TBL Rosters v9.3 Released

Version 9.3 of the TBL Rosters for Eastside Hockey Manager is now available for download. Following on from our recent version 9.2 release, version 9.3 includes some fixes for the Latvijas Virsliga and NCAA. In order to benefit from the additional playable leagues, you must download the version available via the Steam Workshop. Follow the download link below in order to access the Steam Workshop version.

Note that many of the newly playable junior leagues listed above (other than the NCAA and Russian juniors) currently suffer from an issue in EHM 1 which means teams do not sign enough players. Riz is aware of this issue. In the meantime, those junior leagues should be active just for providing extra depth/realism to the game rather than with the intention of coaching in those leagues.

A big thank you to Alessandro, named, bkarchitect, tochilking and Primis for bringing us this update and the playable leagues.

Download (including Steam Workshop link): CLICK HERE
Questions/comments: CLICK HERE


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