Eastside Hockey Manager Early Access Patch v15.13.0b Released

Patch version 15.13.0b for Eastside Hockey Manager Early Access has now been released! The patch will be automatically applied when next loading the game in Steam.

New features:
– Added support for new model of National League draft lottery from 2016 onwards

Database Import changes for 2014 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]

Gameplay changes:
– Added support for foreign player rule being based on national team eligibility
– Adjustments to player attribute generation and progression

UI changes:
– Added team statistics to the main boxscore screen
– Moved national team eligibility next to nationality information in personal information panel

Other changes:
– Fixed world championship group draw to be based on the current international rankings
– Added support in import_config.cfg for forcing the use of database team divisions for playable leagues
– Added support in import_config.cfg for changing team division data (for example for custom databases where needed detailed divisions are not present in old 2007 data but are added by the importer)

In-Game Engine v72
– Adjusted hit tendency and tracking for hits
– Adjusted scoring balance between positions
– Adjusted shooting tendencies
– Small adjustments to goalkeeping


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