NEW FHM6 League Accepting New Dedicated GMS

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NEW FHM6 League Accepting New Dedicated GMS

Post by pimpinhockey » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:20 pm

Hello guys my name is Scott Shafer and I have been running simulation hockey leagues for almost 21 years. For the past 10 using STHS simulator. I now plan to venture into the FHM 6 sim world and am currently accepting applications. I have done extensive testing and have a great support staff already coming with me to the new league named PSHL(FHM).

We are expecting our qualified GM applicants to be dedicated and active members of the league. We will have an activity points structure that will reward GMs for actively participating and regularly exporting team files.

Discord chat is required for this league for communication and notifications. Our sim schedule during the regular season will be simming 7 days in game on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with exports being due at 8pm EST. This league is a Real Player league with the rosters that were provided with the game.

Interested GMs are required to fill out the GM application found here, posting a reply to this thread will not put you into the queue for team selection.

Thanks in advance to all interest and I look forward to building a great sim relationship with you!

Scott Shafer
PSHL Commissioner

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