TBL Rosters v9.1 Released

We are delighted to announce that the second 2016/17 roster update of the season is now available to download! This version includes the 2016/17 ruleset which means all of the league structures and rules reflect the 2016/17 structures and rules. This update also includes various fixes and updates, including re-rated NHL draft prospects and updated Canadian Major Juniors and Scottish National League. A full changelist is set out below. Enjoy!


Download: CLICK HERE
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  • Updated league structures for use with the new 2016 ruleset;
  • Re-rated NHL draft prospects;
  • Updated rosters for Canadian Major Junior teams;
  • Updated rosters and additional players added for the Scottish National League;
  • Various additional transactions (as at 12 October 2016);
  • Various additional players and non-players created;
  • Various players re-rated and adjusted;
  • Added some player career histories for players in Denmark;
  • Edited team colours in many playable leagues; and
  • Various data mistakes corrected.


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