Adding a GM to coach a country?

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Adding a GM to coach a country?

Post by Smirnov2Chistov » Wed May 13, 2020 5:35 pm

I’m not sure if I asked here before, but through the EHM Assistant, I was able to add Portugal and Brazil into the World Championships. When teams go ahead and start to hire coaches, Portugal and Brazil are unable to be selected.

Is there any way through the Editor or Assistant that I can change that to make the option available? As of right now, the computer just randomly picks players and leaves a ton of quality people out.

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Adding a GM to coach a country?

Post by archibalduk » Wed May 13, 2020 8:00 pm

Have you added sufficient players of those nationalities to the database? IIRC you need something like a minimum of 128 players of that nationality in the game in order for the nation to be playable. You might be able to get around it with the Add Players to National Teams option when starting the game.

Looking at the Pivot/TBL Rosters, it looks like Brazil and Portugal have sufficient Development Status (Minor Hockey Nation). Maybe try upping their Reputation?

Something I'm not sure about is the effect of editing a saved game rather than just editing the DB pre-game. It usually isn't as simple as changing a setting in a saved game and it just working. So this could the source of the issue. My suggestion would be to add the nations to the WC via the DB and seeing if that makes a difference.

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