TBL Rosters v10.1 Released

A new version of the TBL Rosters is now available for download on Steam. The purpose of this update is simply to fix a crash to desktop when viewing certain non-players’ profiles (this was caused by the Editor using an invalid value). The usual post-release data update with further updates and fixes will follow in due course (there is no ETA for this).

Download: CLICK HERE
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  • Fixed crash to desktop when viewing certain non-players’ profiles;
  • Added Will Lockwood’s draft history and NHL player rights;
  • Corrected the typo in Dale Weise’s Potential Ability rating;
  • Deleted retired players and non-players from the database;
  • Moved Deivids Sarkanis to HK Kurbads;
  • Moved Mathieu Gagnon (02.11.1992) to Angers; and
  • Set Milton Keynes Lightning as a Professional club.


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