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Franchise Hockey Manager 5 banner

Franchise Hockey Manager 5 Released

The latest game in the Franchise Hockey Manager series by Out of the Park Developments is now available on Steam and OOTP’s webstore. Whatever you might have thought of the first FHM back in 2013, the game has really transformed over the past four years and FHM 5, just like FHM 4, marks a noticeable positive improvement for the series. Once I have some spare time, I’ll try to write up a short review of how I am finding the game. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown of the key new features: Improved user interface which is more...

Be A Player Challenge

Introducing the Players Our first set of players are ready to enter the BAP Challenge. While the draft class of 2022 was not the deepest, some teams did manage to get the prospect they want to start the long journey to the Big League. We are very excited to start following their career and progression in the next few seasons.

SBHL Season Review

2022-23 Season Highlights: Cap management will be an on going obstacle for many teams in the league. This season will probably be the beginning of many, as big named FAs sell their skills to the highest bidder. A prime example of cap crunching, the perennial contender Predators were able to dip into the FA market and nabbed Ovie from the Capitals. Many Capitals diehards were calling for their GM’s head after he let the face of the franchise go. Will the Capitals be considered a serious contender without Ovie? Some would say they will never make the Finals again, as they...

SBHL- Playoffs

2022-23 Playoffs Recap: After eight months of unforgettable moments and uplifting performances for the 30 team in the SBHL.  This year’s playoffs was a wild one with teams pushing the limits in order to lift the Stanley Cup. We had league suspensions dished out in both conferences due to compliance issues. 

Welcome to the No Offense Hockey League

We are pleased to announce that the No Offense Hockey League (NOHL) now has its home on The Blue Line. The NOHL was founded in light of the large waiting list for new users to join the SinBin Hockey League (SBHL). The new league is a new carbon copy of SBHL in their mission, operation and management style. RyanZabby is running the league with the support of wiggo and StormCloudsGathering. If you would like to sign-up or find out more information, then please see HERE.

Nostalgia: The EHM 2004 press release

Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine we have been able to recover the original press release dated 23 June 2004 announcing the EHM 2004. For fear of losing it forever, here it is in all of its glory: