TBL Rosters 2017/18 Beta now available for testing

We are proud to announce that we’re releasing the TBL DB 2018 Beta version. Please note that this is a beta version: use it at your own risk. While playing should be fine, the DB is released for testing purposes.

What’s in:

  • Leagues fully updated to 2017-18 alignment, ruleset, and schedule:
    • North America: NHL, AHL, ECHL, FHL
    • Austria: EBEL, Alps Hockey League
    • Czech Republic: First two pro leagues
    • Finland: Liiga
    • France: Magnus League and National League 1
    • Germany: DEL and DEL2
    • Japan: Asia Ice Hockey League
    • Norway: GET-Ligaen
    • Russia: KHL
    • Sweden: SHL and Allsvenskan
    • Switzerland: NLA, NLB
    • All international tournaments are working, although we need to work on “what team plays where”
  • Rosters are fully updated for NHL, KHL, and Sweden. We need more people to fill rosters in! Player histories for Russian leagues are updated.
  • Player ratings were worked for Russian leagues and some (a few!) NHL prospects from 2017 and future drafts. Some players were re-rated, but it should have a minor impact on the DB itself. We are working on NHL players.
  • I have made a couple of improvements for NCAA leagues. Now you can try and get 17-years-old players from USHL and similar leagues to future-transfer to your team. I also have disabled trading between NCAA teams. You should also be able now to sign players from USHL/NAHL. Please provide us with feedback.

What’s NOT in:

  • All the leagues in 9.6 are active. If your favorite league isn’t in the aforementioned list, it will be updated in time for the start-of-season release.
  • NCAA teams are NOT updated.
  • NHL players are NOT re-rated.

Download link: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=18352


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