Project NHL 36 v2 Released

A major new version of BKarchitect’s outstanding Project NHL36 roster update is now available for download. For those that are not aware of project, the database intended to allow users to play out the ultimate NHL expansion fantasy with 36 teams in the NHL whilst maintaining an 82 game schedule template (for both regular and Olympic years). As a bonus, the AHL and ECHL each have 36 teams, allowing for a 1:1:1 farm team ratio. All main leagues should be playable except the SPHL (explained further down).

In Bkarchitects’ own words, here’s what is new in version 2.0:

  • All the usual updates and tweaks.
  • CA/PA/Reps have undergone a universal tweaking to be lowered. I did this to try and stop so many star players from having all “green” attributes of like 18 and above. This will not affect depth charts, drafts, or statistics in the game because it was applied universally in the entire database (a lowering by 20 and a knocking down of “-X” potentials by one peg each…since a -8 is 130-160 and a -7 is 110-140, the difference is 20 so it stays exactly inline with the lowering of everything by 20). Frankly, it won’t even be that noticeable on the players attributes screens, star players will still have plenty of green attributes. I like how it “feels” though now and it better meshes the real players and future fake players.
  • Most importantly, the new NHL36 alternate databases are all LIVE.
  • All database ZIP files now include the appropriate Expansion Draft quick start…for example if you are playing as the Toronto Toros in the “City Lights” database, run the Expansion Draft file that is in the City Lights ZIP and you will be good to go. The Expansion Draft files will from now on always be in the ZIP file of each database.
  • When the Original database gets updated, I will also always post fresh alternate databases…they will all always include the same real life updates.

Find all the files on the TBL NHL36 Thread Downloads Section: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=18491#p230353

Questions and comments can be posted by following the download link above.


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