is always a gamble.

I’m already excited for next season with all my new prospects coming up. I’m definitely trying to win the Stanley Cup next year, no exception.

ADMIN NOTE: Vasz please do not bypass the swear filter.

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by jesterx7769 » Sat May 18, 2019 2:14 am

Good season 2 beating my expecations. I feel a little bad w/my trades like I abandoned my draft picks, so thinking these rebuild challenges should be Homegrown rules :/ oh well

Going into season 2 center was my main focus

Traded Akil Thomas for Brian Little. I tried trading for every C int he league w/15 FO and Passing, and little was only one that worked.

Signed Erik Haula in free agency. Tried for Sam Rinehart but he signed somewehre else for 3.5M just over our budget

Hurricanes put Jordan Staal on block so traded a 2nd for him. Not a big fan of Defensive players in EHM, but I figured what better C could I get

Debating about whether to start my young guys and ended up doing so which worked out so well. Kakko finished 2nd in NHL in goals

Won game 7 inr ound 1, game 6 in round 2, game 7 in round 3, then things went bad in FInals as Kakko was playing garbage and needed a rest, Quick injury, LIttle injury, Clauge injury, Martinz injury :rant:

wasnt expecting to have a shot at cup in season 2 so wasnt really mad, but not fun to get that far and lose

Heading into season 3 I expect the team to compete for a cup and will like try to trade for some verteran D or maybe an aging C that would be improvement on Little

For most of season, Lines were

Kupari- Little- Toffoli
Parent- Haula- Kakko
Iafallo- Staal- Grundstrom
Kovalchuk- Kempe- Rempal

Clague- Martinez
Brickley- Durzi
Bjornfot- La Due

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by smdesroches » Sun May 19, 2019 11:46 am

Update: August 1st, 2019

Took Control of Ontario Reign
Signed Ryan Walter as Head Coach (LA)
Added Assistant Coaches
Won Draft Lottery
Traded Doughty for Det picks (2-6)
Traded Kopitar for all NJ picks (2-7) <-- Thought I'd gamble on multiple 2nd & 3rd's instead of the 10th overall
Round 1: Jack Hughes (1), Tobias Björnfot (20)
Round 2: Toman (32), Beecher (36), Pelletier (38), Knight (43), Knyazev (47), Aguanno (58), Thrun (60)
Round 3: Ruotsalainen (63), Laaouan (69), Andersson (76), Poulin (81), Rees (88)
Round 4: Caulfield (94), Gajarský (100), Astashevskyy (105), Onyebuchi (117),
Round 5: Guskov (131), Zaruba (132), Gill (136), Topping (146)
Round 6: Gryaznov (156), Schmiemann (162), Teply (167)
Round 7: McMichael (187), Swankler (198)
Issues with 80+ Players (Lost Eyssimont on waivers, released Jenys, Ingham, Budaj retired)

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Challenge #48 - Los Angeles Kings - Discussion Thread

Post by jesterx7769 » Sun May 19, 2019 4:17 pm

Not a fun start to season 3...realized i took no screenshots of season 1 and 2 :doh: and also only won 10 games despite using 99% same lines and tactics. So season 3 should be fun...

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