Salary Cap for EIHL

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Salary Cap for EIHL

Post by angus88 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:09 pm

so i've created a salary cap for the EIHL the goal is cap £750,000 and floor £500,000. Basically trying to create an even playing field for all teams in the league. However when im loading a new game its giving me a salary cap of 8million or just under. I have also gone into transfer config and changed the salary cap&floor to 750k and 500k. so im wondering what im doing wrong and could anyone provide any advice or answers?

Naturally i have gone into transfer rules and changed both cap an floor from 0 to £750k and £500k respectively, i have kept luxary tax at 0 as im not sure what to set it as. salary cap type is set to cumulative over the season is this correct? Also ive added trading to the league which I have set the iihf trades with included cash in trades and retain wages, I cannot see how this would effect the wage cap but by all means let me know.

Also gone into financial info and set salary budgets too 100k max and 5k min (im presuming this is a per player setting) but left the % spread factors at their pre set figures of 2.25, so im guessing this is something I have got wrong as I don't really understand this section and if im right about it being a per player setting.

something else too add to this is that I have changed every clubs financial player budget too 1million and cash is set too 0 still.

any help would be really appreciated.

thanks :)

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Salary Cap for EIHL

Post by Manimal » Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:45 pm

I haven't edited salary caps in ages but have you made sure everything is in the same currency?

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